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  1. Hi everyone! I found the issue and it has been fixed in 1.0.2, which went live on May 17th, 2018. It was an issue with Level Scaling being enabled, and the system not recognizing the newly hired adventurers as non NPC's, therefore it was trying to scale them up, before even going through character creation.
  2. All this talk of bananas has inspired me! I have created an automated banana system so that the stream of bananas, errr I mean challenges, will (hopefully) never run out! Hail the Mighty Banana! This fix will most likely be rolled out with our next patch.
  3. I can't seem to find the goblin, but I used a banana and that seemed to do the trick! d(^_^)b
  4. I found the issue and fixed it. It was my fault :'( The fix will be rolled out with our next patch. And not to worry! Achievements will activate retroactively, so you won't have to complete it again to get the achievement. Thanks for mentioning this!
  5. Hi there! Once the actual buy button is pressed, we are essentially hands off, and Google takes over (assuming the device is Android). We don't choose to lock you in to the one account, that's on Google's end. Here are some options you could try outside of the app: I believe the default payment method can be changed in your Google Play account settings. Here's a helpful article for editing payment methods: https://support.google.com/googleplay/answer/4646404?hl=en You could also try temporarily logging the other Google account out, until your purchase goes through, at which point you could then log back in with the other account again. Hopefully one of those will work for you, and thank you for playing Pathfinder! d(^_^)b
  6. Hmm go on to the shield, start the save you want to sync up, complete a turn or so, and then restart the app on the HTC1M8 and check if it shows up. Somewhere along there, it should be forced. It might not show up in the same slot, but it should show up none the less. Let us know if that didn't work. d(^_^)b
  7. With the latest patch that just went out yesterday, games created prior to 1.0.3 will now properly work with cloud saves. For our current system, just start playing a game and it should show up on other devices shortly after, provided you restart the app when switching devices.
  8. Slight correction, there was an issue with users reporting they were supposed to be receiving 2 gold per card, and they weren't actually rewarded 2 gold. THAT has been fixed. The issue with the actual salvage cost of the card still remains and is still being worked on. The intended functionality is that each rarity type will have a separate gold value. As for what @Longshot11 said, we are also working on a "new card" alert system to show you exactly what deck number, card type, and specific cards you have new content with. I do like the idea of directly salvaging cards from the treasure chest though!
  9. Apologies for the delayed response! First up, not to worry about the negative one gold, it's the default (display only) value for it so we can detect network issues. Anytime that shows up, you aren't actually losing gold. As for actually completing the scenario and not receiving the proper reward, we have been spending great amounts of time improving scenario completion issues in both story and quest mode. Some of them have been network side which is fortunate because they can be rolled out instantly to everyone. Others have to get rolled out with patches. We have 1.0.3 coming very soon which has a very big list of fixes. You can find the patch notes here: http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/86992-patch-103-notes/
  10. You voice some excellent concerns! We are working on full synchronization across devices as well as cross platform (iPad -> Android phone, etc.). We are also working on mobile phones and Steam so once that's out, you'll be able to play on the majority of devices with the same account! We are also working on offline gold progression! Just a matter of time
  11. 1.03 has some good stuff in it; and this is a good timeline for expectations. d(^_^)b
  12. Hi @PinkRose, everyone here is essentially correct in a certain aspect. @HPL_fan is correct in the sense that it's not necessarily a simple feature/fix. We would be storing gold transaction data offline and it does leave room for a lot of edge cases. @HPL_fan is also correct that it is a feature in our queue. @Hannibal_PJV is correct in assuming the more tech savvy people can tamper with data and try to cheat. @zeroth_hour has a good response to that and we are just going to make sure we have checks and balances in before we bring the system to offline gold earning. Last but not least, @Kgk4569 is also right that there need to be bounds with what people can possibly earn when offline. TLDR; we're working on it, we're just being careful
  13. This was a mistake on my behalf. When pushing the update, I missed a spot for incrementing the version from 1.0.0 to 1.0.2 as well as leaving an old "what's new" string attached to it. Next patch (1.0.3) will properly show up as 1.0.3 and will properly inform users of what is actually new. d(^_^)b
  14. Okay, here is some information that I think you'll find useful: The Game Center account FIRST used to login to the game will be used forever, for patch 1.0.0 and 1.0.2. We are working on ability to switch accounts. Gold/story rewards/purchases/chests/collection cards should be synced between both devices, as long as they are the same account. This means if you completed Brigandoom and/or Poison Pill on iPad A, you will not be rewarded for it on iPad B. This is due to it being the same account and trying to reduce farming. If you want to essentially earn gold for repeating content, this is where Quest Mode would come in handy, which we just patched and made much more stable. Experienced characters should be LOCAL only. Same with actual save game progression. For example, you may have completed Brigandoom and Poison Pill on device A, so you won't be rewarded on device B if you do it again, but that progression will not transfer. Save game syncing is something we are working on, so have no fear! We know it's a demanded feature! Generally, the best fix for most solutions, is shutting the app down entirely (clearing it from recently used apps) and relaunching it. It'll resync all your data, especially when working with the same account on two devices. The "sometimes this syncs, sometime this doesn't" aspect of your problem is troublesome, so I have notified our QA team and we're trying to get repro steps on it. I hope I helped! If you have any more questions or concerns, ask away! d(^_^)b And thank you for playing the game and being patient with us. Also your report and steps at which you specified how to reproduce it is splendid! :D
  15. iPad Mini 1st Gen's are not officially supported. Supported devices should be able to play with flight mode on with no issue. Are you able to play the game normally with normal connectivity?
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