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  1. Is this bonus also available for those who have both games on GOG? If not, perhaps it could also be added whenever the scavenger hunt content gets implemented for us second class citizens
  2. Indeed, the radius version felt very satisfying in the original game, and things are much less fun in the beta. A couple of relevant points: 1. The (very reasonable) goal of the new system seems to be to scale the effectiveness of spells linearly with INT. However, effectiveness is (almost) never directly proportional to the area of effect. Instead, it is proportional to the number of enemies (or allies) that are affected by the spell. If enemies were spread out evenly all over the map, then the two would be roughly equivalent (and thus the new system would make perfect sense). However, sp
  3. It also depends on synergies with other equipment/characters. For example, lightning lash works well in conjunction with Stormcaller.
  4. A quick question; is it still possible to get the hatchet if you patch the game after completing the Brynlod bounty?
  5. It's also possible to take out Harmke without killing the other woodcutters, which is what I usually end up doing. Walk up to the group with a single character (the Devil is the obvious choice for RP reasons), keep the rest of the party close by on the edge of the map. Deal with Harmke and get away from the rest of the hostile woodcutters (using shadowing beyond, boots of speed, or something similar); if you leave the map and return, they will be gone.
  6. Rangers are surprisingly good at control now; there are several great CC bows, binding roots, plus stunning shots later on and takedown from the animal companion. Their specialty is of course single target damage, but they can add some AoE eventually. The animal companions are very efficient as off-tanks/flankers as well. In the later builds ranger has become perhaps the most fun class to play; went through PotD with a ranger PC and Sagani in the party, and in non-boss encounters they pretty much took care of CC by themselves. Also, having two animal companions who don't have to worry about he
  7. Have to agree with the OP, this is a good idea. The accidental un-pause happens way too often (especially when using some of the less predictable autopause options, such as low health/endurance), and unlike in the IE games it can have quite annoying consequences due to the fast pace of the combat. So a dedicated pause-only key would be great.
  8. The 2.02 patch does not fix the bug reported in this thread (at least not retroactively): https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/81863-201-ninagauths-black-pages/ The save posted in that thread is still relevant; it is not possible to access the unique death ray spell despite having the grimoire in the stash.
  9. The way I see it is very simple. The most challenging currently available content for high-level parties (apart from Cragholdt) is the scaled-up stuff, which you won't have access to if you recruit the new companions early. There is no good reason (balance or otherwise) for this restriction, and it puts arbitrarily limits on the experience for some players. Having already played the base game, there are two motivations for a second playthrough (at least for me). First, additional challenge (which might include playing on POTD with a non-optimized party); obviously access to scaled-up high
  10. This is an annoying issue; started a new playthrough when the expansion came out, and went to the White March as early as possible simply to recruit the new companions. However, it looks like this will make it impossible to experience the high-level version of the content, which I was looking forward to. Echoing an earlier question, is there a way (for instance via console, or by editing some files) to turn the scaling on for those who want to give it a shot? As it stands, it is a strange and questionable design choice that one has to choose between going through the main game with the ne
  11. This looks like the bug where some companion talents/abilities affect the ranger instead of the pet. It happens when you level up using the respec/custom NPC hiring interface, so an easy fix is to respec, but exit the interface as soon as possible (on level 1) and level up via the plus sign on the portrait instead. Note that Sagani has a slightly different (and exploitable) version of this bug: as Ituumak is not replaced by a new pet on respec (unlike PC/custom rangers' companions), he gets to keep some abilities on respec. It appears that in the interfaces mentioned above the abilities ge
  12. Yes, some feedback or acknowledgement from devs/QA on this would be appreciated. Here is a save (originally uploaded in relation to a different bug); black pages are in the stash, spells are only up to level 4 (never saw anything higher). https://www.dropbox.com/s/4e6e2mriamh0ugv/f14b890225f94e0ab2f56ed84dd91471%2010280844%20FlamesThatWhisperUpperCavern.savegame?dl=0
  13. The solution you mention works for the bug where companion talents/abilities affect the ranger instead of the pet. However, the OP's problem is specific to Sagani (because Ituumak is not replaced by a new pet on respec, unlike PC/custom rangers' companions), and there doesn't seem to be an easy workaround for it.
  14. Found a workaround for the bug where companion talents/abilities affect the ranger instead of the pet. When you respec at an inn/merchant, exit immediately at level 1 and then level up as usual via the + sign on the portrait.
  15. Any news on whether this bug will be addressed? Not sure if there is a save file for it already but here are mine in any case; one just before talking to the matron, and one afterwards showing a hostile ogre. Just as the OP describes, after the truce the upper level is friendly but the lower level is hostile. https://www.dropbox.com/s/4e6e2mriamh0ugv/f14b890225f94e0ab2f56ed84dd91471%2010280844%20FlamesThatWhisperUpperCavern.savegame?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/zy4qnwtc44lvivw/f14b890225f94e0ab2f56ed84dd91471%2010282464%20FlamesThatWhisperLowerCavern.savegame?dl=0 (win7, GOG,
  16. Since this is my first post on the forum: Thanks for making a wonderful game, it's been fun from start to finish. Here is a 1.05 save (GoG, Win7) with a few glitches/exploits: http://www.dropbox.com/s/00da1uhg1h4ofi0/795af028f4e040179a670bff85163146%2018356518%20HearthsongMarket.savegame Infinite money - Alarhi's special prices after "Hard Bargain" present an arbitrage opportunity Steps to reproduce: Talk to Alarhi Sell sapphire from stash for 950cp Buy back immediately for 713cp Works for all gems, a single round of selling every gem then buying them back nets about 15000cp; this can be r
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