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  1. The latest announcement for next week's patch ( says they're going to increase font size. Thread's in the announcements and news forum.
  2. I never felt the need to use third person view in FO and TES because the game frequently showed my character doing cool stuff via killcams. That's what's missing to me. You can't do that in this game because of the camera focus on companion abilities. To have both would be too much. The encounters right now are so easy that most of the time in them is spent watching companion abilities. My guess is that companion abilities was a cost saving measure since it's cheaper to animate six different weapon animations instead of however many different weapons are in game. If this game has a s
  3. What the title says. I assume it's just a display bug. If you put armor or a helmet on a companion that grants a skill bonus it doesn't change their skill level in their character sheet. A quick load fixes it. Haven't tested it, but probably any loading screen would fix it as well. It's not a big deal. Just affects the companions as far as I can tell not the main character. This is for the PC version on the Xbox store.
  4. This line perplexes me. ESO (Zenimax/bethesda) and POE (Obsidian) have no ties to each other, except Obsidian once made a Fallout game for Bethesda. So not sure what Dragonknights would have to do with this game? If you weren't saying the 2 were made by the same company, where did the second line come from and what does it have to do with anything? Dragonknight is ostensibly a martial class but it uses spells for its abilities, that's all he was getting at. It's like a fighter that's been jedified or merlinized. He wasn't comparing the two companies.
  5. Going from a 30% chance to convert hits to grazes to a 40% chance is a 14% reduction in hits taken. While going from 30% to 37% is a 10% reduction in hits taken. It's goofy on the surface, but at least this way every source of conversion behaves consistently. It doesn't seem fair to me that any conversion should be more powerful for someone that already has some.
  6. Unless I completely misread his post I don't think his point was that it was a good thing, it sounded clearly sardonic to me.
  7. Could do without the self-effacement, but it's not flamebait. I don't think that returning to per rest and health-endurance would change much. Rationing resources and attrition just aren't possible without maps like PoE had. It seems like Obsidian listened to all the people who whined about meaningless encounters and took that as gospel, and they ignored the years of passion put into the builds forum by people who actually liked to theorycraft against the content. Imo they should've just funneled the first group into story mode.
  8. As long as there's difficulty settings for people to breeze through the game with I don't see how you can complain about the game also having a difficulty setting that challenges players as well.
  9. I always thought the beauty of tabletop D&D was that whatever party you had your DM could work around.
  10. He realizes that but he's complaining that you can't read the dialogue with only your keyboard.
  11. It's kind of reductive to pare those characters down to just two types. But I don't entirely disagree that there's a lot of Felicia Day types and a lot of Sarah Connors. But I think there's more difference than you give it credit. Also I think you have to give some leeway for the limits of the medium. It's a fifty hour game, which sounds like a lot but it's a huge cast and the whole game doesn't revolve around dialogue. We don't have a lot of time with these characters, so their traits are going to be exaggerated to make them pronounced.
  12. Has inspiration and has concentration are useful, but if you have a lot of buffs which can cover similar things or don't have those conditions it won't do a lot of good. So yeah you have to use reset timers. The problem with reset timers is that they persist outside of combat. So if you set them too long (like the duration the buff would last on you) you might not be able to cast them in your next fight. If you have two buffs of the same spell level though reset timer works perfectly because the timers can be really short. Like if you wanted to cast Infuse with Vital Essence and Arcane Veil yo
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