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Smart Camera / Traditional control style


Dear Obsidian team, hi all,


I didn't find it elsewhere so I hope it's alright that I've created a new thread. Sorry in case my English is bad, I'm not a native speaker.


I want to report a problem I encountered with the smart camera option but also something regarding the traditional control style:


(1) When using the smart camera option the automatic screen scrolling (by which my party remains centered) causes problems as soon as I am moving my party because the scrolling is not as smooth as it is in case when I disable the smart camera option and scroll via mouse courser. The reason for this seems to be the fact that the smart camera option scrolls in accordance with the moving characters and the way the characters move renders the camera motion a bit laggy. Not sure if this is only due to my system specifications (the game works perfectly in any other respect) or something my eyes just don't like but everybody else feels totally comfortable with. Can anybody relate to this problem?


(2) So I disabled the smart camera option, using the traditional control style from PoE 1 (which I anyway really like!). However, in PoE 1 it was possible to double click somewhere and thereby center the screen on this very area. For whatever reason this option is only available with the smart camera option. It would be great if you could implement at least the possibility to activate this option also for the traditional control style so that it really fells like in PoE 1.


Thanks a lot!


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I definitely agree. The "smart" camera leads to stuttering all the time on my system. The traditional only had this when centering via double click which is a huge difference. Is there any way to have double click centering in the mean time?

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