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  1. Thanks for updating everyone, AndreaColombo Quantics, the launcher is supposed to support all OSes (it runs on Mono). However, it's not tested on OS X. Try to use it and tell me if any errors occur.
  2. Hey there. I'm one of the developers of IE Mod. I've written a launcher application for IE Mod. It works on Windows, but I haven't tested it on Linux or Mac, so I need your help to test it on those platforms. If you want to help out, just send me a private message and we'll negotiate the details. The application automatically patches game files. This way you don't need to have separate DLLs for different operating systems, and there are many other benefits besides. A slightly technical overview can be found here. It's a bit outdated.
  3. Thank you! Yes, I probably will. I don't think I'll focus on it a lot, but I hope to at least have it working with the latest version.
  4. It doesn't appear on the list: Do I actually have to reinstall the whole thing?
  5. Thanks for the feedback guys Devs sometimes get lost in their own world and think features are important to users where they actually aren't, so I'm glad people seem to like the idea.
  6. You don't need to re-install the game lol you just need to back up 1 file and that's it. I've switched it on and off many times. It's just not the most convenient thing in the world.
  7. This may be a strange place to post this kind of question, but many people here use IE Mod, and the Nexus community isn't too conducive to discussion. The launcher I'm talking about is a simple application that lets you run PoE with or without mods. It automatically patches your game files for you (so for example if you're on Mac, you don't need to wait until we release for mac), backs up your original files, and keeps everything nice and tidy. One possible feature is allowing you to patch game files using a patch meant for a different game version (e.g. you don't have to wait until we release IE Mod for version 2.00000001, but can just use the mod for version 2.0). Currently, using outdated mod files will just crash your game. There are some problems with this feature though, since it can result in much more subtle bugs. It will also allow you to have more than one patch/mod. For example, right now we're playing around with modifying various abilities and adding new ones, but a mod that does this will probably not be part of IE Mod proper, but just depend on it, or maybe on some shared component. So it will be kind of like Elder Scrolls games with their mod managers, except that with things how they are right now in terms of modders, you'll have 3 mods tops You can read a slightly technical overview here. It has some pictures. Does this sound like a good idea?
  8. here is a pic, like I said, just as your previous image showed really except that I AM using an updated file that came with the mod itself. As for size it is hard to show in an image. The buttons appear to be 1-2 pixels wider than they used to be as parts of the frame I designed are very very slightly cut off. I doubt it is anything you can really change, fighting the scaling built into the game is something I was doing from day one anyway I can experiment with it and work around it. Can you give me some info so I can try to reproduce the garbled textures issue? IEMod version, game version (also, with or without White March), and OS Resolution, font scale, and any other graphical settings you think might be relevant. Launch the UI customizer, and once the garbled textures appear, and then get the PillarsOfEternity_Data\output_log.txt file and upload it. Is the issue present with all textures, or just specific ones?
  9. Can someone help me out? I screwed up my (unmodded) managed folder for 2.01. I'd appreciate it if someone could upload theirs for me lol. I use Windows and have White March. Okay I got it
  10. I really want to see the current action and the action queue of each character, or at least the currently selected character, near the portrait. Sometimes, it's difficult to see the icon near the character model, because of scenery and particle effects in the way. I'd also love to have a slider that adjusts the transparency of world scenery, like trees and walls, so you can see the battle more clearly. Or maybe transparency increases in combat and then goes down again after combat. I've tried to mod it in myself, but to no avail. Not sure if that's relevant. It would be nice to have a visual reminder that you have conditions that don't stack fully. E.g. say your character's effect list has Valor, ​Deleterious Alacrity, Dazed, Devotions of the Faithful I'd like Valor and Devotions of the Faithful to be a little greyed out so you can see they are partially suppressed by something (e.g. each other), or at least that something is wrong here. At the start of the game, I thought conditions like that do stack An easier way to distribute items between characters, like food. Say you have a stack of 6 Duc's Beefloaf and you want to give each character one. Right now, you have to double click the stack, scroll down to "1", and then put it in a character's backpack. And then again and again. It would be nice if you could Alt+Click or something and get exactly 1, or maybe 1/2 of the stack.
  11. I just thought that Scroll of Protection could be very useful against Relentless Storm type attacks. I'd imagine halving the duration of Stun would help a great deal, even if it does hit you.
  12. Urm. What makes you think they are useless? You need to look at those numbers again. Scrolls give you some extremely powerful spells. In particular, Valor and Defense scrolls are some of the best buffs in the game. Valor in particular is extremely hard to replicate, since very few things give Accuracy bonuses to spells. Scroll of Paralysis is far more powerful than its level would suggest, and is extremely useful even at very high levels due to its long range and large area. You can't go wrong with everyone in your party having 6+ Lore, except for the skillmonkeys. Some potions are also very powerful, though as a rule, not nearly as powerful as scrolls. Potion of Deleterious Alacrity of Motion increases attack speed by 50%. That is huge. If you mean food, it actually does stack with everything. The only consumables that mostly suck are drugs, but even then, there are some good ones, like Blasconn and Carow Golan (though strangely they're only good for ciphers).
