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  1. This is a known exploit; the developers have already been made aware of it, and the moderators have deleted the details from the other posts in which it appears so that people don't take advantage of it. Please edit out the details in your post.
  2. I can say that, in my case at least, literally 9 times out of 10 an evaded bane will be back on the top of the location deck the next time I draw a card, even when that deck is nearly full. I don't believe for a second that cards are being shuffled properly. On occasion I've had to evade a card five times for it not to be the top card on the deck. Of course, back when the game first came out I also rolled a 1 fifteen times in a row for Kyra's healing check, sooo...
  3. When I found my first legendary, that chest also had a rare in it. I just bought another chest to test the above, and helpfully enough it had two uncommons and two epics in it, so it's definitely not a case of always being three uncommons and something else.
  4. That's normal; the allies are the "scenario reward" in this case, and you only get those rewards once per character.
  5. In my runs combat has always been carried out by the one who encountered him (and as I recall they've always been alone in that location), so yeah, it may be related to another character contributing to the fight.
  6. Interesting. I've beaten Barl a few times now, and have always had a random card discarded for me; I've never been prompted to discard it myself. I just checked the fight again before posting this (Merisiel solo, on legendary), encountering Barl in two locations, and both times the card was discarded at random as it should have been.
  7. Has no one had the Magga go to a closed location? Because the way the scenario power is worded, closed locations should be a valid pick for the Magga power (it's "random location", not "random open location") I can confirm that Black Magga is a Lovecraftian horror who has no time for the laughable human(oid) notion of "closed locations". Even if you close a location, she can still randomly go there (and fail) to eat. Nice to know *something* works as intended, but considering that -apparently, by the accounts in all the HCtF threads- closing a location during this scenario prevents you from advancing - not very helpful in the greater scheme of things... The first time I ever closed a location in HCtF was actually just now, when I was testing to see if doing so actually made a difference to Black Magga. The very first time I ran through the scenario it worked fine, and unlocked Battle at the Dam as it should, but the next couple of times I ran through HCtF and won on heroic, it failed to unlock legendary mode. I couldn't unlock legendary mode until I won the scenario with a 6-person party, although as usual with this game, I wouldn't necessarily count on that being a universal solution.
  8. Has no one had the Magga go to a closed location? Because the way the scenario power is worded, closed locations should be a valid pick for the Magga power (it's "random location", not "random open location") I can confirm that Black Magga is a Lovecraftian horror who has no time for the laughable human(oid) notion of "closed locations". Even if you close a location, she can still randomly go there (and fail) to eat.
  9. Your error in logic is that by me *not* publishing the information this rollback somehow needs not to happen. You are wrong. The dishonorable option is to keep an exploit secret in order to use it (and as you say that you already beat HCTF at legendary I am starting to wonder about your insistence that secrecy is better). Exploits never go unfound, and making a splash on the forums is the fastest way to get them fixed and limit the damage from the necessary rollback. I didn't say anything of the sort, and I don't know how you got that from what I did say. Neither did I "insist on secrecy" in the way you're dishonestly trying to intimate; in fact, what I did repeatedly insist was that you communicate the issue to the developers directly, rather than sharing an exploit openly and in detail so that it could be abused by every Tom, Richard and Harry.
  10. HCtF isn't completely broken, and it seems that larger parties are seeing progress where smaller groups aren't, in terms of unlocking difficulty levels (I've already completed the entire adventure on legendary). As for the exploit, it is pretty consistent in its behaviour, and will pay out a ridiculous sum very quickly if abused. The one saving grace is that you need to have already bought all the currently-available adventures in order to abuse it, but that's not really a silver lining. As for the broken daily gold timer, I don't think that really justifies taking "the law" into your own hands in this situation, considering Obsidian have said they're happy to go through player accounts and make sure anything that is owing gets paid out. The patch made a pretty big mess of things on its own, and community members deliberately sharing exploits won't make life easier for the devs.
  11. You're openly informing everybody on a public forum — in step-by-step detail, even — how to rip Obsidian off, end of story. Justify it how you like, you're deliberately telling everybody how to steal from them while wringing your hands, pretending to want to help. Publicly announcing how to perform the exploit isn't going to get it shut down any faster, it just means Obsidian will now have to clean up — or take a hit on — a mess you knowingly and willingly just helped make bigger than it had to be. The folks at Obsidian will either need to roll back any progress made since the patch, including gold earned and chests bought, specifically go through accounts and reclaim gold (and purchases) earned via the exploit while not touching legitimate earnings, or let it all go and take the hit on all the gold that has basically been stolen from them. You handing over a detailed plan to every would-be thief out there who had no clue about the exploit until you just told them only makes the developers' job that much harder. If you were genuinely interested in helping, you'd already have sent every Obsidian member you can find on the forum a private message, and sent an email through to support@obsidian.net instead of making excuses. If this forum is like any other, administrators/moderators can see edits made to posts, so there's no need to leave that information openly available unless you're actually trying to share it with everyone. I'm not sure what twisted logic you used to come to the conclusion that openly telling everybody how to perform a major exploit would somehow be less harmful than just informing the developers themselves. I'd already reported your initial post for openly advertising the exploit in order to help get an admin's attention to note the issue and remove the post; at the time I'd also noted that your sharing of the info wasn't malicious, but with your bizarrely argumentative insistence on sharing your step-by-step guide to the exploit with everyone, I now rather think it was.
  12. Send them a private message through the forum and remove the details from your post; advertising an exploit like this is a spectacularly bad idea, no matter how well-intentioned you might be.
