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  1. A Gatsu, Gutz or, as more commonly know, Guts is a large mammal. It has a hard black shell and a gigantic appendage similar to that of a praying mantis. Its defence mechanism also include a fairly powerful spilling limbs were its fourth limb should be. It's known to be aggressive to the point of paranoïa and it is recommended not to engage it without a professional help. Despite a fairly limited population it has caused many casualty within the naturalist community.
  2. Thanks for all the answers, I just got a rather nice blunderbuss (might be the Lead spitter actually, I don't have the name in mind), and as I just hit lvl 6 I was still not entirely clear on Penetrating Shot, ok dex affect everything but does penetrating shot malus affect reloading time on top of attack animation? Cause if it's the case it's not only bad for pistols but it's actually a malus.
  3. I was under the impression than might bonuses applied after DR but since you're saying it's the opposite then yes you're right might is more beneficial against armoured opponents. Although against these type of enemies I tend to use a pistol rather than a Blunderbuss (finally found one) and the difference in power between might and dexterity become less and less the highest your damage is. Especially with all those DR reduction and steal. On top of that since I'm using dexterity, my casting time have visibly reduced (especially since I have to fire a shot before starting) and my Echo play
  4. You can get some of your NPC friend to do some actions for you though in the "textual adventures" part of the game though, There is one early on, I'm not sure how frequent these are though.
  5. Those 16 MIG and DEX and lowered CON are bad.But Respec can help you Ranged Cipher Wood Elf. 18(19) as much damage as we can get. 10(9, we can earn item with +2MIG +1CON in Defiance Bay) 10 19 18 we need our debuffs lasts longer 3 we are ranged. We don't need RES. OK. You need great might & perception to deal your physical damage, thus regaining focus, and your powers are useless without INT. Prioritize Per over Dex as that gives lots of accuracy to your controlling powers. With low CON you can be nuked by enemy's AOE spell on Hard and PoTD, but for Normal i think dumpi
  6. @Nobear: Thanks a lot for the detailed answers. I like your point about Ruffian allowing to switch between two types of gun depending on the enemy, that's very consistent with my character. I'll probably have another of my party taking the role of Arquebusier, most likely the priest, he seems to like them and if I find that debuffing arquebus (and if the stat are more or less what I thought they would be) that will help the damage of my main character. I also succumbed to the sirens of min/maxing, dropped 2 con (at 6 now, I really need not to get attacked but then again it's only hard not Pot
  7. I was thinking of Ducanale (just saw the stat on a wiki and oh my does this look powerful) or Pliambo per Casitas (the debuff sounds awesome) as an arquebuse, I really like the idea of a scientist with arquebuse and it seems like the arquebuse would be less hurt by low dext. I agree that dropping 2 points in intell would allow me a more decent dext but I really can't RP wise. In any case I've made my char and I don't think you can respec your attributes right? If you can I may drop 2 points from either con or res cause there's really nothing else I can sacrifice (I'm pretty sure than lowering
  8. Thanks a lot for the very useful post! You're right about guns, I can just pick them thematically without committing and I'll figure out by myself wich one I like best. I guess the only problem would be whether or not I take the penetrating talent because it's 10 time better with Blunderbuss but then again I can push that one back. I will consider range and cast speed as a factor when picking spell since I'm still considered very squishy. Thanks everyone for the advices, I guess I'm going to start now!
  9. Guns really seem to fit my character's personnality both statistically and psychologically, which means I probably shouldn't lower my perception if I want to avoid disastrous miss and stay consistent. Thanks for the information on gun reloading, that's exactly the kind of thing I needed to know. How does this new stat spread looks: 16 8 10 18 18 8 or should I go 10 con for 6 resolve? What's the reasoning behind taking a hit being more important than avoiding interruptions? I'm going to look at the guide you linked me, in the meantime if anyone has any insight into the choice of the
  10. Hello everyone, I'm a "new" players of Pillars of Eternity (backers, I have started a game before for a few hours but never got time to finish it) that wants to seriously invest in the game now. The character I want to build is a Death Godlike Cipher. She's a scientist from the Living Land with high intelligence and perception above everything. So I went for something like this: Might: 14 Constitution: 6 Dexterity: 14 Perception: 18 Intellect: 18 Resolve: 8 I am still undecided about a few things: first the dump stats,
  11. I didn't felt ripped off after seeing Empire Strikes back even if I paid for a full movie and the story only ended in Return of the Jedi (granted that might be because I saw return 5 min later and I didn't actually pay anything to watch it at my friend but you get my point). The important thing is not that there are one or two expansions, or that they follow -or not- the same storyline. The important part is that each feels like a distinct and complete experience. For all the ****storm it provoked, I liked what they did in starcraft 2 (not in term of writing, god no, in term of story balance b
  12. God I've been looking for information about the game all day and all I could read was about this meaningless argument. Thanks for brightening my day mate. Anyway, I hope the game is selling well because as much as Wasteland 2 and Divinity were good games, I sincerely belive PoE is better. It's a true success and I'm sincerely happy I backed it. I wish Obsidian the best of luck for future sale numbers!
  13. Why is it so surprising? Well when you examine for example the number of XBox 360 sold in NA and EU, you find somthing like 70% more in NA, in general 2 of the 3 consoles are vastly more popular in NA. When you look at the number of server some "traditionnal" MMOs have, there is not an european "supremacy" either (for example wow has pretty much as much US servers than EU ones). But apparently when it concerned active forum member for Pillars of Eternity, there is about 55% more european than people from the rest of the world. It's not obvious so I can understand it being surprising
  14. Already done it two time these days, going from 20 to 35 then to 50. I'm not rich enough to pledge "at loss" (or even pledge more sadly) so I won't be able to go higher :/
  15. First, there is a difference. Homosexuality is something that has existed in every culture, at every moment, in every place of the world. Sometimes hidden and punished, sometimes openly but it's universal at least in the human species. I have a hard time imagining how something so incredibly important cannot be included if other mature theme (and especially if any sexual theme) is present inside the game, even more when the game itself want to ensure the immersion of the player in a credible world. They could maybe not include it if they want to create a 100% heterosexual human species, but t
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