  13. There is nothing I like more than firing my Blunderbuss and seeing that focus jump from 10 to almost 100. That said, sometimes it doesn't jump that high, but those moments are pretty cool
  14. I'm doing WM quite late, so our experiences are probably different, but I remember the paralyzing Xaurip from Od Nua. The thing you do is... Well, you need to kill them ASAP before they get to you. Focus fire. Or else freeze them in place with spells like Halt and Mental Binding. That said, if you can't manage to beat them, lower the difficulty or come back at a later time. I think level 6 is low for WM, but I could be wrong. I don't feel like WM has especially many paralyzing/petrifying/stunning enemies. Od Nua was far worse in that regard, what with the Relentless Storms, the Wail, etc. Suppress Affliction works, but it only affects afflictions already present. It does not stop you from getting afflictions. It will always suppress paralysis. It helps to have all the Suppress Affliction rings you can find (there are around 3 rings that give you 2/day of that spell). Scroll of Defense and Scroll of Protection may also help in lessening the impact.
  15. It was touted as a big thing, but I don't actually like it. Admittedly, this is partially because I use IE Mod's fast scouting mod, but still. It's annoying to start combat with your characters in stealth, and you need to unstealth them individually. Most characters gain nothing from being in stealth, they just move slowly. Even with Rogues, it still doesn't make Backstab worthwhile. It might be cool if attacking from stealth gave you an accuracy bonus of some kind, even with spells. Otherwise, meh.
  16. It can't possibly be worth it, unless it gives you decent stackable Intellect/Might bonuses. Wizards are terrible at melee, but they can dish out decent damage with wands.
  17. I play a caster heavy party, so I'm quite familiar with the different spells available in Pillars of Eternity. However, the number of spells is truly massive, and I can't always figure out what the best way to use them is. I may not even be able to try them all out. There are some spells I'm quite certain are excellent, and others I'm also pretty confidant are nothing to write home about. Many spells are just question marks to me; although I don't use them, they might actually be quite powerful. So I'd like to ask your opinion about them. I'm actually pretty sure some of them are good, but I just never used them for some reason. Others I have doubts about. Wizard Thrust of Tattered Veils Merciless Gaze Are spells like Iron Skin any good? Spirit Shield Arcane Dampner Arduous Delay of Motion Wall of Force Gaze of the Adragan Just kidding Druid Autumn's Decay Blizzard Insect Swarm Taste of the Hunt Beetle Shell Infestation of Maggots Wicked Briars Cleansing Wind Plague of Insects Wall of Thorns Rot Skulls Priest Holy Meditation Iconic Projection Warding Seal Watchful Presence Searing Seal Shining Beacon Triumph of the Crusaders Spark the Souls of the Righteous
  18. I don't really understand what you mean about the buttons. Do you mean the action button replacements? They work. I even helped someone out with his own custom button textures the other day. I know that one time when someone had outdated button images from a version before 4.31, they looked all garbled, but after updating the assets, they worked fine. Here is what it looked like. Can you show me what you mean by the change in size?
  19. What? It's just a good spell. Remember that buffs to the same stat don't stack. In most cases, if you're prepared to splurge, a scroll of Valor is much better because it actually influences spell-casting. I think you might be comparing the spell to some lower-level Priest spells, which aren't much to write home about. You might keel over when you see Crowns for the Faithful...
  20. Yeah, I'd say it's "The dragon" alright. It's the hardest fight in the game, in my opinion, and by far. In Path of the Damned, it's much harder than the Adra dragon, or at least it was for me. The dragon has even higher defenses, and his helpers are so much more powerful (they're not xaurip trash). Specters spawn behind you (if you were standing in front of the doorway), and if you're not careful they can tear your party to bits. You get hit by lots of stun and blindness. Locking down the dragon isn't nearly so easy as the Adra dragon, where you can just spam Miasma until it hits and then dominate it, since you don't have time to spam anything. In particular, the first 20 or so seconds are extremely important, as you can easily get overrun by the specters.
  21. You know, just because something has a bug on some systems in some games, doesn't mean you're going to experience the bug. In fact, most bugs are only present on a small number of systems. Otherwise, software development would be hell of a lot easier I play on the hardest difficulty, and never had to check if every ability is bugged. Most abilities work totally fine. I don't understand what you're saying about stacking. As a general rule, active abilities do not stack, while passive effects do stack. In particular, it is hard to find crowd control combos that stack effectively (Miasma of Dull-Mindedness is very stackable and so is the Flanked effect, but otherwise...). I Personally, I didn't like the stacking at first, but it sort of grew on me. I still like the D&D 3e system better, with the bonus types, even though it can get extremely complicated and requires more bookkeeping, since like you said it gives more possibilities. In particular, the current system basically means that as long as you have scrolls of Valor and Defense, defense and accuracy buffs are pretty useless. It would be nice if groups of classes could only award specific bonus types (e.g. Wizards could only award arcane bonuses, Druids and Priests only divine bonuses, and Chanters and Ciphers only morale bonuses). And if those scrolls were toned down.
  22. You should buy tons of Wizards (or another favorite caster) and put them in cold storage. They gain XP even while they don't do anything. Then whenever a Wizard runs out, just pop in to the fridge and take out a replacement.
  23. I know; my point was that I don't understand why so many people take issue with the expansion's being split. There's no cliffhanger and the price was also split, so I don't understand why it is a problem for so many. Ah sorry Yeah, I don't get it either. All right; I'll just drag it around then. I simply misunderstood how the feature worked; I thought the tick was just to show/hide the button. Alright. I'll try to make it clearer in the next release.
  24. It's probably a business decision. They need money to pay their employees right now, not in 6 months. Right now, you need to exit to the main menu and reload for those options to function correctly. I'll add it to the description. UI Customization: That checkbox works differently right now. It just disables all UI customization, and is meant to reset everything to default. It doesn't just hide the button. There isn't a way to do that right now, but you can drag it around in UI customization mode. Actually, there seems to be a bug where the party bar doesn't reset its orientation until you exit the game. That will be fixed.
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