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  1. I really like Republic era. since it has some of my favourite star wars characters: Ayla Secura , Quin lan Voz and Master Tholme are great. I also enjoy some of the Comics from the Old Republic Era : Jedi vs Sith is very good i think. But thats just me . I allways liked starwars but i just started to get to know more stuff about the expanded universe recently.
  2. Stormcloud777 obviously a Jedi Weapons master. Uber powered dual lightsabers. :cool:
  3. It's really good that finally your security skiil is going to be of some use, since in K1 there was no real reason for you to improve it , since you could crack open chests by force. This ganme is revealling to be a great game alltough using the same game engine and graphic engine. The force is within you Obsidian entertainement
  4. I think that having to find your lightsaber is going to help create a bigger bond between you and the weapon wich is one of the primal points of jedi traing. Very good indeed
  5. You can't compare any of the movies with Kotor simply because all the stuff you elaborate in a 30 hour game is done in a 2 hour movie. The Game will always have more depth more room to drag the player into the story and the haracters than in a movie.
  6. I think we should she Illum in TSL seeing it is a very important place for jedi folk. i
  7. There's a new feature at www.gamespot.com with info on all the new Lucasarts Games. Be sure to say your word about what you see there.
  8. any new info besides that , any tidbit would be usefull. We r just acking for new Kotor2 info. By the way who ever thought and sujested that Darth Sion was the one in the beggining of the walkthrought, where dead on right. by the discription it really is.
  9. Where i am it's 8:15 pm it's getting later by the minute and still no updates on the site. Damn we all look like junkies just waiting for our next dose.
  10. There you are in the middle of Kotor2 in front of that "hyper rare items shop", you take out your credits to pay for that 166000 credits lightsaber cristal thats going to make you the baddest kick **s jedi in the galaxy, The seller says - Nice doing business with you, come back when you can. Always shop at Grif's store. You move away, go to a nearby workbench thinking how familliar that name sounded. You insert the crystal into your light saber and ....... as you ignit it , an hallogen lamp pops out from the hilt . As you swoosh your light saber it shaters into a million pieces and finnaly you remenber why the name was so familliar. :D He is blue, he has tentacles instead of hair, he is not Human and he allways has stupid scams to get rich fast while you f*** your clients. He is Griff the Twi'lek. Returning for yet another small appearence in a Game of the year rpg.
  11. I think it's about time they also make a real Kotor2 site like the one of Kotor1. With lots of info about the game. I wish Obsidian made the site, but as i recal Lucasarts wants to make it . ................................................by the way still waiting for that update..................................................
  12. I'm starting to think they are really going to wait until the last minute of tody until they update the site with the new stuff.... :angry:
  13. i wish they would add a new character profile , a new planet and of course a new wallpaper ... cause wallpapers make you look at them and say WOW this game is gonna rock if the wallpapers look like this the game will be totally kool.
  14. Right now i'm not interested in knowing if Revan , Bastilla or any of the others from Kotor1 are in the game , right now i want to know about the new characters , the planets an what new features as obsidion put in the game. If the story even mentions Revan i don't want to know... i want to find out as i play the game...
  15. Allthough TSL will be very inspired in the 1st Kotor , it is not a sequel. It's not like the movies where they are all connected. It is another story set during The Old republic. Even though the war against Malak was important to the old republic it wasn't as important as for example the Mandalorian wars and the war against Exar Kun. In the 1st Game the jedi Coucil doesn't even get involved, if it really was that great a war they would interveene as they allways do in all the serious matters. Like i said the story of Revan is only important to set the backgroung, but not that important to the overall game. I really like Revan as a Character, i hpoe no one thinks i don't care squat about him. I'm just trying to be raccional about this.
  16. We will find out what happened to Revan in the Sith Lords. But maybe we won't even see him. His story and some major story points in TSL will vary acording to what you answered in the beggining of the game. Maybe we'll see him maybe we won't . Since the story is about a Mandalorian Wars veteran and probably of of the last jedi , I'm relly hopping to get to kknow about all the new caracters. I know that What happened to revan is important to set the background , yet it is not the most important issue in the Game.
  17. Since i haven't got xbox live and it isn't coming to Portugal anytime soon. i think i could be a good idea of including the extra content for the xbox Kotor 1. I think i'm not the only one that would appreciate this. Also , i may be wrong , but i think it is fairly easy to include this into the Kotor TSL DVD. Thanks for earing me out continue the good work. Best of look for the Game.
  18. Althought Master Vandar , Jolee , Juhani , Master Uthar, Bastilla and Yuthura could be killed in the original they where also force users some jedi and the others sith. It would be kind of cool seeing the ghostly figure of obe of them like in the movies( obi wan, Yoda , vader). Maybe your caracter was trained by Vandar before the 1st kotor since your a mandalorian wars veteran. I can see Vandar Saying "trust the force young padawan". That could be cool.
  19. Since none of the other jedis in your team have been announced asside from the two female jedis.And since there is going to be more than 10 caracters that can join you. I would really like to see a twi'lek jedi like Aylla Secura since she is one of the coolest jedis ever and another one like a Nautolan i really love kit Fisto. Other allien caracters would also be cool. In the first Kotor the only allien jedi was a Cathar wich really wasn't that cool of a caracter. I would like to know how you feel about this.
  20. Your caracter as memories of getting beat up buy is former organizations fellows. you then start hunting them down for revenge. it is actually a 2 part game.You finish the first one after killing your first sith lord. In the 2nd one you continue to hunt the other sith lords and their master. because You have to Kill Bill. by the that time the other sith lords are "as dead as O-ren". :D
  21. Being able to have different lightsaber hiltswould be a great and not so hard ( i think ) improvement to put in the game. Since it will focus on the possibilities and implications of your choices , it is only logical that we can select or build our own lightsaber different from all the other in order to reflect our training and personality like in all of the starwars universe. There are no similar hilts in starwars only the ones given to jedi studdents before they build theyr own lightsaber are similar. It would make the game look and feel a lot more believable in the starwars unniverse.
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