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  1. We are not talking about life, we are talking about a science fiction universe where a certain character has been canonized as a Light side Male and for the sake of it, the other has been canonized as Light side Female. Opinions don't mean a damn thing and in this instance, this canon is undisputable fact. Silly children, can't even distinguish between science fiction and reality. When and if you finish high school, come back and talk, hopefully then you will have some common sense.
  2. Light, as stated as canon. Who needs opinion when you got fact.
  3. They are all women in the manual, unless different manuals are printed, then every in game picture is of a female. Unlike children, I have good recognition and observations. To prove such, I will list the pages, their numbers and what the picture is of so others can verify. Page 7: Shows female character, an Asian portrait, fighting mining droids on Peragus, and yes it is a Female, facial structure and basic observation makes it clear as day. Page 9: Shows female, blond with short hair portrait on the equipment screen (I will call her Exile 1) Page 10: Exile 1 portrait shown on the item screen Page 11: Exile 1 portrait and full body front, verifiying that Exile 1 is in fact a Female character Page 12: Exile 1 portrait on the Learned Force powers page and on the Character Select page Page 13: Shows female portrait, Blond, with hair up in the journal screen Page 14: Shows female portrait, Blond with hair up in the map screen Page 16: Exile 1 portrait in the Skills screen Page 18: Exile 1 portrait in the Feats screen Page 20: Exile 1 full body and protrait on Peragus fighting a mining droid Page 24: Exile 1 close up to verifty further that it is in fact a Female Page 29: Exile 1, shown on the Ebon Hawk in front of the work bench, holding 2 swords, the portrait looks a little bright, but it can be clearly made out as Exile 1 Page 30: Exile 1 in front of a lab station So to say it again, every in game picture in the game manual that shows the Exile, it is a female Exile. This may have varied for non US versions, but I find it hard to believe that most legitimate US versions would be different. So again, did anyone notice this prior to the official announcement?
  4. "if you have something against upcoming KOTORs, then why are you here?" Quote me where I said I had something against KOTOR games, go ahead, go find the quote. Once again you misinterpret what I said, and this time it was clear as day, seriously, are you even schooled? Can you read?
  5. Why do you people seem so content on misinterpreting others statements? You're just as bad as religious extremists. It is a rule of thumbs, which is generally accurate, though of course there are exceptions, I never once said it was fool proof guaranteed. Why would you think what I say is undisputed fact? Seriously, you can't be that dim. I would love a new KOTOR game, but the clock is ticking. And don't even try to compare a single player game to an online game, there is no basis for comparison. Online games have twice, if not 3 or 4 more times the "shelf life" than a single player/console game. And before you misinterpret AGAIN....that is not to say all single player/console games follow this basic rule of thumbs, because they too can have exceptions. Now onto this "walkerguy" It is a KOTOR 2 and general Star Wars forum, how dare you think you have the right to tell people what they should or shouldn't do. Show me where on these Obsidian forums is a forum dedicated just to K3....Go on, show me the forum, not the topics, the forum. and since you can't do that, I'd suggest you shut the.....well....you know....
  6. Inside the KoToR 2 game manual, every "in game" picture that is shown, shows a Female Exile. I only just noticed now, some 4 years after buying it...did anyone catch this prior to the official announcement?
  7. And who ever voted Dark should be banned, based on principle.
  8. Canon states Revan as Light side, which means this is what he was "meant" to be.
  9. Maybe...maybe not...just to be safe I never register anyways. all registering really does is gets LucasArts to send you junk in your email, etc.
  10. Despite the unethical nature of re-selling something as New, if the copy of the game is scratch free and has the appearence and functionality of a "new" copy, then it is not a big deal, especially for such a great game. A box, a standard manual, the CD case with 4 CD's, possibly another junk piece of paper advertising other games/products...and that is about it.
  11. I believe the DVD versions are restricted to certain games, like my first copy of Battlefront 2 when it was released was a DVD (having bought the game 4 times already...dont ask), yet since then I've never seen another, same goes for KOTOR. The only real difference is that for a DVD based copy of the game, your PC needs an actual DVD-Rom bay and the disc will not work in a regular CD-rom bay. And the obvious difference of 1 disc to 4 discs. As far as I can tell, there is no substantial (or any at all) difference between the two types.
  12. Unless he manages his way to Malachor, either on the planet before or arriving after the MSG was activated, it is 99.99999% unlikely that he could turn out to be Nihilus. As for the "visions that he would end the order", they can't be taken to firmly. The masters of that time were very paranoid and conflicted, their visions were clouded by events ongoing in the galaxy.
  13. Sadly, a KOTOR 3 will suffer the same fate as a Super Mario RPG sequel, Skies of Arcadia sequel and any other game that has been popular, with fans demanding sequels/prequels...and nothing will be made. Rule of thumbs, if a sequel/prequel is not announced definitively (which means there is no doubt at all- basically only word from George Lucas' mouth) from the developers within 3-5 years after the last game, then it won't happen ever and the company will most likely have "moved on". Even if it is announced...every year after that 5 year mark is generally considered "quality depreciation" in which the quality of the game (story/gameplay) will decrease significantly. Speculation gives people hope...but it is a false hope. Though if the game was made, there is a very, very good chance that it will have nothing to do with Revan, Exile or any of that which people "expect".
