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  1. Take the characters that have D12 as primal Skill. Then go max +4 on it. Then i pick their worst skill (D4) and maximize it. So you end with the best possible bonuses in the character with the less painfull skill bonus i their low-end characteristic, in case they are caught by a surprise roll. Watch spellcasters recharge in auto... have fun!
  2. Post here to for the Lulz! I got 7 1's!!! Breaking the Reality. The App Closed In an Implosion of Badness 130... I can't beat that. Respect.
  3. Would be interesting to know one way or another. Can someone confirm that the below exist? Especially deck 3 uncommons. For me until they fix salvage it isn't worth it to me to buy more chests. No legendaries up to deck 2 and I have to turn treasure items off as I opened two obstacle chests and got 7 sticks out of 7 weapon drops Disrupting Rapier +1, Icy Hooked Hammer +1, Trident +2, Wounding Spear-Axe +1, Steel Ibis Lamellar, Pole, Duelist, Evangelist, Reveler (***I have no deck 3 Uncommons!***), Flame Cannon, DemonBane Longsword +2, Sniper's Studded Leather, Net of Snaring, Fortified Breastplate, Metal Spikes, Humanbane Gladius +2, Keen Rapier +3 http://i63.tinypic.com/2lln2ns.png Now they drop.
  4. And I can confirm the drop of those AD3 cards that were missing (Disrupting Rapier +1, etc...).
  5. Kyra's Healer role card feat "Dawnflower's Favor" doesn't trigger propperly. I ticked the feat that lets her Recharge the Blessings of Sarenrae instead of Discarding them. When I play one, it Discards as always... no Recharge? Did i miss something...? Edit: After a few tries it seems to work as intended. My bad.
  6. Besides, its moving ability locks up the game sometimes (Kyra moving to the Dam), must had to Forfeit. It moved but doesn't finish her turn. Kyra had the Heavy Armor Feat checked. Galaxy Tab S2
  7. Feywood is right. Beaten with 6 char team (11/24 rescued). Victory screen ok. Allies rewarded. All Ok. Mamma is well. Regards fro the uncle Benny. Opel Corsa for Sale...
  8. After some games with my best 6 characters i've come to realize that the other characters where fresh from start (in terms of Basic cards and equipment). But in the other hand I was forced to chose between good cards to discard after game runs with my Advanced 6-team. So I devised kindda weird strategy: - When you finish a scenario, and you are at the map screen, you can click the party composition button, and exchange 1 character with a newbie one. Then you fill the newbie with best cards for him or the best cards you got (no matter if they aren't the most usefull for him, he is gonna be a "backpack character" for now). - Then you exchange again the newbies, and get back your "Top Dog" party (not as well equiped like previously or optimal but, as they are experienced, you can carry on...) As you are going to make AD3 runs with them, you'll encounter nearly the best cards availabe again in a few games, and now you don't care dropping that basic loot from the newbies. - After a couple of runs, i got my newbie "from-scratch" characters very well refurbished, and able to overcome most scenarios easier than fresh from start. - Also i got some of my best cards well preserved for future builds, with no need of being forced to discard those "good-but-not-top" cards that I want to include later (when a given character gets the proper power feat, as for a Heavy Armor or a Weapon, for example). I'm amazed how fast i refurbished the "ugly ones" (the other 5 characters), and how pretty did they get. Give it a try.
  9. The card tag is Light Armor but the text makes reference to Heavy Armor. Is this correct or errata? Thnx.
  10. So to get rid of crap, your only choice is going to be: - Go to a Card Banishing Location, hold the crap card in your hand, and throw it with the correct timming? - Or the % thing... No Way, man!
  11. Donald Thump says "My Fun is Right, and i'll prosecute other's..." Mixing cards is good. I draw my hand. Got: Axe, Firebolt, Black Lotus, Ace of Spades, Skimmo Grandma and a Topless Calendar. Great!
  12. DIZZ IS MADNESS!!! "Aquire a spell, then throw it to the litter" ..... Great Game Mechanic.
  13. Propper Card Rebalance For example: Blackcloth Armor wording is crap as it is... Think of changing "add 1 to the combat check" by "add 1 dice"... Suddenly the Blackcloth Armor is an item you will consider to keep, not too much OP.
  14. Altough there is certain kind of rarity in the physic game box too. There are some more copies of some cards than from others... So getting a Ilsoari is harder than getting a Blessing... No rule states that you can't mix content from 2 games (RotR + SaS for example). Also, rarity is not equal to game utility value always... but normally I expect that "harder to achieve" means "better". For example, Orik's Shield is worse than Shield of Fire Resistance.
  15. Click "View All" button and then the card type button you lack off. The game, then lets you pick one from the Basic Deck.
  16. I play with 6 char team, and think there are 2 ways to approach: - Want to squeeze the locations for boons? Maximize your options at the locations that have your desired type of boon. Get them. If you lose... Forfeit. - Want to accomplish VICTORY? Close 2 Locations ASAP and move each character to their best closing locations, while scouting for the Villain. Then Hit the Villain Hard!
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