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  1. Hi, I'm here to provide some of my opinions. 1. The team comp would work, as you can probably solo most of the content with the paladin, or the wizard, although a priest will probably provide a lot more for the team compare to the chanter with the crazy +accuracy + resolve + deflection buffs. 2. Personally I build the cipher with 3 con and 3 resolve, 15 might, 18 dex, 18 int, 18 per, wood elf race + 1 dex + 1 per, and white that wned + 1 per. per> int/dex > might, might isn't as useful because you get 40% inc damage just from being a cipher, another 15% from sneak attack, if you are using legendary weapon that's another 55%, and slaying enchant 25%, and the +25% damage talents, i think these are all additive, so 9% from 3 might isn't gonna be that huge of a deal, besides you start with focus so you'll be casting mostly anyway. Talent wise I'd go weapon mastery, 33% focus gain, +10 bonus starting focus, 20% bonus damage, marksman, sneak attack, rest can be whatever, +25% damage to monster bloody slaughter etc. Weapon wise I'd just use warbow right off the bat, there is a fine warbow on a corpse in southern black meadow, can stealth to get it right away, once u get to act 2 can buy borresaine,can upgrade to the rain of godagh field in bounty as a final upgrade, or stick with borresaine for the stun, I personally used rain back then when I played a cipher, I heard golden gaze fully enchanted can do a decent amount of damage for focus generating too, as it fires 2 projectiles. Power wise, it's pretty dull, some are just straight up better than the others, and high level spells cost too much focus. level 1 whisper of treason, it became a fast cast with 7m range, very effective in parties mind wave I like to have a ranger in party for this, have a boar blocking the doorway alongside with my tank, and cipher can mindwave boar to knockdown everything on the other side, it's fast cast too. level 2 mental binding bread and butter, very long duration paralyze that targets will, will probably be spamming this for the majority of the game. level 3 ectopsychic echo pretty good damage when you don't need CC from the cipher puppet master instant cast dominate, but 5 m range compare to whisper's 7m range, early on i'd say whisper of treason is better because of the 10 focus vs 30 focus gap, later on things may change. level 4 silent scream decent aoe raw damage with stun, use this when enemies are immune to paralyze, a lot of enemies are immune to paralyze actually. level 5 never tried the new detonate, but skills at this level seem to cost too much focus already level 6 amplified wave one used to be able to cast this with 35 focus right as the combat start knocking down everything, have to get at least 1 auto attack off now even at max level, should still be worth it. Skill wise I personally went with full stealth when I played with a party, tank run in and tank, while my squishies stayed in stealth, and cast CC in stealth, can go full survival though, at 10 survival it's like 15 bonus accuracy to a type of monster. or some in each.
  2. that's some legit damage by kaylon's barb, reminds me of minor blights + blast combo, except this version has larger aoe and higher damage.
  3. I think i found 2 bugs in 3.03. One being the canoneers in the last fight in the intro to white march, the cannoneers beside darzir sneaked attacked and ignored my bonus deflection from arcane veil in my solo wizard attempt, hitting directly onto my base deflection. The 2nd one is when i use slicken and then use call to slumber, the enemies would have the debuff of unconcious but are able to walk freely.
