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  1. A couple of you have mentioned a Hearth Orlan Cipher detective. Couldn't that be the basis behind Kurren in Dunryd Row? He checks most of the boxes.
  2. Sacrifice Aloth or Kana to the blood pool in the temple of Skaen in Dyrford Crossing. You need Cruel 2 and to not have already spoken to it.
  3. I am 99% that the armor can be worn no matter whether you directly put it in your inventory or pull it out later. I think they just prioritized it as a quest item rather than armor in the auto-sort.
  4. Are you married to the Dozens for story reasons? I know you want the gold reward too, but it seems to me that the armor is worth far more to you than a small gold reward. Just don't give it to him.
  5. You can turn in the quest, buy the items you want from the shop and then kill Osric. The sword icon on the center HUD will allow you to attack green targets.
  6. Ok I lied, I wasn't done. Got Thaos to kill both statues. 4 kills. I will try and see if I can get the prologue kill count down from 3 tomorrow.
  7. I don't know that there is. However, if you plan to defeat the drake on the 5th level of Od Nua on either the 2nd or 4th day of the month, you will get one in the hidden bone pile.
  8. I think Druid could be ok for tanking too. It does have the benefit of some nice cone AoE blast spells that are best fired off from the front line. I also thought of a compromise for your non-metal team. There is a plate armor in the game that is mostly made of this living stone called Adra. It's got a good tanking property on it and it's Green! I know spoilers are ok here, but in case you don't want to know specifics:
  9. If you are eschewing metal, you can still get by. The 6 less DR in leather will be noticeable early, but less so later. Luckily you can have high defenses in any armor (def, fort, will, ref). You can also get a large shield early on that is made of wood. As for the class question, any class can tank. Go high Resolve and Perception, dump dex, the rest to taste. Use a shield and pick defensive talents like Careful Attack and Hold the Line. You won't be as good of a tank as Fighter or Paladin, but way better than a bear.
  10. Have you considered reaching out to one of the modders on nexus mods?
  11. The issue I see is you don't have a main tank. A bear is not a main tank. So you basically have 3-4 off tanks. Furthermore, having a pet go down is bad for your ranger and you're going to have these pets going down regularly. At the very least make one of your rangers tank specced. I would go two bear/antelopes and a stag for aoe.
  12. Ok finished. I gave up on Od Nua as I wasn't making much progress on Level 13. I had enough to level to 12 anyways so no big deal. A better player might give it a shot. Here are some final screenshots: I got the 6 personal kills I though I would get. I am going to guess that you might be able to get this down to 4 if you get lucky and Heodan takes down 2 of the 4 glanfathans, and if you engage the two statues at once and get Thaos or the other statue to kill the Judge. As for the party kills, while still technically a Pacifist run, I would say half of these were from my unnecessa
  13. This refers to a chest in the upper left of the underground Skaen temple. You get there either by the statue surrounded by beetles in dyrford crossing or the tanner in dyrford.
  14. A solo rogue can beat the game with 12 total kills. Stealth and conversation are a large part of it.
  15. On my solo run last night I found that enemies I affected with the confused condition from Mind Plague were not giving my Cipher focus upon attack. My guess is there is some code that prevents you from attacking your allies to gain cheap focus, and that allegiance-switching/-blurring spells make a target your ally for the duration. This is seen by their target circle changing from red to green on many such spells. I imagine that this would be a pretty simple fix to add a flag to your party members preventing focus gain, but then some code to allow gain from any other target regardless
  16. Got down to 13 last night. 6: I only needed to do the clear, run away and then sneak back. Once I got the seals in the door, I ran through and TGed a pursuer. I could then wait out combat and go down the stairs. 7: Go straight to the room with the door, hit mind plague on a Phantom and let it jump at least once to make sure all the enemies are occupied. You can then run around the fight to the door button, activate it in combat and then run through the door to the stairs. Easy. 8: Basically follow Omnicron's 12 kill strategy. Sneak to Fampyr lord, and accept his quest to kill other Fampy
  17. It happens, but luckily you only find a large concentration of Vampyrs in one area. They also tend to come one per group of mobs so there are ways to disable them. Hint: They aren't immune to bullets. Six of them should do. The AI in the game does tend to attack the nearest enemy, but this can be avoided with good micromanagement. Don't just let the AI complete combat for you. Direct your remaining guys against the correct targets. You can turn off Auto-Attack too, so if you don't mind your guy just standing there, you can avoid having them engage a charmed ally (who is an enemy to the AI).
  18. Based on this thread it includes all weapon attacks (but not spells) and requires you to be 4m from your target like Distant Advantage.
  19. I got to the pit on the Burial Isle last night just to see that I could. Got there and out of combat and reloaded on old save cuz I wanted to check out Od Nua before going down. 1-3: Yawn. 4: Getting past the two squads of oozes near the way down was pretty hard. I ended up sneaking just past the first group before I was spotted and then running a diagonal to a little nook on the other side. This gets you engaged by just one troll and one swamp ooze from the second group. I then cast Ringleader on the ooze. It didn't always work, but when cast the ooze would move away from me and give me
  20. Just to confirm, you have: Clicked/highlighted a character portrait and not the stash chest icon? If above, the selected character has room in their personal inventory for the items? I only ask because either case would explain items going to the stash and would be WAI.
  21. What class are you? Druids and Priests got a boost to their health in 1.05. Did you wait to update? Are you wearing an amulet of health or other endurance boosting item? 13 seems an odd number, but that amulet gives you endurance above your limit, rather than just raising your limit. It's kind of like false life if you follow DnD.
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