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  1. This guide is not updated with the current patch, but before the patch with lvl 4 blessings and potd non upscaled content, the three 3 wraiths before oderisi simply had 0 chance to hit me, so despite low damage and health it was still very safe, goldpact knight mark giving 4 armor also helped me a lot, however I'm not sure if that's still the case, and I know the cats near aloth could be stealthed past completely, not sure if it's still doable post patch tho, haven't played recently. Looking through the patch notes, the patches didn't change too much to this build defenses wise, nerfed some deflection, but I wasn't using Gipon chest piece, so should still be able to hit the deflection cap either way, however the global + 2 armor made it so that I either have to switch to a crushing damage weapon and lose 10 global defenses for the final boss or stuck with 50% damage, I'll probably update this guide later with the dlc.
  2. I think Kaylon is right about how enemy's intelligence factors into the calculation, when I hit myself with chill fog the blind was like half the duration, and I think when I got hit by xaurip paralyze is was like 1/3 or 1/4, can't remember exactly, but yea, it never reached 0.
  3. No I don't think it's possible, I tried a pure wizard build using the idea, had like 51% from resolve, 15% from naga amulet and 35% from the ring, and it did not remove all hostile effects, it was only reducing by around half actually, I'm not sure if it's a bug or intended.
  4. If I remember well they can be bought from the bonus merchant... I think that one is a cloak, but need someone else to confirm it.
  5. Oh and don't bother CCing anything, or at least not on fights where it really matters because enemies have crazy defenses and you'll have very poor accuracy, besides most CC skills have pretty long recovery and cast time it's usually not worth using, and unlike previous game, bosses in poe 2 are almost all immune to hard CC effects.
  6. It's possible, because one of cipher's spells give 20 all defenses, in fact, inthe build I'm working on, I should have 210 deflection on inquisitor at level 20, with casita legacy chest and the athletics shield. I know you can get 200+ deflection with that op large shield, but just based on the gear OP post, i'm not sure if 160 is reachable tho. You get 20+57+21 = 98 basic deflection, 20 from borrowed instinct, you need another 42 deflections from gears. Edit: So I checked that Gipon armor, it gives u up to 20 deflections ouch Edit 2: man it's just so easy to stack deflection in deadfire. Correct me if I am wrong but from what I have read yesterday on that armor it gives Deflection only vs Disengaging Attacks, not flat Deflection vs everything. It's the enchant of the armor, not the default stats, it gives 2 deflection and 4 reflex every time you are hit in combat, stacks 10 times, but I believe it's currently bugged atm because when I tried it on the final boss I got over 300 deflection and reflex in the middle of the fight.
  7. When multiclassing wizard I'd say it's more about the buffs, because when comparing raw damage from spells it's simply way weaker in comparison to power level boosted tier 9s. in fact despite I'm the person who made this guide I don't recommand going multiclass wizard at all right now, because in terms of raw damage pure wizard is better and for multiclass other classes are better, there are many sources of deflection buffs in the game and you don't really need wizard's double to hit the untouchable 211 deflection line, (final boss has an attack that has 146 accuracy, in order to be untouchable you need a hatchet and 211 deflection fully buffed) , however wizard does have spell reflect, which is something other classes don't have, but I don't think it's worth it. As for the comparison between herald and arcane knight, I'm pretty sure herald is better, because chanter has unlimited resources and is pretty much immortal, while arcane knight's resources drain out eventually, although it takes very long, but using the very same attribute and item setup I would say chanter version is stronger, but like I mentioned earlier I'm currently exploring soulblade + goldpact, a build I believe that can reach untouchable status in all defenses except fortitude, and have higher single target dps than this build due to infinite buff length and accuracy/damage bonuses.
  8. Also, does Bracers of Greater Deflection (Hands) +7 deflection even exist in the game? Because the best pair I found for myself was a pair of gloves that adds 2 athletics which convert to 1 damned deflection, if so, where is it located?
  9. It's possible, because one of cipher's spells give 20 all defenses, in fact, inthe build I'm working on, I should have 210 deflection on inquisitor at level 20, with casita legacy chest and the athletics shield.
  10. Don't know about the logs, but when you look at the penetration on the character screen there's no bonus from the effigy. Personally I experienced no bug with Gipon Prudensco - it stops at 10 stacks... I'm curious however if Entonia Signet works for you. Entonia signet works for me but only during combat of course, and where do you even get Gipon Prudensco? I had to add it with console since asking for it's location in the unique thread didn't help.
  11. Devil of caroc effigy works on weapon attacks but not for spells, the penetration shows up in combat log but doesn't explain the source. and Gipon Prudensco is currently bugged atm I think? The bonus stacks infinitely and I was getting over 300 defenses when I tried it.