  4. I've been working on a wizard solo play through as wizard is my favourite class in this game. Other classes felt quite underwhelming in comparison to the amazing amount of spells and different ways to play a wizard can offer. Solo also makes some of the "bad" skills in 6 man party suddenly good, I find this really appealing. Seeing others' solo build posts made me want to make one of my own, I'm here to share my build and some of the tricks I've found, as playing alone can feel quite lonely. Before I started my own run, I tried looking for tips and tricks, I came across this ancient guide by gochargers2156 https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/78467-class-build-wizard-solo-potd/ and it gave me a general idea of how he completed his run, I also managed to find some 3.03 end game boss kills videos including Sky dragon, Adra dragon and Concelhaut by Tony Skoviak. His approach is similar, building as tanky as a wizard possibly can and face tank the bosses with plate armor and high deflection. (My own boss kill combat log and strategy are in comments) I wasn't too interested in this super tank approach as I was used to playing a pure glass wizard in my older 6 man party runs. So I used my old glass build and wanted to see how far I could go with it and turned out to be better than I expected. Race Wood elf, I hesitated when I first picked this race for solo, but it turns out to the best race, accuracy is king. Stat The white that wends - Drifter MIG 18 CON 3 DEX 16 PER 20 INT 18 RES 3 Stat spread fits the name, glass. I value perception more than the other stats, as it's basically hit chance and crit chance, and I like it when hits are consistant, no grazes or misses. Crits also help one break through enemy high DR, especially with Domenel faction talent and the act 3 talent boosting crit multplier to 1.9. Another overlooked aspect of perception is interrupt, with +4 per cloak and +3 per from resting and +2 per from Hylea and birds quest, the interrupt value should be quite high. If one's attack accuracy is 15 points higher than enemy defense, it will never miss. If one's attack accuacy is 35 points higher than enemy defense, it will never graze or miss. If one's attack accuracy is 100 points higher than enemy defense, it will 100% crit, this happens very often when using reflex targeting skills on paralyzed/unconcious/petrified/hobbled enemies. If one's Defense is 85 points higher than an enemy's attack accuracy, enemy will always miss. If one's Deflection is 50 points higher than an enemy's ranged deflection targeting attack accuracy wearing Aila Braccia, enemy will always miss or hit themselves. Despite the 3 resolve, wizards can achieve insane amount of deflection with Arcane Veil and Wizard's Double, 115 deflection bonus just from spells, or WIzard's Double + Llengrath spell for 80 deflection bonus that lasts longer, the buffs along with Aila Braccia/Little Savior, allows one to cast spells freely without having to worry about being interrupted in some situations while avoiding all deflection targeting hits. The core idea of this build, is to CC enemies with high accuracy so that they cannot retaliate, then use reflex targeting strong aoe spells to finish them off while they are paralyzed/unconcious/petrified, because these debuffs reduces reflex stat dramatically, the reflex targeting spells will almost always crit. Chain stunning with Cladhaliath is another strat when fighting single target foes. So far I feels like I'd rather spend points into dex than con, as faster actions means enemies die faster and I take less damage. Skills wise I've spent my points evenly into mechanics and stealth, mechanics to open doors/traps for extra exp, detect hidden items, stealth to avoid certain tough encounters so you can come back later or to position yourself in a better location before fights. *** SURVIVAL ACCURACY BONUS DOESN'T WORK WITH SPELLS.*** I was wondering why my accuracy wasn't as high as I expected, did not realize this until upscaled Thaos attempt and posting a bug though, so forget about survival in most cases, really confusing wording on survival. Survival is useful in fights where I go into melee, quite useful in the final Upscaled Thaos fight where I melee the two Vessels down. Lore is very good, at 8 lore one can use paralyze scrolls, +15 accuracy and targets will, very useful when fighting low will, high fortitude enemies that are immune to Call to slumber, like Adra Dragon, Sky Dragon, Undead Raedric, Eyeless, Tentacles and Woedica's Headsman, It's also got an insane 20m range, can land it before enemies get anywhere close, at lore 10 one can use maelstrom scrolls, for when some extra damage is needed. Talents early on Arcane Veil Hardened Veil Secrets of Rime Gallant's Focus Talents at level 16 Gallant's Focus Secrets of Rime Scion of Flame Heart of the Storm Bonus 4th Level Spell Fast Runner Interrupting Blows Sanctifier/Beast slayer/etc Talents can be