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  1. In a mixed quest I am geting a bug that has rendered the mode unplayable, even with forced reloads. I have six characters who are, after having leveled up, 10, 10, 9, 9, 4, 4. The problems occurs when the game tries to award my levels. The first two cards for each of the 4s are delivered (a pair of allies, then a free choice), then it goes to the spells (I think it's spells) for the level 9s. Regardless of which character I select first, the card appears not on screen but well above it. I can see the glow from the bottom of the card, but it is too high to tap. This happens every time. Since this process does not time out, and since only one Quest can be active at a time, this mode is now currently dead for me. I can't tell if this issue is addressed in the upcoming patch. Maybe the note about some characters not being eligible for a card? If not, please let me know if there's any further information I can provide to help. Thanks for your time, navajas
  2. Wow. That sucks. I like things tidy. We had quite a number of parties cluttering the selection screen and I thought it might be fun to mix up my two teams of four (Thief, Wizard, Fighter, Cleric) (Druid, Sorceress, Monk, Paladin) so I deleted them. Went to Story to start a new experienced party and? Yeah, the Paladin simply disappeared. The other seven are there, but the Paladin is straight up gone. Lived through 18 scenarios in all (the current content plus five on intermediate difficulty) and then the void swallowed her. Along the same lines, is there a way to delete experienced characters? I mean, if you actually want them to be. Obviously there's a way for the app to do it all on its own, but a user defined version would be very nice. Anyway, let me know if there's something I can add to the above so that other people do not suffer this frustration.
  3. That's very helpful information, and thank you for making my issue and concerns known to those to whom it may help. For what it's worth we have a new wrinkle. Today on iPad B from above, my son complete a scenario and was rewarded with... guess what? NEGATIVE one gold. Hahaha. Weird.
  4. Well.... Spoke too soon. Same thing is happening again. Same problem on the same iPads. The problem NEVER happens on iPad A, which was the one that the original purchase was made on. Hmm. This is a bummer.
  5. I would have thought it was something like that were it not for the fact that on iPad B gold was never accumulated for victories nor rewarded for scenario completion. That said, the problem mysteriously vanished at some point last night, and so far attempts to replicate it have failed. I've also not been able to get the "Experienced" character thing to happen again. I can't even figure out HOW I got to the point where it told me that they were incompatible due to "Difficulty Tier A" status. So, I mean, on one hand, hooray! But on the other hand, What The Hell?
  6. Hello, Let's see if anyone can help with this. Order of events: 1) Downloaded the game on both iPads. 2) Played intros. 3) Bought bundle. 4) Completed one quest on iPad A (it's an Air 1), got gold checked amount. 5) Logged on with iPad B (it's a 4), saw that sure enough, after 4) above, the amount on iPad B had also incremented. Both iPads showed the same total gold amount AND each incremented the amount. 6) Also checked "Experienced" characters. Saw that yes, the characters from iPad A were indeed visible on iPad B, but unusable because of "Difficulty Tier" system. 7) Played for a couple of days. Sons mostly on iPad B, me mostly on iPad A. No issues. Amazing port of good game. 8} Decided to try Pass and Play with sons on iPad B. Noticed Experienced characters from iPad A were no longer visible on iPad B. Huh, that's weird. 9) No matter, we wanted to start new ones anyway. Did, played, BUT, my son noticed we were no longer being awarded gold for victories. 10) Checked connection to be sure. Yep. 11) Finished intro quest, were awarded no gold. 12) Checked quest selection interface pre-game and found all rewards for all difficulties for all scenarios listing only the little dot graphic for gold reward. 13) Signed onto iPad A to see if the same issue was found there. Nope, iPad A continues to function as normal. 14) FINALLY and even more worrisome, the vault on iPad A is NO LONGER AVAILABLE to iPad B. Help would be greatly appreciated. I will gladly supply any further information that might aid in figuring out the above.
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