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  1. I was surprised to find blood pool buff and gift of the machine buff on my character since I thought they have no effects because they don't show up at the start of the game, I'm assuming they show up sometime while chasing Eothas. I sacrificed Durance cause uhh I didn't really like him as a character, I would probably sacrifice someone else now that I know the buff actually exist, need people to share their blood pool results for best minmax character creation. https://i.imgur.com/YcG3leH.png edit: Some updates from my Reddit post Durance: Con, 5% max health Devil of Caroc: Dex, 1 armor pen Eder: Might, 2 deflection Mahena: Might, +5 defense against might affliction attacks Grieving Mother: Int, +5 defense against int affliction attacks Kana: Int, +5 defense against dex affliction attacks You only get the buffs after , spoiler down there getting a portion of your soul back from eothas.
  2. https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/88230-potd-solo-wizard-the-glass-way-303/ I wrote this solo guide a while ago, it may have answers to some of your questions for wizard solo, some tips and tricks might work for all classes though, comments has caed nua ghost and light house and all that.
  3. I know it shares movement speed, substancial phantom runs extremely fast with +3 boots fast runner and such, very useful when kiting enemies.
  4. I found that stronghold attack frequency also has something to do with level, when I was playing my solo run I considered stronghold attacks a source of infinite money, but eventually I stopped getting anymore attacks, I thought the total number of attacks are fixed, but I respeced to low level and started to load between zones, I got attacks again, so it seems like at a certain level, likely 14+, one stops getting stronghold attacks, no matter how low the security stat is, I barely upgraded anything in the stronghold.
  5. The new survival mode looks more like a chore than a challenge to me, having to eat/drink like every 14 real life mins to stay healthy or some crap, and no fast travel in a game with such a huge map, sure there are vertibirds later but that's way later, but it's really just a waste of time, the designers expected people to have insane amount of free time and patience to pour into this mode or some ****. I don't really see challenge in this, which requires people to think about how to overcome, but more like a pain in the ass. Skill design is really lame in fallout 4 also, the no level cap design, again encouraging people to pour time into the game, gauss rifles won't even appear in the game unless the player spend like 50 hours leveling up, and makes it annoying for people like me to theorycraft builds because there isn't a level restriction, and weapon mods, one can spend many skill points and many int sacrificing build paths to unlock certain weapon mods only to find that a lot of them can be dropped and bought, and it's pure rng, idk what to even say about this system. DA:I looks more like a dating sim to me, the first map is huge, then the rest of the maps were just dullaf, a lot of useless features like those points you get with nowhere to spend on, and again, no level cap, idk why people even like this feature. I'm more looking forward to elder scrolls 6, although skyrim's combat wasn't exactly great either, my favourite game in this genre, or around this genre is probably kingdom of amalur: reckoning, the combat in that game is pretty amazing, and it has a pretty good skill tree system, open for theorycraft, too bad the art and story fall short.
  6. Wizard's Arcane Veil + Wizard's Double is 115 bonus deflection just saying, when your deflection is 85 points higher than enemy accuracy you simply don't get hit by deflection targeting attacks anymore, I was at 210+ deflection at level 16 on a 3 resolve wizard.
  7. Yea, it pulled her right out of the circle when it crits, the distance is pretty long, probably because of my 1.8 crit multplier. http://imgur.com/a/fq7TI
  8. I just rememmber it criting and threw an enemy out a massive distance, out of the circle, and my circle was quite big already because of max int and 10% aoe ring.
  9. Pull of Eora is actually a terrible skill in my opinion, it sucks them in then push them right back, and if it crits the distance actually gets multplied too, pushes enemies right out of the spell, it'd probably only work when placed in corners on slow melee enemies that are still trying to walk towards you. I was quite disappointed when I saw the actual skill effects, thought enemies would stay in the middle.
  10. Lol, so as a wizard I can grab the dual wield talent and use Deleterious Alarcrity of Motion for 70% attack speed increase, that sounds wierd but ok, gonna test if I hit 0 recovery with that.
  11. Interesting, never knew Deleterious Alarcrity of Motion affected spell recovery duration, sounds like a powerful tool I missed, thanks for the info.