swaped around for different fights. For example, secrets of rime, interrupting blows, bonus 4th level spell, faster runner, can be swaped with sword and shield style, superior deflection, Arcane Veil, Hardened Veil, during Alpine dragon fight because it's immune to cold damage, and I need the deflection to make sure the blights can zone the dragon for me while missing me completely with their attacks. Item choices #1 Boots of Speed This is the core item for this build, earliest you can get this is right after Maerwald. Strategy to get this early at level 6 is in comments. The +4 dex +3 lore boots is useful for fights like Alpine dragon where I don't move much. #2 Gauntlets of Accuracy I favour accuracy over the other stats, so this one is the top pick, earliest one you can get is in Raedric's Hold, one is in roof stash on day 9. #3 Cloak +3 per cloak, Upgrades into +4 per cloak, and +6 accuracy to beast for dragon slaying. #4 Belt +2 dex, or +3 might, or +1 dex + 15 trap accuracy -1 weapon switch recovery.There is also the + interrupt belt, not that useful though. #5 Helmet + 2 int, + 3 int, +3 might, then +4 might, The anti stuck stag helm useful when fighting kith rangers to avoid getting binding rooted for 30 seconds. #6 Chest Any enchanted clothing is fine, usually + 2 dex, or +2 per for dragons, the +2 lore one can be useful if I wanna do 8 lore + 16 survival while keeping ms boots. Heard there is a +15 accuracy to beast chest by killing the commander of iron flail fort, i'm restarting a run to see this for myself, if it works the way i think it works, 15 + 4 would have 11 extra accuracy compare to 6 + 2, would be quite helpful on some dragon fights to ensure 100% graze + or 100% hit +. #7 Rings Bartender's ring, +20% damage to vessels and spirits Amazing ring. +9 deflection from the hidden stash outside spider cave in dyrwood crossing(fixed loot) 10% area of effect radius +3 dex ring +4 int ring + level 3 spell ring + level 4 spell ring Weapons Early game hatchet and small shield will do for one set, and a ranged weapon in the other. Soulbound Sceptre - Very useful per encounter will target stun with +20 accuracy bonus, I slicken into this stun when fighting single eyeless to start off combat, very useful to prolong CC on low will enemies because it's per encounter and very accurate, you can upgrade this by hitting the forest troll and reset in black meadow with Boots of Speed. Steadfast - Terrify immune, make sure to leave some trash early on to upgrade this, the last stage can be upgraded with Citzal's Martial Power. Forgotten tear of the beloved - allows one to cast charm/dominate immume, useful when fighting mind control enemies. Fellstroke - This pistol gives +2 stealth, stacking ontop of the +2 stealth from helmet, I had 16 stealth and sneaked through the entire iron flail fort, almost got caught though, it's probably a lot safer with 18 stealth or so. Godansthunyr - Dual wield along with Steadfast when fighting dragons for the might bonus. (Llengrath fight only, need Forgotten tear for Adra and Aila Braccia for Alpine) Also good for Concelhaut and other enemies that causes frighten/terrify effects. Aila Braccia - Useful when doing bounties and during Alpine dragon fight, with Arcane veil/Wizard's double and other items/talents, you get 30 seconds of insane deflection, reflecting/avoiding pretty much all Ranged attacks aimed at you, mostly used to deflect the 15m range sunlances during bounties and the ooze spit/spectre stun during Alpine dragon. Having high deflection also makes ranged kith enemies in bounties unlikely to target you in general, and instead target the figurine creature. Little Savior - For when one wants to get 100% avoidance on melee as well as ranged. Abydon's hammer - Really good might bonus and a decent per encounter long duration fortitude targeting aoe stun, the vessel only prone on hit for some reason is currently working on all enemies. Cladhaliath - I used this one to stunlock upscaled Thaos. Strategy is in comments. Spell choices Level 1 *Chill fog* - This is the bread and butter, good damage with high might/int, causes blind, reduces accuracy, deflection and reflex, making other skills and attacks much easier to land, can stack for tough encounters early, at level 9 you can mastery it and stack like 7 before you start any fight, mostly to clear trash, not as useful on bosses. Concelhaut's Parasitic Staff - Despite being a wood elf, I actually use this a lot early on, the weapon has surprisingly high damage, higher than regular quarterstaffs it seems, and comes with leech, the early few levels usually involves chill fog + staff + arcane veil to kill some tougher mobs, it's also my main source of damage fighting Maerwald, useful until spirit lance is learned. *Eldritch Aim* - Good to cast before CC. Slicken - Good starter spell on stationary Spores, Eyeless, and Kraken/Tentacle, as well as any other low reflex enemies, or high reflex enemies that got