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  1. Time will tell. If we get more content investors think they will return a profit. I really hope we will get a full-fledged expansion one day. I don't think pillars needs to be at the top of the kickstarter owners list to be considered successful. We do not know the development cost (at least i don't) for pillars compared to Divinity or Shadowrun.
  2. Hey guys, I made some wrong choices and now when I pray to the god to complete the "Into the White Void" quest I fail it. I have a dialog option that requires 19 intellect to select that might let me not fail the quest. My question is if it is possible to have 19 intellect outside of battle with base 10 intellect. So far I have a piece of equipment with +2 int, Noble Stay rest give +4 int, and Fish Dish give 2 int. This leaves me at 18 int.
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