  14. "The Peoples View On the "Gray Jedi" class of Neutral, Discuss the "neutral" phrase." Some people strayed, but others like myself stayed on point in regards to the topic title.
  15. I might suggest that is was a picture, drawn by a person, edited to look like text for the title. I suspect this because the letters have markings that aren't typical for lettering. I've put the word "KNIGHTS" through a few programs with font options and have come up with nothing close. Though I am sure Lucas Arts has better computer software than I do...
  16. According to Wookiepedia, 14 and though actual age is irrelevant when it comes to rating "looks". I fear your initial instinct, while based partly in stautes of our world also seems to follow under the very common misconception that; anyone who rates a "female video game character" must do so with implicit sexual intent, which is not far...but a ways from the truth. Mission - 8 Bastilla - 7
  17. Is it just me or does anyone else feel like Kreia really didn't deserve to die at the end.... I so wish it was Atris instead(like it was meant to be if you were LS i hear but got cut) Not sure how accurate this bit about Atris is, even with restored content, I believe LS or DS, Kreia is still the final boss Kreia was relatively neutral throughout, and even at the end in my opinion. Look at it this way...she wanted the death of the force which would have killed many many people(it was quoted in the game by Atris i believe) because you had to be very powerful to resist being killed without the force(all the masters that Kreia killed were not powerful enough to live without the force thats why they died at the Dantooine Enclave if you played LS) Had Kreia's ambition of bringing the "death of the Force" succeeded, then it is not just people, Jedi or non who would die, everyone and everything in the Galaxy would become completely lifeless. "The force is an energy field created by all living things that surrounds us, penetrates and binds the Galaxy together" ~ Obi-Wan, whether you are a force sensitive or not doesn't matter, everything would die. This was a dark side trait because it would kill so many people...but here philosophy, i feel, was very LS. She wanted the death of the force because it was causing so much pain around the galaxy and causing many causalities like Telos during the Jedi Civil war just because of philosophies that sith and jedi faught for, and she did not want this. She believed that even though many people would die in the process, the people that would survive could maybe start a new life without the force and live much more peacefully(there would still be fighting but at least it would not be on such a scale to where entire planets were destroyed over philosophies.) You are a little misguided here, Kreia did not want the death of the force because it was causing the Galaxy so much pain, Kreia wanted the death of the force so that nobody who is touched by the Force, would ever have the pain of losing it, like Kreia and the Exile did. There is no real "noble" cause in Kreia actions, she merely manipulated events so that she could reap the benefits of the outcome, or to push the events furthur. Even Kreia knew that you cannot stop war and planetary destructions by "killing the Force", Kreia only had 2 causes. 1, Train the Exile as her newest pupil and more importantly impart lifetimes of knowledge to her (The Exile) and 2, use the Exile's "wound" to eliminate the Force and its control over the Galaxy. Kreia is very much a "Gray philosopher" in regards to the Force, in which case you are accurate in such statements, but don't forget, being somewhat "neutral" as she is, she can still have her own "less neutral" ambitions. Truthfully I didn't come to grasp with a complete understanding of this until my 2nd-3rd playthroughs. If you want to play a canon game (meaning it is part of the SW universe as the accepted facts, then play the game with a Female exile and play with Neutral or LS)
  18. In lieu of all that... You still don't see just how powerful the Force is. To you, its just magic, you have to take the creativity of your mind and be able to invision a world where this "Force" functions as we've seen in games/movies. Play the game again, the more you play, the easier it is to understand.