all reflex debuffed down, currently bugged atm when trying to connect it with paralyze and petrified though. Fleet Feet - I use this to kite trolls into bandits for the smith shipment quest. Thanks to Dr <3 I found that Wizard's Double actually stacks with Arcane Veil, resulting in a funny 115 deflection bonus just from buffs, very funny. I was at 210 + deflection with 3 resolve at level 16, this kind of deflection is probably enough to make all ranged deflection targeting attacks gets reflected back with Aila braccia, and most, or all melee attacks will miss, depending on the monster type, Buying a lot of time, wizards can probably achieve the highest deflection stat in the game, not even fighters or paladins can get this high. Level 2 Infuse with Vital Essence- Useful early, useless later. Bulwark Against the Elements - This spell along with other dr items makes you exteremely tanky to oozes early, very useful in Maerwald fight and lighthouse ghost fights as well. Concelhaut's Corrosive Siphon - Very effective at fighting blights, mostly the blights during Maerwald's fight, and brings some endurance back, not very useful beyond that because most enemies' fortitude are quite high, short range average cast speed and later u get better aoe. *Rolling Flame*- Pretty useful early on, not for the damage, but for pulling enemies from insane range. "Binding web" - Very useful to cast along with Chill fog before starting combat, can stack like 7 then start the combat with crackling bolt, enemies will all become stuck, I use this method during Concelhaut fight and kith bounties. Level 3 *Crackling bolt* - Surprisingly fast, and surprisingly effective, thanks to it's long range you can snipe enemies from range they simply cannot retaliate. I use this to snipe druids, wizards, archers, tree women, animats, low endurance eneminies in general, you can often get 2 casts off before they get close, run further away with boots of speed and keep sniping. Fireball - Very fast fire aoe spell, good for fighting enemies grouped under your Chill Fog, I spam this on large zombie packs or large ghost packs, or when I need damage and the situation isn't good for Crackling Bolt. Deleterious Alarcrity of Motion - +50% attack speed and 2 ms, will make your auto attacks with staff/spirit lance go a lot faster. Heard this spell reduces spellcasting recovery too, I didn't know when I played, would be a great spell to cast before unleashing combos. Level 4 Minor Arcane Reflection - I find this very useful against enemy casters, mostly priests' single target spells, and wizard's paralyze, especially during the leaden key attacks where they use it almost immediately. Maura's Writhing Tentacle - Very useful early on fighting single dargul, lurker and troll, basically you run some distance with boots of speed and cast the spell, despite the cast speed being slow it should pop before they get to you, they stuck on hit, doing decent damage, with some arcane assaults and weapon attacks they should go down, useless later. Minoletta's Concussive Missles - This will one shot skeleton wizards/archers and some kith casters, can be used for hit and run style, pop arcane veil cast this in stealth and run out with boots of speed, useless later. ***Shadowflame*** "OPAF" Level 5 Malignant Cloud - Upgraded version of chill fog, still targets fortitude which kinda sucks but the damage is raw, ignoring DR, very powerful, a few stacks of this will rip things apart, sadly a lot of the stronger foes are immune to poison, not as useful end game. Citzal's Spirit Lance - 29-44 damage, +20% attack speed, extra reach, built in blast and bloody + 27 accuracy. Good weapon mid game, useless later when you have stronger aoe spells. **Call to Slumber** - This is probably the best spell to use on drakes, or any enemy with high deflection fortitude, and reflex but low will, good cc duration and strong debuff, downside is that a lot of the stronger enemies are immune to unconcious. Ninagauth's Bitter Mooring - I don't use this very often but it's good when I do use it. Torrent of Flame - Good for when you need fast damage and enemies are paralyzed/unconcious. Level 6 Arcane Reflection - Useful against higher level enemy casters. Gaze of the Adragan - Offers one of the strongest debuffs in the game. Alpine dragon have high resistance to prone, is immune to stun, paralyze, stuck and unconcious, but not this, although it's base fortitude stat isn't low. Citzal's Martial Power - Use this to upgrade steadfast, and the 20 accuracy bonus is huge, applies to items like Berath's kiss , paralysis scrolls and maelstrom scrolls. Minoletta's Precisely Piercing Burst - Very useful when fighting crowed controled enemies, amazing damage after enemies are paralyzed/unconcious/petrified, especially when enemies are immune to cold damage, like Concelhaut and Alpine Dragon. Level 7 **Delayed fireball" Very useful, can stack chill fog, then throw a delayed fireball and crackling