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  1. was just wandering i've got 4CD version of the game and i was wandering if there is a DVD version of the game ? switching cd's during installation can bug me sometimes also is there any diff between the versions of the game? mine was first version that came out i think..i have to update it with 2 patches..1.0a and 1.0b, but i though maybe DVD version is allready 1.0b or whatever.. any info on that?
  2. well i red some of the posts around..to be honest i don't have time and will to read all of them. i might not even know what it is all about now. i red last post though and i know at first that there was some discussing about influence right? well i don't agree it should be removed. i don't mind it at all..gives the game bit replay value. especially in kotor 2 where you can't have good influence on all characters..you have to choose carefuly. and i liked playing it again with slightly different approach, i think it was best implemented in kotor 2..yeah..but i agree however that we don't need to see "gained + influence" (mantioned on last post) ..i totaly support that quote "changing face mood or maybe something little more discreet like change in music" ...if there is however no need to know exact number of influence points...and i don't see the part where we need so ... but this is all less important than what i basicly stand for..DON'T EVER THINK that MOST OF US enjoy better graphics...i've read some articles about KOTOR III (now call it a fake or selling whatsoever) but there were actually words that if KOTOR III is out it will be on most advanced technology in graphics and will use new engine ...ant those kind things...i fellt so SRY for it...and i though "PLEASE DON'T LET IT BE TRUE" or else i allready see "great game potential is f-C*d up with poor...you know the rest as far as i'm consirend and i think most of expirienced games (an ones who truly understand the quailty of the game) will agre with me...IF THERE IS GOING TO BE KOTOR III...don't ever change nor engine nor graphics nor nothing from KOTOR II...i can't say i liked first more than ohter sequel..for me both were just simply the best.. all we need is NEW STORY AND MORE SEQUELS i wouldn't mind if 10 years from now, when all other games looks like we're livng inside..and we can actually talk with the games and maybe even go inside , i play kotor IX - name it how the hell do you want it...that did't changed a bit...just added more storyline and still have to click ok on "you move towards the light side" lol. that much from me!
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