  12. Yea cloak of frozen hunt is 6 + 2per enchant on chest, if this armor works the way i think it works, it should be 15 + 4per from cloak, 11 accuracy difference, pretty huge for me consider it removes all miss possibilities for my paralyzed effect on the 140 will dragon.
  13. Ok, thanks, guess I have to kill him this time then, only killed him once for experiment but didn't pay attention to his loot besides steadfast, that chest should give me enough accuracy to have 0 miss with paralyze scroll on the 140 will dragon.
  14. Where did you get this + 15 accuracy to beast chest armor? That sounds like exactly the kind of armor I'd use, but I totally missed it in my own playthrough.
  15. I get pretty annoyed with the fact that chanter's offensive invocations (damage/paralyze/charm) all doesn't have an accuracy bonus like the rest of the spell casters, so their accuracy will always be 10/15 points lower end game, unless one of the enemies' stat is really low, I guess their higher base accuracy compensates for that, but it's probably better to priortize buff inovations and summon invocationss. Now that i think about it, paralysis scroll's +15 accuracy paralyze sounds simply better than the paralyze invocation.
  16. Update #14 Light House ghosts at level 7. First floor http://imgur.com/a/OWZCt Second floor http://imgur.com/a/b7Yjg Make sure there is no space between you and wall and your own shades, so shadows can't fit in, I forgot to equip ring of bartender here, so the damage should be higher. Figurine Bulwark of the Elements Ironskin Infused with Vital Essence Chill Fog Eldritch Aim Chill Fog Fireball Fireball Fireball Can loot the +3 perception cloak after this, and I personally choose to finish the quest by talking to the pirate girl in Brackenbarry inn instead of fighting the banshee. Talents here are Fast Runner, Ghost Hunter and Scion of Flame, don't really need to respec from level 1 to level 7, should respec after this to learn Tentacles and/or Concussive Missles ontop of Ironskin and Minor Arcane Reflection, or ditch Ironskin. There aren't many ghosts left in Act II, so ghost hunter isn't needed anymore, may need to respec Arcane Veil to do the Valian Trading Company quest, pop Arcane Veil and use soulbound sceptre's per encounter stun immediately on Mestre Verzano before he fires his pistol, then summon figurine, buff up and finish with staff. Then with the invitation to Domenel House from Danna, one can finish up the Domenel quest chain to get the +0.3 crit multplier talent. During the fight with the Priest in the Crucible Keep, pull him into corner with Crackling Bolt, or just stun him on spot with soulbound sceptre, and summon tentacles or melee him down, Minor Arcane Reflection will reflect all his single target spells and you can run out of his average speed aoe ones, mostly his Pillar of Holy Fire I think.
  17. Update #13 Phantoms of Caed Nua at level 5 http://imgur.com/a/80Kta Pretty easy at level 5, don't even need Fan of Flame scrolls or food anymore, 2 Fireballs will do the job. Maerwald fight strategy is the same as the previous version, but with tier 3 spell Deleterious Alarcrity of Motion this time, Chill Fog to root the blights, cast more than one if needed, and avoid Maerwald's Corrosive Siphon. After Maerwald, discover as many zones/rooms as you can, disarm every trap, pick every lock, and do the quests that doesn't involve fighting in Defiance Bay, there should be more than enough exp to hit level 6. Get the 2 figurines in Defiance Bay and buy the +2 dex belt from the vendor in Ondra's Gift. Easy exp: Talk to the ghost in First Fires. The Dozens first quest. Soulbound sceptre quest Learning the location of the girl for Crucible Knight first quest Rain Blights in the Light House - Figurine + Chill Fog Getting Boots of Speed at level 6. http://imgur.com/a/iQUqf Probably better to come here with 10 mechanics instead of 9 shown in the screenshots, saves some lockpicks and can get all the exp from disarming without having to come back again. The xaurips are really vulnerable to Chill fog, but the beetles are very tanky, probably need to summon 2 sets of figurine, can melee with staff at the end. In the dungeon, Pull with Rolling Flame, let the three shades each go after one of the Skaen Cultist, cast Fleet Feet and run to the door, should work every time, then loot the trapped box on day 9. With Boots of Speed, one can fully upgrade the soulbound sceptre in black meadow by attacking the forest trolls, run away and reset combat when they are dying, takes a while but it's worth it.