bolt to pull, as you run back watch the landmine trigger, or cast it just out of combat starting range and then cast Call to Slumber, and watch it crit on unconcious enemies at the beginning of the fight. Concelhaut's Crushing Doom - Very useful on Tentacles/Kraken because their reflex and deflection are both low, also good in situations when one needs good single target damage. Substantial Phantom - The phantom runs extremely fast with +3 speed boots, can kite enemies very easily, as well as soak damage, proc the +4 int ring's daze trigger, lasts 30 seconds, only downside is that it takes longer to summon compare to using an adra beetle figurine. Level 8 **Freezing Rake** Fast cast +15 accuracy aoe spell that hits extremely hard, as well as applying 2 strong debuffs, weaken and hobbled, weakened reduces fortitude by 28 and will by 20, making shadowflame's paralyze much easier to land on end game bosses, hobbled reduces reflex stat, stacking ontop of paralyze/unconcious/petrified, increases the crit chance of reflex targeting spells further. Finally, how to play this build. Start the game selling everything on you including the ring, regents, armor, lock picks, weapons, the terrible gun, everything but an axe for Calisca, this should give you around 2900 coin right off the bat. During water skin fight, Calisca knockdown melee dude on the top and hold while wizard cast staff and kill the archer, and come back to kill the melee, equip Calisca with hide armor and wizard with bow, kill the next pack, then use chill fog on the last fight, I left the rogue by himself for extra exp, then reaches town, do main quest, go back and disarm traps in dungeon, should hit 3 before you head out. Early on do bandit quest and disarm every trap, unlock every door possible, sneak around maps for hidden stashes, sell everything, and you should hit 5k coin really early, buy the figurine, loot secret stashes, 10% aoe ring, +5 accuracy gloves and +2 per amulet can all be obtained on certain days, with the figurine you can easily do the bear cave, throwing Chill Fog and smack with staff behind the animat, I did Maerwald at level 4, sneak in Caed Nua hugging right wall, then you will encounter a wisp, kill it, and also kill the fire blight pack with Chill Fog. Phantom fight strategy in comments below. Sneak past all the spiders to Maerwald directly. Maerwald fight combat log and strategy is in comments. After Maerwald one can do simple quests for exp in Defiance Bay, getting Boots of Speed from Skaen temple. I hit level 11 in act 2 before any choices to upscale content, did all 3 bounties and pretty much all side quests. A few strategies I figured out that i find very useful for this play style #1 Stacking Chill Fog pre fight, then cast Rolling Flame from long range, because the ball is somewhat slow, by the time it hits you'll be able to position yourself and have no recovery pending, so you can either cast tentacles or summon 3 wood beatle/shades immediately circling the Chill Fog, or just fully buff up, I find this Rolling Flame strat very useful because it gives time to cast tentacle and gives time to cast buffs, or just simply allows you to avoid getting sniped by enemy ranged and instead let the figurine creatures take the hits. Later one can stack Chill Fog/Malignant Cloud and Binding Web, then Delayed Fireball, pull with Crackling Bolt to make this strategy even stronger. #2 Corner yourself against wall and summone 3 shades or 3 beetles to surround you, this way, shadows can't teleport to attack you because theres no room, and enemy smart AI kith melee enemies won't be able to reach you either. Enemy ranged can but you have Minor Arcane Reflection and Arcane Veil, can fully buff up yourself and drop Chill Fog pre pull, then stab enemies with Spirit Lance behind summoned creatures after fully buffed. I killed the light house ghosts and the cean gwla in Heritage Hill with this method, #3 Crackling Bolt long range snipe, the range on this spell is so high that you can outrange pretty much all enemies, usually killing them before they can get to you since you out run them with boots of speed. If the enemy is standing next to a wall then the first Crackling Bolt will also likely to bounce and hit a 2nd time. Mastery spells Chill Fog Binding Web Crackling Bolt Shadowflame General pull strategy Chill Fog x 7 Binding Web x 1 (Delayed Fireball) Cracking Bolt x 1 run (Figurine) Shadowflame x ? Arcane Assault x 2 or Binding Web x 7 Crackling Bolt x 1 run (Figurine) Eldritch Aim Shadowflame/Call to Slumber Freezing Rake Shadowflame Freezing Rake Sky Dragon and Adra Dragon combat log in comments, strategy is basically getting accuracy as high as possible, then use paralyze scroll, because both dragons have will as their weakest stat, it will 100% land, and then one can follow up with Freezing rake to weaken them, and then spam Freezing Rake/Shadowflame. Rest of the boss combat log/strategy are in comments as well.
