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  1. Ah I've always suspected that GOG patchers must be doing some serious diffing, because the patches are so tiny but they take ages to apply.
  2. Yeah, this is pretty annoying. I made a thread about this a couple of days ago... actually it had the same title... right down to the capitalization. Weird. Personally, when I retrained earlier using IE Mod, I just used the GivePlayerMoney command and compensated myself for the lost coppers. But even if you do this, you have to get a bunch of spellbooks together and put all your spells into them first. It's a chore. I'm one of those people who hunts down every spell he can get lol
  3. In my experience, in Path of the Damned at least, some fights are incredibly hard if you don't buff your accuracy and defenses. Priests are great. They have some of the best spells in the game (though not more than other casters). Here are some of them: Crowns for the Faithful Shields for the Faithful Devotions of the Faithful Salvation of Time Champion's Boon Prayer against X I think the facts you don't use buffs and that you find crowd control effects to always hit are somehow related. Paladins are... well, they have some pretty good buffs, actually. They're one of the better warrior classes, in my opinion. Ultimately, they just get overshadowed by the casters, though. But that definitely includes Priests. It's true that in the harder difficulties you have to use crowd control. You also have to use movement, buffs (at least in my experience), and damaging attacks. Though crowd control is by far the flashiest thing you do, it's not very useful without a healthy dose of damage, and you can't use it if you're dead.
  4. I'm a bit curious, because I've seen lots of different opinions thrown around on this topic. What do you think about the difficulty of the expansion/DLC?
  5. Suppress Affliction is just overpowered. It's not overpowered for a 2nd level spell, it's overpowered at any level whatsoever. If enemies used this spell, crowd control would be almost useless, except for durable AoE effects. Not that I'm saying you shouldn't use it, just making an observation You can use Prayer against X as well, or just keep them as far away from your party as possible, or you can hit them before they hit you. Generally, a mix of all of these and Suppress Affliction in a pinch, works best.
  6. No, you just fought them like that. You can't blame the game for your playstyle. You can also defeat them using strategy and tactics, but you chose to save scum. They're also both optional fights.
  7. I think you're still in the early levels. Path of the Damned gets much, much easier later on because casters get much more powerful. You might start to miss this feeling
  8. I think Obsidian wanted to avoid the whole "taking 5 minutes to stack as many buffs as possible" thing in this game, which is honestly pretty boring. The restriction is kind of silly, but the difficulty was designed with this in mind. Also, most buffs have such short durations that casting them before combat would be difficult. To be honest, even casting such things as Chill Fog and Tanglefoot before combat is kind of dull and repetitive, and I try to avoid it. IE Mod has the option of enabling combat-only abilities and spells out of combat, though this option can cause some bugs (in particular, never save while spirit shaped). It also lets you turn Path of the Damned on and off.
  9. Hey there. We're working on IE Mod, and we're getting ready to release something. We need the Assembly-CSharp.dll files for the Mac and Linux versions of version 2.0 (and/or any other versions I may not be aware of). I'm not sure if they're any different, but I want to check. So I'd be thankful if you could upload them for us. The file is located in: Pillars of Eternity\PillarsOfEternity_Data\Managed It should be the original file, not a modified one.
  10. Hit them before they hit you. Confusion, scroll of Paralysis, Call to Slumber. Use the fact that you almost always spot monsters before they spot you. Some of the female ghosts in Od Nua (don't remember their names) have paralysis attacks that you can't defend against, even with Prayer against.
  11. I'm not aware of any simple change in the code that lets you do this (I'm a modder). It's definitely possible, but finding out how to do it requires reading the sources and a lot of experimentation. If you do find out a way, it would be great if you could share it with us. You can perform the required modifications to the code by adding it to your own version of IE Mod, or alternatively just using Patchwork yourself. I would not recommend decompiling and recompiling the source, as decompilers don't produce perfect source code, and the result may not compile.
  12. It looks like Git integrates directly into Visual Studio. I was playing with it on my work machine between meetings and it seems fine. (Hey, I'm "evaluating" it for future use at our company, right?) I may grab another client for things the basic interface can't handle, but I imagine most of what I'm going to want to do are covered. Unfortunately I can't evaluate the actual code here, as I don't have the patch dlls and IEMod doesn't compile anyway since it uses C# 6.0 and I'm stuck on Visual Studio 2013 until we finish upgrading our Team Foundation Server. One of the major things I noticed is that the "UICustomization" mod is broken. There's a very large dependency chain on that as a lot of the generic stuff ("Helpers", "Quick Controls") shared between mods require classes from UICustomization. I'd suggest that be an early target for fixing since so much won't compile without it functional. For the Console mod, the old CommandLine class was refactored into two classes. Both classes were also made abstract with private constructors, so I had to change the mod classes not to inherit from them, and to pass the type being modded to Patchwork as an argument to the attribute (but you already had support for that, so this was easy). I still have somewhere between 5-10 commands commented out because they depend on the broken UICustomization stuff. Do you want me to go ahead and send a pull request for the intermediate changes or wait until UICustomization is fixed so these commands can be reinstated? Oh crap This is like literally a few days after I gave in and decided to use C# 6's awesome convenience features. Up till then I was doggedly sticking to C# 5 for compatibility I think you should go ahead and send the pull request. It's progress. Refactoring is also good What you say about UICustomization is a bit confusing. It depends on QuickControls etc, not the other way around. The only dependency that section has on the rest of the code, is when you set the Prefab objects are set (basically examples of Unity controls that we find from the game to clone and use for ourselves), and IIRC that's in the Options part. There is also dependency on StringTable. I also haven't found a using directive for that namespace anywhere in Helpers or Quick Controls. Maybe those parts depend on game components that no longer exist, such as UIDropdownMenu?
