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  1. I went a little trigger happy with the items lol The staff is on my druid. Since hes second line anyway to be close enough for heals and such ( No priest run ) plus clutch beetle shell saves are nifty Sword and shield on fighter. The pain he can bring with the survivability of the shields proc is really quite nice Hammer on chanter. This is my pc and naturally has Convo stats so the extra might is a great blessing, Plus 20+ int with the per enc stun is just...funny. Bow on ranger (with confusion bow on standby) Twin arrows, driving flight, Outlanders, Potion = mess. Paladin has the dagger for now mostly for the extra healing chains (Again no priest so any clutch healing is nice) plus it wrecks And mage has the wand which is prolly one of my fav weapons in the whole game on him. Redic acc with gaze, Motion, Martial, Blast with pen = worlds of pain with free CC and a beefy raw hit for anything that wonders too close. All in all i like the weapons, Side from sleeper, redeemer,night, and Twin >.>. I have a long hate for twin.
  2. I would change this up just a bit and go Base game till before the Hearing (should be around 10) WM part 1 (Which will give you a few levels) Base game till elmsreach and the gods Then WM2 for story continuity. Though in terms of seeing the game with new companions, Welp base game to temple then start both parts of white march. You will have a rough time for a little bit but after part 1 you will pretty much steam roll. ( I did this on hard, WM at level 8 and finished part 2 at level 13.) they included an option to level scale act 3 in the game if you get over leveled. But i would say WM act 2 would feel worlds better scaled up. Its a much more "Epic" situation that really degrades a little at lower levels.
  3. Spelltongue Also is a pretty sexy rapier. Though i believe Deny has DR bypass correct? ether way you can honestly go with any weapon set up you want with a chanter and still come out laughing about it by mid-end levels. Once things spontaneously burst in to flames around you its hard not to chuckle. My Chanter is a skald and all kinds of scary now, Only upset the stat boosting Invocations dont effect the chanter. Still useful! still sad. Side note, Dex doesnt effect chanting so you get the boost of being able to leave it at ten without much issue. Enough dex boosting items that by later your prolly have it sitting at 14. and with speed + two weapon even in decent armor (which chanters can use a very special set) you will still shred.
  4. Generally as i have seen builds with high RP pushes only tend to be a problem early game. If you keep your wits about you and are ok with struggling for a bit till mid to late act 2 / WM p2 Even on hard you can push ahead. Plus, Respec option lol. Money is easy mid game and you can change your base stats when you respec your pc or adventurers. Even a base 10 - char can win with enough push. Once you get items you can come in to your own. Just as a rogue be sure to take talents to get out of dodge lol.
  5. Amaia's Codex Calling worlds maw, Twin Stones, Prayer against fear, Pillar of faith, Slicken, Essential Phantom 1 charge of each.
  6. Ethereal Helm Ethereal Cloak 5 charges ( 25% crit to hit, hit to graze, Graze to miss +3 movement )
  7. Glittering Gauntlets Deflection +9 Dazed when struck. Sexy Celebrants Gloves 10% chance to cast holy meditation when hit or crit +10% Ability area of effect
  8. Aside from the hammer. I was hoping like all the other stats there would be a +4. Though i guess the hammer might be said item. T.T. Still need to find a +4 int as well i believe.
  9. Did anyone find a might +4 item in WM2? I swear i had my hand in every pot and never actually found one T.T.
  10. By what i saw, Finish the main story to the point of no return first... Or at least to the very end of chapter 2 before you go to WM2. Otherwise some secrets will be revealed early, Not to mention whats going on is a little more fitting scaled up in power. But some End of act 2 secrets are blown and one Act 3 secret is hinted at.
  11. It could honestly continue with the same watcher just not in the way that involves starting a bit after we left off... Some new poor sod could awaken as the watcher. Unravel the mystery on how the watcher died ect ect
  12. Yeah i nailed the con checks on the last attempted and spread out really far just using chain chugging and moonwell snipes to keep people going. All in all it actually went down pretty fast with Gaze and force wall on top of storm and Seg's very angry use of stormcaller, berserk, and a pot of motion. All in all not bad but still quite fun.
  13. Welp. Shouldnt complain about this one but here we go Forged the hammer and it didnt take off my shield. Now I'm a step away from becoming a super hero. Thought i would go ahead and mention something about this lol.
  14. Lavender Wreath Immunity:Sickened Sickened when struck. Side note, makes me laugh when i put it on devil >.>.
  15. I saved the endless paths just for new soulbound weapons. so when i saw that final rank of unlabored i just walked down to a pack of xinorps and chain paralyzed them with my chanter while letting my rogue go to town for awhile. took a bit but only needed around 20 mobs give or take to finish. nice and fast.
  16. I also play largely on the conversation side of things and i can say, High resolve, Perception, and Int come in to play alot. Like alot alot. lol. A good deal even sit around 18. With bonuses you can reach it but i normally like to sit at 14-15 res and perception to nail as much conversation checks as i can. High lore also plays a pretty decent part. Just know when you respec at a vendor you can redo the stats of your main char so if a chapter in you feel like you should have made him with more Resolve or something you can always just fork over some cash and respec. Money gets a bit more plentiful mid game / First part of white march. Most of all just have fun, If you cant get every option all the time and not have fun, play the game again!
  17. So...Ideas? lol. This guy just ate my whole team without a second thought. Granted I'm only level 11. My odd comp is (Hard) PC Chanter - Tank - Spell tongue - 104 D 64F 94R 86W DR 18 - 23 slash and pierce 28 Fire and frost Eld - built Tank with light dd sprinkled in 94D 93F 95R 61W DR 16 - 25 slash and Pierce acc 69 with Vile loners Devil - Same as Eld with more on the DD 93D 64F 94R 64W DR 12 - 15 slash and pierce ACC 85 with Nightshroud Sagani - Currently trying out that new soulbound crossbow but not 100% sold in it since Stormcallers stuns were rather nice. (Yet to advance to stage 2) Aloth - >.> Hirav - No priest so hes on support with moonwells, DR ups, Lightning and other buggies. Using greenstone for clutch beetle saves. Clearly as you can see I'm not running a priest. Wanted to see more dialog in the game so i bumped Durance and Pel off for hira and devil (Still hoping she has another quest in the white march 2 to improve on her a bit. Altho the high crit chance and ok Survival isnt bad. But on the same hand the new barb isnt such a terrible bet ether. I'm thinking i should just skip it for now and do other sidequests / vanilla bounties to get more exp before returning, Maybe new gear...
  18. As it says, Tried to ask nedmar to rest in Raedrics Sanctuary and it just closes the Dialog window with no action taken.
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