  18. Yea, I did almost every single fight with the figurine to make things as clean as possible, probably wasn't neccesary, and probably because I decided to ditch the Arcane Veil level 2 start and went for Fast Runner instead, bought the figurine for 6k currency before the bandit quest. The figurine is obtainable right after one arrives in town, before any fight, with rank 2 stealth, just loot around secret stashes in every zone, as well as going into raedric's hold and loot the currency in the tomb room without monsters, there are fine weapons scattered around, a 2handed sword by the adra pillar in magran's fork, a warbow in southern black meadow, a fine wand by the two lurkers, and a fine crossbow in anslog's compass. Noteļ¼š #1 Turn on half speed when looting the stash by the 2 lurkers from north, then head right back up so one doesn't get detected, or just run away. #2 Do not go into the bridge zone from the north, there will be a xaurip that paralyze immediately as one zones in, instead, after learning it's location, travel from gilded vale or anslog's compass, one will arrive on the left side of the zone. Act 1 items Torc of the Falcon Eye +2 per Stealth and loot the secret stash in graveyard of esternwood on day 6 or 13. Ring of Overseering +10% aoe radius Valewood wolves stash on day 19. Gauntlet of accuracy +5 accuracy Raedric's Hold roof stash on day 9. Hermit's hat +2 int Quest in bridge zone. Boots of stealth +2 stealth Raedric's Hold ladder chest on day 17. Gloves of manipulation + 2 mechanic Raedric's hold chest by bed on day 2 or 5. Black Cat Osrya's room in Raedric's Hold. My current talents are Fast Runner and Ghost Hunter, may change as I go, playing this at early levels is a bit dull because one has to rest very often, almost after every single fight, it gets better later on though.
  19. Update #12 Bear cave at level 4, probably doable at level 3, pretty easy once figurine is obtained. https://imgur.com/a/PLjMn Temple of Eothas final fight at level 4. https://imgur.com/a/qGSd8 This one is trickier, have to position the animat close to the stairs so the lesser ooze doesn't directly spit at you while you are casting the second Chill Fog, and have to stay a healthy distance away from the shadow so it can't teleport, after the ghosts are dead can reposition the animat so the last lesser ooze walk into the Chill Fog, position the Chill Fog carefully so when you go into melee you don't get hit by it. Can also run away after killing the ghosts and reset combat, come back after resting.
  20. That sounds like a good idea too, although I hate losing per, but that extra movement speed might be worth.
  21. Don't have any sugar either, but camping sounds like a good idea, I totally forgot about that one, thought camping is only for accuracy bonus, thanks for reminding me.
  22. I found one egg in my last play through but can't seem to find any in my new one, the innkeeper doesn't sell any, is there a fixed location for an egg in one of the containers or on NPCs? I'm trying to test if I can run out of Maerwald's initial fireball in time with fast runner talent and farmer's spread food but I can't find any eggs lol.
  23. Update #11 A simple method to do the bandit quest at level 3 that seems to work everytime...just need to wait for a while. (troll pulling, no damage taken) Can also kill the bandit patrol without using figurine like me if one learned Arcane Veil at level 2, cast Chill Fog, Arcane Veil, start combat, Spirit Shield, Wizard's Double, Infused with Vital Essence, Staff, or Arcane veil, start combat, Spirit Shield, WIzard's Double, Infused with Vital Essence, Staff, Eldritch Aim. http://imgur.com/a/haJNf Entry to Raedric's Hold http://imgur.com/a/G3Ybg I used 3 Chill fog here because I was 1 spell charge short, after this fight, one can kill the ooze with the help of animat and loot the +5 accuracy gloves and a fan of flame scroll on the roof on day on day 9, as well as +2 stealth boots, in the trapped chest by the ladder on day 17, and gloves of manipulation in the chest by bed on day 2. In order to get the maximum exp here, one should have 6 ranks in mechanic at level 3, then sleep at inn for 7 mechanic, or wait for level 4, this gives exp for opening 2x level 7 doors, and with gloves of manipulation one can open the level 9 door in temple of eothas for more exp.
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