  13. That is great news!! I really think this will do a lot for modding, especially given the new interest generated in Pillars of Eternity. These don't look like they're going to die, but just in case: This one is mine, related to IE Mod: http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/81063-iemod-fork-new-modding-framework/ This one because otherwise the question will probably be asked again: http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/81291-ie-mod-and-20/
  14. For me, it's just about wanting more character options. I do feel there is a distinct lack of abilities that build on engagement, and they would be really cool to have. As Francis pointed out, in the past, disengagement attacks were pretty rare anyway, because enemies rarely disengaged. What the OP suggests is a situation where tanks aren't just slabs of meat, but rather one where they also need to focus on the damage of their attacks, and use that as a deterrent against rush tactics. It actually sounds very interesting to me, and kind of a subversion of the entire role/trope. It does eventually mean that tanks will be less min/maxed.
  15. For the record, my preferred git client is SmartGit, though the above are also good.
  16. Sweet I'm glad to have you on board. It's okay about the experience. I had very little experience with GitHub and none at all with Unity when I started out (I wanted to write a small mod and ended up working on the whole project). The actual programming is just C#. I'm really sorry and rather embarrassed about SetupEnvironment. I have no idea how it became like that. I hadn't used it for ages, and at some point I must have changed it by accident or something. Thank you for correcting the issue GitHub uses Git, which is a distributed version control thing. Basically, you Fork the repository and work on it. When you're done, you Commit and then Push the changes to your fork of the repository. Then you initiate a Pull request (this option is available on most VCS clients) to tell the owner of the repo (in this case me) that you've changed some stuff, and then I merge those changes into the main. And you can also see a spiffy graph of this process later on, revert the changes to any previous state, etc, though that's a bit more technical. You can try this out by committing the changes you've made to SetupEnvironment, pushing, and sending a pull request. There should be explanations about this process on the web. Obviously, we need to coordinate so that we work on different code, otherwise we'll just do the same work twice, though Git's merging algorithms are surprisingly accurate, even if we work on code that's in the same file. There's a chat thingy on the GitHub page for real-time chat, and also the Issues section, which can be used as a forum for technical matters. At this point, we have to look over the source to see what even needs doing etc, get a big picture (what you've been doing), and then we can decide on who will work on what. If you're up to the task, try to sort stuff out and see what can be fixed, which types (if any) have disappeared, etc. I won't be able to look at the code today due to real life issues. About the missing files: Really sorry, totally forgot about that too . This IE Mod project consists of two things: Patchwork, which is a library for patching .NET assemblies (I originally wrote it for Pillars of Eternity, but now it can be used separately), and IEMod.pw itself. Patchwork is linked to it in a submodule. If you're forking the repo, you need to pull the submodule as well. If you're downloading a zip, you'll need to download the zip for Patchwork separately.
  17. I really think that's a problem. I mean I want more difficult combat and smarter AI, but not everyone wants that, and many people like that bought the game. Easy is supposed to be, well, easy, and if that difficulty no longer does what it says on the tin, I think it's a technical issue, since it basically means some people can't play the game anymore, or at least can't do the White March content. It doesn't matter if the OP is "doing it wrong" (in no way suggesting he is). Easy should be easy, period. In no way to detract from anything you've said, I can tell you what I do. I never use engagement as a primary tactic to restrict movement. I rely a lot on crowd control, and bottlenecks. I never, ever, start a battle by melee attacking any of the monsters. On Path of the Damned, that's suicide (at least for my party composition). I poke the enemies from a very long way off, and make them run through hell and Chill Fog to get to me, while I pommel them with spells. I cast Mental Binding on things inside the mess of AoE effects and try to block all movement. I use Confusion sometimes. That spell can really solve entire encounters. I send summoned creatures inside the Chill Fog area to force enemies to stay inside (friendly fire be damned). I only use my sort-of tank as last a resort delaying tactic. If an enemy gets worryingly close, I use Halt (Priest's first level spell, very fast and effective) and Mental Binding, and try to kill them, or else reposition myself. Enemies rarely get close to me, and almost always only if I screw up. There are things that can get past this kind of strategy, in particular some of the ghosts in Od Nua, but it generally almost always works. There is a bit more to it, actually, but there's only so much I can put in a post.
  18. I was out of the forums for a little while. Work kicked my ass. Glad to know Bester have a successor. I'll take it as a compliment :D I really have no idea, sorry. You'd have to contact wherever you got the game from. If all else fails just... well.. I'm sure you can get it from... somewhere... Are you referring to the blurry fonts in some menus in the game? There's a bug like that that appeared in 2.0 for some reason, while for others it appeared before. There should be a fix soon. I'm sorry, but I don't plan on adding any features until I release what already exists
  19. Yeah, sorry. I didn't know there was a regression issue for text rendering. I was just so happy to get into the game and finally find crisp text that I rushed into this old thread to gush about it. Hope it gets fixed soon! To be honest, this wack-a-mole behavior makes me afraid the problem is difficult to fix. And also for the developers involved.
  20. Nope. Didn't miss anything that improved disengagement attacks (or else we both did). I wish there were something like that. There should be general talents like that for everyone, and something special for fighters and maybe paladins.
  21. Yeah, that would be pretty nice. You can retrain your character an an inn. There is a new option on the left sidebar thingy. But don't retrain Wizards unless you're absolutely certain you want to do that.
  22. If you're this frustrated, just lower the difficulty. If the problem persists, then like I said, I'd consider it a technical issue. On the other hand, if the game gets too easy, then you can still complain about it (and in my view your complaint would be all the more substantive), but you get to keep playing the game while doing so.
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