  5. I thought about using rymrgand's mantle also, but i felt like i wasn't getting the leech when i tried with chill fog, so i looked it up, and wiki states that the endurance gain is from damage taken not damage dealt, not sure if it was working for you or if you missed it.
  6. I'm also doing a wizard solo play through, currently at the end of act 2, unable to decide whether to scale act 3 and white march or not, thinking about scaling act 3 then try scaled white march, kinda curious if you scaled or not.
  7. i suggest using warbows, as they don't need to reload and hit for a nice amount of damage, the best weapon for cipher imo is The Rain of Godagh Field, with durgan steel enchant and fire lash enchant, the attack speed bonus from the enchants on the weapon combined with tier 7 cipher spell result in literally NO recovery animation, only attack animations, i have no idea how the math worked but it seemed to me that 85% bonus attack speed gave me no recovery animation at all, guns have really long reload animation combined with recovery animation and attack animation making them rather inefficient, not to mention the accuracy penalty and less crit mutliplier, same with arblests and crossbows, the reload animation is simply too long, only ranger's swift aim can effectively reduce 50% of it, sureilla chant and gunner talents are nice but chanters suck and don't have many spare talents. for dragons tactical meld can be cast before combat start, and then priests can buff later for all target, i recommand 2 strategies, first one is debuff the dragons first with druid tier 6 venombloom, or debuffs from weapons on your teammates, and let your cipher cast tier 7 phase out spell , phase out the dragon, clean the adds, and then setup position and rekt the dragon after positioning and party fully buffed. another strat is cc the dragon with other classes and just spam amplified wave, the wave will knock down adds and make fight less chaotic, always hit the adds for focus generation early and spam spells, for dragon fights you'll prob only have 4 spells to choose from sadly, tactical meld at the start, then either phase out or amplified wave to control, when the situation is under control, can cast the attack speed tier 7 skills to make enemy slower and make you hit A LOT faster, and of course, generate focus faster. although ciphers can't spam cc like wizard, they actually do pretty good single target damage after buffs, and amplified wave's large radius really helps fighting large amount of enemies, for example when fighting alpine dragon, your cipher can either phase out the dragon or amplified wave to knockdown the ghosts and ice elementals/slime. and always aim for high accuracy, GM's perception stat is rather low sadly, 8 less perception compare to a custom cipher, ontop of the lack of woodelf racial, making her have 13 less accuracy compare to a custom cipher, the difference is huge, which makes levels rather important when fighting alpine dragon, should use the +2 perception enchant, +5 accuracy gloves, +3 per resting bonus, to reduce miss/graze chance, and of course the +25% focus gain amulet. cipher and wizard are my favourite two classes in the game, i strongly recommand you take both lol, as they are both very powerful.
  8. i did it at 14 path of the damned with monsters scaled, all ranged characters 20 perception from the start and all have +2 perception enchant or +3 per item, the golems have low dex so the ranger stuck was really effective, same goes for thaos, the hammer skill target deflection/reflect, which is something caster enemy lack, i'm assuming thaos was no different, it was my first time doing the fight and it was rather easy mode for me.
