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  1. Anyway, it would be great (@Obsidian) to have the double click movement like it has been there in any Infinity Engine game until PoE1 (I know it's Unity ;)). Since much time passed since the release of PoE2, I guess we never will see that (besides someone with the knowledge develops a mod for that). Maybe at least in a new game would be awesome.
  2. Did you know the shortcut . (The dot key) in PoE1? This was auto follow
  3. You're right At least the stuttering seems to be because of my computer not being capable of 4K at the moment (I just bought a 4K monitor so lower than 4K in a text centered rpg is no option). When I lower the settings, the stuttering goes away to an okay level.
  4. As @Alienka mentioned earlier: when I turn it off, double click centering like it existed in PoE1 doesn‘t work anymore.
  5. Same here. It's a bit of a shame Obsidian broke this behavior from the predecessor so bad The "smart" camera makes the game stuttering all the time.
  6. I definitely agree. The "smart" camera leads to stuttering all the time on my system. The traditional only had this when centering via double click which is a huge difference. Is there any way to have double click centering in the mean time?
  7. Hello folks, I just finished PoE 1 and wanted to start with PoE 2. I started a new game and the intro showed up as normal. As you all will know, you start in this strange purple level where you only can move right. When I walk this whole „street“ the screen turns black and the loading indicator shows up. Unfortunately it loads forever. Has this to do with my PoE 1 saves being present? I have the obsidian edition version has anyone an idea? If I need to submit additional info, please tell me. Thanks!! Bye Defcon0 Edit: I also attached the error log from the game directory. output_log.txt
  8. Hello, I love PoE But one thing is a little bit of a pitty. The maps are designed sooo beautifully but most of the time I only see a little cropped area with the full awesome colors. Large areas are enclosed in shadows (the one showing my action radius and the one of the area I didn't visit, yet). Is it possible through modding to lighten up (or even completely remove) the lighter shadow (see attached screenshot)? Thanks in advance. Bye Defcon0
  9. I have the same issue in the GOG Definitive Edition Any way to fix this now?
  10. The option had been checked all the time. It started being checked before I started a new game and stayed beinh checked since now.
  11. Ah, the translation is "lore". I'm playing the German one and here the term is "Wissen" But the conversation aspect of lore for NPCs is useless or am I wrong?
  12. So investing talent points in knowledge for an NPC is useless, isn't it?
  13. Hello folks, I have a simple question which I also have had when playing Baldur's Gate. When I talk to someone and my main character has special conversation skills like knowledge and so on: Which character's skills are used? Or is it even a combination of all? I ask this because, it's not visible to me as a user which one it is. In Baldur's Gate it was, I think. Thanks in advance. Bye Defcon0
  14. Hello, I started playing the game some days ago and I must say for me it's really a little bit being back in the Forgotten Realms. Great work! I only have a question concerning the automatic level up. In the options I can deactivate that. But I want it, so I left the option active (automatic level up is active). Unfortunately my first team mate Aloth doesn't automatically level up for some reason. The "plus" stays in his character image. Am I doing (or expecting) something wrong or could it be a bug? Bye Defcon0
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