  19. Do you mean that it was a revenge? Seems a bit shallow motive for Kreia :\ She wasn't stupid and driven by emotions, after all. The force is very powerful, as was stated in the game many times, to lose the force is to lose all your senses, but more than that, because you had known how "powerful" the force was. Kreia said to Atton, on Telos that he in many ways was more powerful than a Jedi, in that he didn't rely on The Force. Kreia disliked the Force in a way that, she had been touched by it, she knew of its power and it was taken from her, causing a deep wound in herself. The force is too powerful a thing to just "lose connection with", Kreia wanted to eliminate the Force's control over the Universe, which would have guaranteed the Universes destruction. Was it just revenge? Partly, Kreia never wanted you to do this or that, only to think about it deeply and the consequence as it would ripple through the Force. Kreia had personal motives, but she left herself open ended, no ruthless extremism. Kreia was a gray philospher, emotions and extremes are weaknesses of light side or dark side, being gray, Kreia had greater control. You know, at the end of the game I didn't care any more if she was evil, all I wanted is to find a way not to kill her. I still think that the developers are too cruel! Kreia was a perfect mother\teacher character, and I found it very hard to fight her and very hard to accept that there was no way to let her live. Basically Kreia killed herself, because if she really wanted, she could use the power of that place to replenish her own, like Sion did. She could easily be invincible instead of having a fair duel. She could have, but as we saw with the Exile, the Exile was too powerful even for Sion whose strength was essentially limitless. She knew her time had come, the Exile was her greatest student in that the Exile had the power to realize her dreams. No gray philosopher would just keep battling an endless battle, Kreia knew this. She had already laid the path for the Exile to choose, one of dark (stay on malachor/revive sith), one of light (Destroy Malachor and rebuild the galaxy). No longer could she influence you, so she did what any good teacher does, and gives you the choice, knowing she can teach no more. So, could you please elaborate why Kreia wasn't evil? It would be interesting to hear. She behaved normally most of the time, as if she disliked her past and decided to be not Sith or Jedi, but simply a human. Then suddenly she went back to become Sion's dark master and tried to "break" the exile. I don't understand why she jumped from human to sith. There was something about her nature being betrayal and her "human" behaviour being a manipulation all along, but no explanation why her nature was betrayal. What do you think? The way Kreia manipulated events is very similar to how Palpatine did, yes, she caused much death in her goals, but she was never overly "ruthless". your definition of evil seems to hinge of "good or bad" Kreia was neither. She was intelligent, collective and above all else, open mindedly experienced. Malak, was evil, Nihilus, was evil, Sion was evil, how do they differ from Kreia? They would all kill at the drop of a hat, most often for no reason at all, Kreia would not. Her indepth knowledge of the Force should be evidence enough that she is not "evil". Okay, I see.. And still it doesn't explain why she gained an ability to feed off of the force. :\ She didn't, Kreia does not have the force feed technique. She can draw energies from locations where it runs deep, like Malachor, but she could not feed off it like Nihilus could. You confuse "Force feeding" and "Force channeling" which are very different from each other Now one could argue that the Destruction of the Force is a truly evil deed, but that is another time and no offense, but your lack of true understanding on the matter would hinder you in such an argument.
  20. 1. Why doesn't the exile die when Kreia dies? Originally the bond formed with Kreia was to show the Exile what she had missed during he time away from the force, Kreia used this bond to refresh and help the Exile recover what she once was. As the Exile gets more bonds with her friends in the game, her bond to Kreia is weakened. 2. What did Bao-Dur create that he blamed himself for so much, was it the Mass-Shadow Generator? I couldn't figure that out from dialogues, he just acknowledges that he created something terrible that changed the planet. The Mass Shadow Generator, look it up on wookipedia to learn more 3. What was the Mass-Shadow generator and what did it do, how did it manage to make the planet "dark"? I couldn't figure that out from dialogues, too. See above answer 4. Why did Kreia want the death of the force? I thought that perhaps she was alike Nihilus and just wanted to devour all the force, but maybe I'm wrong... Kreia wanted its death because she felt it was too painful a thing to know and lose, as she did and the Exile did. If you have come to the impression that Kreia was "evil" as Nihilus or other Sith lords, you are mistaken. 5. What exactly happened on Malachor V that made the exile "the wound in the force"? The exile could form very strong bonds with Jedi and non Jedi through the Force. When bonds are broken, by death or serverance, they leave a ripple in the force. When alderaan was destroy, it left a ripple that Obi wan had felt, in essence that was a very very small "wound". The exiles wound had become so dangerous because she had so many strong connection during the War, I attribute much to Battle Meditation, then when the Mass Shadow generator was activated, it killed everyone on Malachor or in the skies above, causing ships to crash and death and destruction. This massive loss of bonded life created a huge "wound" in the force. Its severity is likely due to the number of Jedi whom the Exile could/did bond with in battle.
  21. Bastilla lacked a certain...Twilek charm that us, cantankerous cantina dwellers have come to know and love... Bastilla - 7 Mission - 8
  22. As with any case of extremes, neither side is ever correct, and in order for success, a Balance must be acheived. As a Star Wars fan, this is how I see "Balancing the Force". Where one fails, the other should pick up and vice versa and when conflict arises, the greater good will (should) prevail. In the case of Mace Windu, in force relation, he was very much "Gray" as his battle form encompassed Dark side elements, yet he was able to maintain rank of a most respected council member through this balance. Even his manner of death showed his aptitude for "Gray thinking" when he deemed Palpatine too dangerous to be left alive, though other events influenced how that turned out, it remains as is. It ("Gray") can be broken down, which makes it diffcult to isolate completely what it encompasses. Yet there is a less seen fundamental flaw with Gray philosophy, if you break it down too much, eventually you will come to an impasse or you will become so aligned to it, that it would merit its own "Force Alignment" equal in balance to LS and DS.
  23. First off, make sure your Post -Darth- is an actual word. "Aexcrucius" is not even a word, so as a Post -Darth- it means nothing. Post -Darth- names don't have to always "mean" something, they could just be the person's name, but even then it should still be a word. You won't strike fear into the masses with something flashy and that can't be found on dictionary.com
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