  12. The spell damage is actually very bad compare to a pure wizard evoker stacking fire power levels, like, you can't even compare the two, meteor shower has ridiculous base damage and scale off both might and int, those type of wizards can probably 1 shot the final boss with empowered meteor shower or concelhaut's crushing doom since boss has low deflection, while this build's ninagauth pillars are only good for killing low level trash, this build was just an attempt of me to try the tanking concept, now that I look back wizard is probably not the best class for this setup, I'm currently working on a soul blade cipher/paladin build next using the same ideas which I think might be better than this build. As for your next question, I don't think lowering dex is worth it because you lose reflex and a lot of the final boss's attacks targets reflex, dropping resolve is okayish since theres source of deflection like the intimidate chest, but I still don't recommand it since I consider might a dump stat. In conclusion, if you like casting powerful spells then you are better off playing a pure wizard, this build is sadly very boring when it comes to fighting the tough bosses.
  13. Yea, armor aura's 1 armor bonus is quite pathetic anyway, I only use the aura for it's life regen, and when full hp, switching to the accuracy aura is not a bad idea.
  14. I chose goldpact because I don't use flames of devotion personally, since this is not a chanter build, the zeal resources are limited, can't really spam flames of devotion, and the bonus armor from goldpact makes early game a lot easier, it's actually very helpful late game too, since the armor bonus stacks with stoic steel, making it unnecessary to use ironskin wizard spell.
  15. Do those stack when safeguard procs? since, wizards double does not stack with Llengrath's displaced image Yes they stack, safeguard adds "all defenses", the wording is different from displaced image's "deflection", mirror image stacks with safeguard too but it's usually not needed for this build, the combo helped me a lot when I was playing pure wizard though.
  16. As armor you could use The Giftbearer's Cloth and put all points into history skill for a big boost to will/reflex/fortitude defenses. Yea that combo is a pretty good idea, it's just a shame that Gipon Prudensco is currently broken atm, else my original idea was to equip that chest, be immune to flanking effects and then hit myself with minor missles to get the 20 deflection and 40 reflect bonus, nothing that target deflection or reflex would ever hit me.
  17. Wait for meteor shower nerfs. Seriously tho, Idk why the game is so biased towards meteor shower, it's already a top tier op skill, then there are weapons that give 5 fire power levels and a pet that gives 1, and then a ring that gives 10 fire accuracy like wtf. I tried making the missile tier 9 useful when I was playing pure wizard but after some comparison I was like why even bother. Not to mention the skill scales damage off both int and might, which is usually a trait for transmutation skills like chill fog and ninagauth's freezing pillar, most other evoke spells only scales off might.
  18. Yes wizard's double gets removed by other types, but this build also has crazy high reflex and will, so reflex and will targeting attacks usually miss as well, it doesn't get removed by fear auras though. Usually wizard's double do the job, when it doesn't theres llengrath's displaced image and safeguard, which adds up to 45 deflection anyway, but my personal experience is that you'll rarely get low enough to trigger safeguard. Enemy casters' single target fortitude targeting spells are reflected, and poison/disease related fortitude targeting spells don't do anything because paladin immune skill, pull skills usually target fortitude but theres a belt that counters it, so in the end the skills that usually break my wizard's double are fighters' knock down and monster fortitude targeting direct damage skills, AoE dot skills won't break the double even if it lands. Arcane veil is decent but it's duration is too short for my taste, since the dps of the build is rather mediocre, wizard's double last the entire fight if nobody breaks it, in the final boss video I had it up for the last 2 phases, I forgot if I recasted it once or not, and you can see that most of the reflex skills missed on me.
