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  1. Honestly, a popup window seems far too meta-gamey to me as well. I like your thought that a better way would be to have the dialogs with each faction's leader include language that should make it clear that you are aligning yourself with that faction, without being immersion breaking or too meta-gamey about it. I think that there are definitely ways for well written dialogs to do this. With the Doemenels, it might involve taking some sort of blood oath. With the Knights, it might have their CO telling you that if you accept this mission, other groups are sure to learn about it and refus
  2. A lot of it is dependent on the level you're playing the game on. On the lowest level, you can pretty much walk around, with the entire party selected, and focus the enemies down one by one. On the higher level not accounting for a single enemy will result in a wipe.
  3. Same deal with me. I'm not sure if I missed talking to one of the spirits the first time through, but it opened fine for me after methodically going and talking to each one after I cleared the place.
  4. Maybe it's because I didn't have her in my party for that long, but I recall some banter dialog from Eder basically referencing GM appearing to him as a middle aged peasant woman, which was explained in dialog when you first meet her. I feel like they really dropped the ball there, aren't the other characters just the least bit curious why a group of adventures who are constantly in dangerous situations are dragging around such an obvious non-combatant? Would have been even funnier if it was only Iselmyr who could see GM for what she really was.
  5. Eder is just so damned likable and easy going. You WANT to help the guy.
  6. Well damn, if the Witcher is from an Atheistic point-of-view then that completely destroys my "Atheists are intellectually lazy" argument I'm not going to make friends by saying this, but I find The Witcher to be a bit of a lazy setting overall. A lot of its stories are fairy tales with added gore, its monsters are often lifted straight from Eastern European folk tales, its different countries and nations are either stereotypes (Nilfgaard, Skellige) or undistinguishably bland (all the Northern Realms). It also abuses character archetypes; peasants are pogrom-happy and supersticious, s
  7. So, I had the opportunity last night to replay through the end game encounter again and I still don't see where OP is getting is getting bent out of shape. The gods of PoE seem to be gods and are able to tangibly impact the world. (The gods that were unhappy with my choice for fate of the souls wreaked havoc on the Dyrwood for it). They certainly EXIST. I don't see why knowing where they came from makes them any less of a god.
  8. Apparently they were at one point more than cosmetic. http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/62578-torches/
  9. The full fog of war disappears after you've discovered that section of the map, and darkness would have to be accounted for and countered. Fog of war just is or isn't. Oh, I thought fog of war was separate from seeing the map, because it's possible to see terrain features once discovered, but not creatures, etc. I guess it's a bit of a moot point in PoE since this is really only an issue with patrols wandering into an area already discovered or the bounty quests since there are no respawns.
  10. No, they all share the same bed, so they get the same bonuses. Think of it as PoE's interpretation of in game romance.
  11. Nah, I'll pass. I've been through many, many such discussions over the years, and they never really go anywhere -- I was a regular on alt.atheism in the 1990's. I also haven't been really invested in the question for over fifteen years or so. I'm not all that interested anymore in what people believe; I'm more interested in the question of how people with different beliefs find ways to coexist and cooperate. That's a far more pressing question in my opinion, and likelier to lead to constructive outcomes. With all this obvious proof of the existence of god rattling around, it's a wonder
  12. Also, how would darkness be functionally different from the fog of war effect?
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