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  1. Thanks for the input everyone! Going to roll with a monk for my first playthrough and then move onto cipher probably for my second
  2. Hey everyone, So I just finished my first play through of BG I & II and was craving another cRPG, so I thought I'd pick up PoE. While it's installing I had a look at the classes and had a few questions about them, in particular the monk, cipher, and wizard classes. Essentially I am after a versatile class that can help with both control and damage. From what I've read the cipher seems to fit this role very well, but it does seem to be a bit overpowered (Like on par with Fighter-Mage from BG) which I never really enjoyed, how true is this? Alternatively I was thinking the wizard would be another decent choice but from what I understand you get a companion pretty early with this class, so I'm not entirely sure how viable it is to run through the game with 2 mages. The final class I was looking at was monk, which unfortunately I couldn't find much of a consensus on as some sites say they are tanks, other say that are second line dps, and other say they are more control oriented. Would appreciate some your guys thoughts on the matter, as I'm pretty excited to get into the game once it downloads.
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