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  1. Because at the end of the game you kill the only member of Leaden Key who knows more about the organization than their own name.
  2. You're absolutely right, there's no plot reason to go into that tavern. For most people that would fall into a category of "side quests" or "exploration". And no, you don't actually have to talk into a random, frightened guy in there to find out Raedric decided to give death the finger. Caed Nua gets attacked by Raedric's forces if you don't talk to the messenger or confront the zombie lord. In fact, I didn't even notice the frightened guy until my third playthrough but that didn't prevent me from being alerted to something being horribly wrong around Gilded Vale. The trial has a major impact on one of the ending slides. Which doesn't affect gameplay at all. So valid point, sort of. This was fairly nonsensical yes. Why this particular machine turns living people into zombies instead of eating babies' souls like the rest was something that I either missed or that wasn't explained. While I don't agree with many of your points the lack of polish is far too apparent. The game had a good number of bugs at launch which I guess is to be expected, but it has been out for a year and gone through a two-part expansion without fixing some of them while introducing many more. Load times have been improved (largely thanks to my new SSD for all I know) but they're still bad to the degree I do everything in an order that minimizes the number of area transitions required. Performance isn't exactly great either, and while my rig might no longer be top of the line I'm not really convinced PoE is in a position to demand a newer one. Writing, meaningless decisions or lack of immersion are the last thing that bother me about PoE. It's the little things that prevent me from giving it a 9/10 or 10/10. That being said, even an 8/10 is a fairly good score. Especially considering I expected PoE to be a spiritual sequel to some of the greatest CRPGs ever made.
  3. PC paladins max out at 8/17, custom adventurers max out at 7/14. Both get 2/3 from deep faith. The additional point of fort/reflex/will for the PC is probably a rounding quirk.
  4. Plot armor, now finally a visible attribute. It sort of works for dialogue too if you think of it as "armor" in a very broad sense!
  5. Just for the heck of it, it's actually possible to reach a hit -> crit conversion of exactly 100%: 5% from Zealous Focus + Critical Focus (paladin aura) 10% from Dirty Fighting (rogue passive) 10% from Vicious Fighting (rogue talent, modifies Dirty Fighting) 10% from a predatory weapon of your choice (Tall Grass for bossfights anyone?) 10% from Hearth Orlan passive (attacking an enemy targeted by at least one other ally) 15% from a potion of Merciless Gaze 20% from Dire Blessing (priest spell) 20% from Durgan Steel = 100%. Coincidence!? E: Dire Blessing and Merciless Gaze don't stack. WTB +15% hit to crit.
  6. Raiment of Wael's Eyes. Either that crit just got downgraded into a hit or you got +20 free deflection. I'd probably use 6 of these if I could. As far as plain damage goes most classes are better off with non-soulbound weapons but Barbarians can get an insane amount of procs off e.g. the Grey Sleeper via carnage and a ranger using Stormcaller with Driving Flight + Twinned Arrows is a chainstunning lightning machine gun. Edge of Reason all the way. Mister chop chop doesn't need speed to hit 0 recovery.
  7. With no "conversion" 110 accuracy vs. 100 deflection gives you: - 5% chance to miss - 35% chance to graze - 50% chance to hit - 10% chance to crit With "20% of hits converted to crits" this turns into: - 5% chance to miss - 35% chance to graze - 40% chance to hit - 20% chance to crit If you have a total of 20% hit -> crit every time you roll "hit" you have a 20% chance of converting that hit into a crit. These stack fully and additively, if you somehow manage to stack five different sources of 20% hit -> crit all your hits turn into crits. Only one conversion can happen per attack so you can't convert a graze into a hit and then that hit into a crit. You can, however, convert a hit from Tall Grass into a crit and then trigger its "prone on crit" ability.
  8. Honestly, the only real way to get around DR is to just hit as hard as possible. Stilettos might have innate DR bypass but their base damage is so low it only matters against low DR enemies - if an enemy has 30 DR you still have 27 to punch through once you account for the bypass. Using two-handed weapons (or the ranged weapons that require reloading) and pumping might is the obvious solution but even lower damage weapons are capable of doing the job if you e.g. pile enough (de)buffs to reliably land crits. DR is the (second) last thing applied so turning a 40-damage hit into a 60-damage crit against an enemy with 30 DR will triple your damage. I never really bothered using vulnerable attack or penetrating shot, using a bigger stick and keeping the attack speed generally felt more efficient although if you can stack enough attack speed to hit 0 recovery vulnerable attack is strictly beneficial.
  9. Might/damage bonuses aren't exclusive to helmets, you can just grab those elsewhere. If I wanted to run optimized characters I wouldn't have a triumphadin in my party in the first place. Death godlike's bonus is thematical and fits the job.
  10. ^ triumph paladin best paladin. I find it rather annoying PoE is so obscure with the two killing blow abilities, death godlike's damage bonus kicks in at 25% which is just about right for popping Flames of Devotion. Bloody Slaughter on the other hand doesn't work until 10% which makes it pretty much completely useless, if your KW/BW triumph paladin can't finish off enemies that low that talent isn't going to help. Both state "low endurance" which is simply misleading since it implies they share the threshold while in reality they're not even close.
  11. I haven't played with these classes yet. Did they feel being close to mvp during the dragon fights? Considering dragons are a damage race as you can only soak so many breaths, carnage's AoE scales with target size (which means your barbarian with Tall Grass can target the dragon and still crit-prone everything around it) and rogues get basically the highest single target DPS + (a ton of full attack CC) in the game I'd say yes.
  12. If you want to get the most out of Abydon's Hammer pump int as high as you can on a barbarian, wear light armor (the mirror image robe sold in Stalwart is fantastic) and back it up with some extra might and perception. On-hit effects apply fully on carnage so if you hit a total of 10 enemies with the Grey Sleeper you have a chance to proc 10 twin stones and you'll get at least one ~40% of the time. Tall Grass probably does a better job overall at knocking stuff prone since it has reaching and you can glue durgan steel on it but Abydon's Hammer has a bunch of other fancy stuff. Dex would be nice but int, might and perception are all more important. You have frenzy, bloodlust, blood thirst and deleterious alacrity for attack speed.
  13. Unfortunately someone like me who has inherited the habit of spamming tab from Infinity Engine games has a hard time ignoring the fact the first gold-plated NPC you run into right at the start of Gilded Vale is named "Zloxx the Usurper", something I'd except in Commander Keen or Calvin & Hobbes. Don't even get me started with Palzerker and the rest.
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