  9. i did thaos lvl 14 on 1 shot first time not taking any damage, maybe it was because i got a lucky cast off right off the start? basically as soon as the combat started my wizard casted consulhaut's doom hammer spell on thaos and he got knocked down and stayed that way until the combat end, i had a ranger that casted root skill on the top golem and it got stuck for 30 seconds not being able to do a thing, while the golem down used shining beacon but my ranged move out of it in time and ranger got a 2nd stuck off, and all my ranged moved away from the bottom golem while my ranger chain rooted them from 20 metere away and the rest of my party killing thaos, it's seems extremely effective as i got a 2nd stuck for 40 + seconds(crit?)since you have so many priests maybe you can use the priest tier 1 spell "halt" to stop the golems? your team seems to be lacking damage a bit, as tanks don't do much and priest's single target sucks as well, wizard's mostly aoe also, i strongy recommand you pick up a ranger or cipher. if you have a cipher you can use the tier 7 stasis skill and phase out a golem or thaos himself for 30 seconds while you deal with the others, and while they are stuck/stasis/prone, make sure you get all the priest buffs, mostly the tier 4 +20 accuracy, tier 6 crown, and your priest can probably throw repulsing seal on thaos once your first cc from wizard land also.
  10. if you've actually tried using the +4 accuracy paladin class aura you'll know how ****ty the radius is, the rest of the cross talents are all meh because they are per encounter/per rest, only the rogue one is decent, but again, no other party member can contribute as much as the priest because priest can 1st buff, 50 bonus deflection on your melee just makes them invincible, 20 accuracy, plus 8 perception, gives 28 bonus accuracy to your members, that reduce the chance of crowed control spells missing/grazing by A LOT on strong bosses, like adra/alphine dragons, reason why all ranged chars go woodelf start, even just 5 accuracy means a lot on path of the damned, not to mention the pure damage bonuses like extra crit and extra might, 2nd heal, priests have the most reliable and only reliable strong heals in the game, druids t1 and t3 heals are all trash because of their radius and caster centered, druid tier 4 moonwell is decent but it's still just a small heal over time, same with cipher's pain shell, only priest can provide strong and fast burst healing, 3rd, crowed control, when priest reaches high lvl, repulsing seal and pillar allows you to keep those targets that didn't get cced by your other aoe cc from wizard druid cipher down, tier 1 halt stops melee rushing for your backline, and 4th, damage, this one i haven't fully tested myself as my party's aoe damage was quite insane already, but the tier 6 priest spell spark of the soul of the righteous suppose to do insane amount of lightning damage when used on the frontline, and maybe along with some figurine/spell summons, i never knew about this until watching a video guide of someone's priest build, also, the priest tier 7 holy storm of holy fire is also a really good damaging tool, extremely large aoe, and it deals damage over time, means int and might both scale it's damage,the base damage is also good enough to not be rekt by high enemy dr, compare to wizard's **** tier 7s(except for hamemr which you won't use often and won't get until you kill the lich)and druid's ok tier 7s, priest's t7's minor avatar and storm of holy fire are just good. while the tank roll can be swaped around paladin, monk, fighter, chanter, ranged auto attack role can be swaped between many different dps, wizard and druid can also somewhat replace themselves, i don't play melee dps so i don't comment on those, i think they are not as effective as ranged ones, the role of the priest is just unique.
  11. i play the game without consumables because the game is easy enough as it is, people can solo the entire thing triple crown, which is why i don't use potions or scrolls or traps, which makes priest buffs so useful, there are +15 accuracy buffs from potion/scroll but they don't last very long and don't have the +might and + perception buffs from priest. the +20 defenses scrolls are nice but u have to realize that the 20 all defenses from scroll stacks with priest;s buff, which is 25 deflection and 25 resolve, ends up being 50 deflection from just the priest, resulting in insane amount of enemy graze/miss, the game can be played in any way, but the priest offers way more to the team compare to other classes
  12. lmao you guys will know how useful priests are when you do alpine dragon, terrify resist and reduced duration, +20 accuracy buffs are what makes your party's cc land on the dragon, doing it without priest is just way harder, sure you can finish thaos and such without priest, you can even solo it, but can you actually finish all contents in the game without priest on path of the damned?
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