  13. Having seen cards of all qualities from the post-patch treasure chests now, I've noticed that two of the card glow colours are round the wrong way. Rare cards on the chest screen currently have a faint purple glow around the border, epic cards have a golden glow, and legendary cards have a bright purple glow. Given the design of the actual borders of the cards, the epic glow should be bright purple, and the legendary glow should be gold.
  14. Seoni's automatic item recharge ability only works on items that have the Arcane trait listed on them.
  15. The scenario is far too easy for a solo character even on legendary though, because there are only three locations, and the Village House on its own has almost all of the allies you need to win the scenario (4 of the 9 total). All you have to do is power through that (and hope Black Magga doesn't choose it), then you basically can't lose the scenario. Even small parties are in the same boat; I'd actually suggest changing the scenario setup so that the Village House only appears for parties of 5 or 6 characters.
  16. It's not that simple, though, because the winning condition isn't simply "acquire half or more of the allies", it's "rescue as many or more allies than Black Magga eats", and they're not the same thing. An ally you fail to acquire is still one Black Magga doesn't get, and you can win with fewer than half of the allies in your possession. If you were to lose track of your progress and go solely by the number of allies you've rescued, you could potentially end up thinking you'd already lost when you hadn't, and possibly even forfeit a game you were actually going to win. I won the scenario on heroic with 10 of 24 allies, for example, where simply halving the total would have lead me to believe that I needed at least two more to win. It's different on heroic, where Black Magga can eat an entire location in two turns (1d6 vs 1d4), and in my experience almost always rolls high. On legendary, where you can only move to adjacent locations and have two wildcards to contend with as well, it gets worse still. As for the bug, I won the scenario on heroic with a full 6-person party after having progression issues in the wake of wins with solo and two-character parties, and the game finally unlocked legendary mode for me.
  17. Mm-hmm, this was an issue even before the patch; I ran into it a couple of times. There's a similar bug when you choose an ability after selecting a new role for your character, where a check mark will stay flashing on the character sheet even if the role you select doesn't have an ability in that particular slot. For example, you select Hand Size 8 on Lem's Charlatan role, then switch to his Virtuoso role, which has a maximum Hand Size of 7, and it'll leave a flashing tick where Hand Size 8 would have been.
  18. Here Comes the Flood has an issue where you can't swipe a location card into play immediately after the Black Magga eating animation plays, only tap it. I ran into the same problem with the Collapsed Ceiling, where I couldn't swipe it into play to resolve it after failing the check the first time, and tapping the card only magnified it with no manual button appearing to let me play it to roll against. The Boa, being held on the top of the deck after a failed check like the Collapsed Ceiling, clearly suffers from the same problem. I had to let Black Magga eat that location entirely to be free of the issue.
  19. In the gallery, the Hook Mountain Massacre scenarios are out of order, unlike the other adventures. It lists: Battle at the Dam Here Comes the Flood Into the Mountains The Fort in Peril Them Ogres Ain't Right The order should be: Them Ogres Ain't Right The Fort in Peril Here Comes the Flood Battle at the Dam Into the Mountains Also, for The Fort in Peril, the scenario description on the world map screen and scenario start map screen misspells difficulty as "difficutly".
  20. I just bought four chests, the second of which bugged out. After opening the first one and buying a second, the new chest still had the "Deck X" labels from the first chest on the screen. When the chest opened, it just left glowing clouds on the screen, and tapping on them flashed a card back for 0.1 seconds before vanishing. With the new design, the cards have glowing borders to signify the rarity, even before you reveal them. One of the cards in the bugged chest had a gold border instead of the standard rare blue, but I can't find any matching new cards in the gallery. Would somebody over on the developer side be able to check my account to see which cards were in that particular chest?
  21. In Here Comes the Flood (only tested in that scenario thus far), the Turtleback Ferry location ability does nothing. The ability lets you move at the end of your turn, but while tapping on it brings up the map and asks you to choose a location, nothing works from that point. I couldn't even select the Woods, and selecting any of the other three locations and tapping the "continue" arrow just returned me back to Turtleback Ferry.
  22. Fighting Myriana with Lini in the Woods in Here Comes the Flood. Playing Beast Form will always revert the check back to Diplomacy from Combat, dumping any Combat cards you've played and turning the d10 back into a d4. You can manually change the check back to Combat and regain the d10, and then re-add the cards you played originally, but you shouldn't have to. Edit: Same thing happens with Justice Ironbriar in The Cult Exposed, where activating Beast Form will revert the check to its default Divine, instead of Combat. I assume that this bug would impact any enemy with an "OR" check.
  23. The "Here Comes the Flood" scenario has a bug which means you can't swipe the first location card of the turn; you have to tap it instead to put it in play. If the Collapsed Ceiling enters play and isn't countered, on the next turn you can't do anything with it. You can't swipe it, and tapping on it only brings up the magnified view, with no prompt to do anything with the actual card.
  24. The first number is the number of cards Black Magga has eaten; the second number is the number of allies you've saved. You need to save more allies than Black Magga eats, but the scoring isn't intuitive, because even at the end you only see the total number of cards Black Magga has eaten, not the specific number of allies. It makes sense that Black Magga's actual score is hidden during the scenario to keep up the suspense, but it'd be nice to see an actual comparison at the end of the game, not just an immediate victory or loss screen. That said, I've beaten the scenario on normal with Merisiel and been allowed to proceed to the next one, but I didn't get the allies I'd saved. When I beat HCtF again with another character, the game locked up at the victory screen and wouldn't let me tap on them (much like before the patch). I quit and restart, and it let me through. When I beat HCtF yet again on heroic, the game failed to unlock legendary mode, meaning I can't earn the reward for the completing the entire adventure on legendary mode. Along with the unswipeable card/Collapsed Ceiling bug, HCtF is a pretty unpolished scenario all round.
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