  19. The answer to the question in the title is, you dodge every deflection targeting attack in the game, including ones from the final boss. I have always been a fan of wizard in rpg games, I initially started with a pure wizard but got stuck on the final boss due to the fact that I invested heavily in defense but ended up defense and damage both being mediocre, 3 meteor showers wasn't enough to carry me through the boss's phases despite meteor shower being crazy op, and I didn't want to use arcana scrolls, so I decided to reroll arcane knight for the 21 bonus defenses as well as passive/active healing. The core idea of this build is to build around the tier 1 wizard spell, wizard's double, it offers 40 deflection, highest among all the deflection buffs in the game, with a huge downside, it's gone if you are hit, even just a graze, but that downside is nonexistent if you never get hit, which is possible in this game by achieving 75 points higher defense score than enemie's accuracy score. A build using the same items and stats but as paladin/chanter probably works also, trading some deflection for 2 healing auras. Or a riposite build with trickster rogue and paladin, would do more damage and dodge all reflex attacks but won't have the spell reflect, I actually want to do a trickster/paladin build now hmm. Final boss video for those that want to see the build in action first: "https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KXj6xAVOoNs&feature=youtu.be (anyone knows how to do the spoiler thing in text?) Character creation stats: Wizard: No subclass Paladin: Goldpact Race: Wild Orlan MIG: 2 CON: 3 DEX: 18 PER: 20 INT: 15 RES: 20 Low might: might in pillars 2 is nowhere as useful compare to previous game, due to the armor mechanics changes, and the fact that the damage bonus is additive with legendary weapon enchant and other damage+ modfiers. Low con: high life pool is useless if you never get hit. High resolve: it gives deflection, will, and reduces dot duration, every point of deflection that brings me closer to the untouchable line is worth it. High perception: accuracy is a very useful stat, but lot harder to get in this game compare to previous game, I really value accuracy, reflex is also very important. High dex: mostly for the reflex, but action speed is good dps boost. Rest into int: the duration will increase the duration of buffs and total damage of spells like chill dog and ninagauth's freezing pillar, and meteor shower if you feel like using scrolls, can trade this stat for might but I personally wanted high will ontop of everything I already have, since my fortitude stat is beyond saving. Blood pool: Eder Talents: I mostly focus on buffs on wizard side because the amount of the accuracy you can get is pretty low in this game. tier 1: wizard's double, chill dog tier 2: infused life essence tier 3: llengrath's displaced image tier 4: minor arcane reflection tier 5: llengrath's safeguard tier 6: ninagauth's freezing pillar tier 7: citzal's martial power paladin side: deep faith brand enemy weapon and shield style exalted endurance greater lay on hand clear head snake's reflex righteous soul practiced healer improved critical bull's will bear's fortitude stoic steel divine purpose Items: weapon: I used gladiator sword for the majority of my game, only switched to acolyte's frostbite hatchet for final boss for the weapon mastery skill. shield: cadhu scalth, very powerful shield that gives a lot of deflection and damage reduction, the interaction when retreiving the second quest item for this shield is currently bugged, you need a second member in your team to trigger it. armor: I wanted to use Gipon Prudensco because of it's crazy good enchant and it's interaction with miloletta's minor missles, sadly, after testing it with console I noticed that the enchant is completely broken and the item is probably not in the game atm, so I ended up using devil's caroc armor, there may be better choices out there. another option is the intimidate chest that gives deflection grimoire: grimoire of vaporous wizardry, none of the unique spells stood out too much for this build, so going for extra casts is not a bad idea. helm: rekvu's fractured casque, to counter grimoire's downsides and fighter knock downs in general, since we always get hit due to low fortitude. rings: entonia signet ring, very good ring that gives all defenses including deflection, the other ring I used ring of minor deflection but can be replaced. amulet: + 2 resolve from early drake bounty gloves: 1 dex 1 athletics / 10% mêlée action speed 1dex / 2 might 2 intimidate pet: I added Lil'babes from console for +1 dex and + 3 melee deflection for the final boss, I personally don't know where to get this cat, the pet seller in nekataka sells a dog that gives 20 life on kill and 3 melee deflection that worked really well for me early to mid game. Spoilers below Early game: If you started at level 4 then everything will be a breeze, gold pact sworn enemy adds 4 armor which is huge ontop of medium armor, which often reduces damage by 75%, the hardest fight for most solo builds should be the 3 wraith before oderisi, but with gladiator sword and large shield and proper talents the wraiths have 0 chance to hit, after that you can do a lot of easy quests in nekataka for exp. Mid game: At level 10 you can board beggar's ship and get a principi flag to do the fort deadlight quest chain, arkamyr's manor is also good source of exp. At lvl 11-12 you should have no trouble boarding 1 star ships, since they won't hit you much with llengrath's displaced image and large shield mastery ability on, go in a corner activate large shield active then just cast chill fog and auto, and because solo player exp bonus you'll quickly outscale your opponents, some fights will take longer than usual, like the giant bounty that has self regen, but they should still die in the end. Late game: Most fights should be really easy, Ninagauth pillars clear trash pretty quickly, probably want a gaze immune shield for the famyr cave though, the only fight that almost got me was the ancient lich, because of the reduced healing debuff, but he died anyway. Video for final boss. That should be it for now, might update later, overall I think the game's balance needs a lot of work, I really wish game's path of the damned difficulty got to the point where you need at least 3 members to beat. so I can actually think about class interactions, roles of tank, dps and healer and all that, or bring story companions and actually enjoy the story, as a hardcore gamer I really can't play with multiple characters knowing others have beaten the game with one, my pride disallows it. A game I played earlier called Tower of Time got the difficulty part somewhat right in comparison, if you ignore the crafting.
  20. I'll sacrifice anyone in my pursuit for power, I killed both archmages and gave the souls to woedica after all, but she hasn't gave me anything back yet pfft, I thought at the end of poe 1 the game told me that woedica would never forget a favor.
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