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  1. @Boeroer I agree with you on not sweating details if it's a chore. But understanding mechanics is a pleasure to me, and there will be no point in doing this if it's not in the beginning of my playthrough, since there won't be a second one anytime soon I shouldn't derive the topic on my own specific questions or that would be thread hijacking. I take the couple answers you guys gave me gladly. I will install Unity and see if that makes me able to read code from .unity3d files. Code from the core game DLLs doesn't seem to contain everything I need. Do you guys know if there are good guides on how to get started making mods and pushing them into the game ? A mod would ease and fasten in-game testing quite a lot. @Ben No. 3 "Classical offense wizard" is basically a glass canon, ridiculously weak defensively but throwing spell apocalypse all over the place. (i.e. chain casting and killing everyone from the rear lines) The dual wielding wizard is akin to Baldur's Gate 2's Kensai mage, which can essentially bring apocalypse through spells AND sword; and is harder to kill. In BG2 the tradeoff is that Kensai mages can only shine at very high levels, i.e. there is no real tradeoff in spell power once the build is ready for prime time, making it both an invincible warrior and a mage on steroids. (Tons of HP, better saving throws, ...)
  2. Unfortunately it's not possible to express specific questions on something you know too little about. I have the same issue and agree with Zmperion's assessment on available forum material. To give my particular case as an illustration of how overwhelming our questions could get, I'm interested in Wizard spells in general and also the optimal way to handle attack speed vs raw power tradeoffs with regards to spells, weapon types, weapon styles and stats. Also about what kind of DR to expect from enemies and bosses at higher levels. So basically anything that will allow me to make a badass wizard on my first playthrough, since there won't be another one for years perhaps. I'd like to evaluate the kind of spell power tradeoff that a dual wielding wizard has to make vs a traditional offense-oriented wizard. I'd like to know which talents to give him and how to spread Lore/Mechanics/etc. (e.g. Which scrolls levels are useful, how many points are required in Mechanics to open the hardest chests, are there items that increase Mechanics but are good enough otherwise to not be "wasting an equipment spot" at higher levels, ...) See, I have a huge amount of questions, and I think that is OP's point. You guys can't be expected to answer a hundred questions in a week... Aside from me reading the code directly from the game and sharing knowledge with OP and other "beginners", the only credible solution seems to be that detailed and up to date resources are already available *somewhere* you or other veterans would know. And in case there are no such resources, could you please check this spreadsheet out and tell us if it's up to date in terms of what it tries to do ? I see that sabres aren't updated to 3.04 and no one added WM2 monsters. But Google says that the last update was a week ago, so maybe crucial formulas are up to date and weapon rankings and monster data are still correct. PS: Do you know if the wiki is reliable and up to date ? All I know is that it wasn't back then because it was made during the beta and a ton of game changes weren't reflected in the wiki.
  3. Thanks, I was able to get pretty clear output using JetBrain's dotPeek. Now I need to find out how the combat mechanics are spread out. It would help if I already knew those mechanics, but it's been a long time since I last played and there has been many changes since PoE v1. 1. Do you know if there is a place that conveniently explains everything in great details, math included ? Something 3.04-ready, or 3.03 I guess since 04 is so recent. 2. I remember that someone made a very complete spreadsheet that compared equipment types based on damage, DR, speed and all that jazz. Is there still such a spreadsheet that is 3.03/4-ready ? 3. I'm also very much interested in math for Wizard spells and talents, if there's up to date data for this lying around. (I do intend to contribute back to the community if I can reach my goal. Probably in the form of a spreadsheet able to compare spells and weapons accounting for all combat factors. But it could also be a mod that gives extended statistics to help people experiment in-game with various gear and spells.)
  4. Hi, In many of his posts Loren Tyr shows extended understanding of PoE's code. He can even propose fixes to Obsidian developers. I suppose there are more people like him around here, could you please tell me how you got PoE's code cleanly laid out if front of you ? Note: I barely ever used Unity or C#, but I can read and write code. It's just that I know from experience how time consuming it can be to just get the damn code in front of you in a clear, readable way. Some languages are very readable when decompiled, others not so much, and some can only be disassembled which is more often than not not worth the time. So, how do you and Loren Tyr do it ? (He hasn't been here for a month so I can't ask him) My goal for now is to have the code displayed and searchable easily enough that I'll be able to understand the combat system as well as some chest mechanics. So read is my priority, not write (yet). Thanks for any advice! PS: If you don't feel lazy, it would be pretty useful to show a screenshot so I can see what your setup looks like, but don't sweat it
  5. Hey, Would it be possible to allow the disabling of AutoSave ? It would decrease durations for area transitioning noticeably. Very nice patch. I'm particularly interested in that new Monster AI, monster resistances, and tiny but useful things such as item speed modifiers working. I also hope that monster buffs don't apply to players anymore
  6. Great! Thanks. I unfortunately can't test for the reported bug since I'm a GoG person. (If bug it is)
  7. Very nice! That wasn't expected considering the (supposed) constraints for a hotfix. So thanks a bunch!
  8. I think the easiest way will be to start a new character with 10 in all stats, say a wizard. Or to be safe, allocate all stat points but keep Might, Dexterity and Intellect at 10 so you don't skew offensive values and it is easier to see whether or not elemental talents work. Bring the console in game with the ` key (below Esc and above Tab) and enter the following: iroll20s addexperiencetolevel 12 god Then pick the spells mentioned in this thread and the 4 elemental talents and save. To reproduce, someone with that save just needs to turn the caravan hostile and test the various spells, while comparing actual damage with the promised values.
  9. Don't worry! We are a little tense lately, I think that's because we expected 1.06 to fix some of those bugs that the community has been well aware of for a long time. Instead, we got 2 new ones introduced by 1.06. I think it was enough to overshadow the fixes that did occur, and we end up being rude. (Bug fixes are "due" so we are not as happy to get them as we are unhappy to see something go unfixed once more.)
  10. This is a strawman argument. Most people here care that bugs get fixed. A decent amount of us were actually waiting until 1.05 to start, and some are still postponing their playthrough. Just to be clear, I'm not having issues with you but with the corner in which you put yourself. Your report thread was useful in the beginning, then you started spamming it everywhere, not updating it until absolute confirmation of bug removal from a developer, and you questioned them repeatedly getting ruder and ruder. As a result we can't trust your list because: Some of those bugs are fixed Most if not all of them are in Obsidian's bugs database and having them still in your list does not help reminding developers that they should fix them - For reminders, other people talking about them and reporting them separately are better indicators to lay down priorities. New, valid, unknown-by-Obsidian bugs are drowned in the rest So we can't trust your list anymore, it is being spammed all over the place, the person doing it has become borderline aggressive, and he admitted just today that he didn't play (but edited this out). I only care to say this because you are shooting yourself in the foot and your foot happens to be on the same line as mine. What happens if developers feel stressed about coming to talk directly with the community ? We get PR people instead and their notorious lack of transparency. (They exist for reasons and your behaviour is a good embodiment of one of them.) Hopefully you can come back to your senses. Your initiative was useful in the beginning and I thank you for that.
  11. Thanks for telling us I understand that you can't just release a new version every day because it's not free and possibly not free for your partners such as GoG and Steam (?) either. It's okay with me if it doesn't happen, c'est la vie! and I hope it won't affect how memorable this game becomes to me.
  12. I thought this bug would not affect me because I never had any noticeable sound bugs. Oh boy, was I wrong. It completely ruined the beginning cutscene when you leave the cave. The noises that were supposed to convey what happens were never heard. If you want to get a feel of how immersion breaking this bug can be, feel free to check this savegame. (Host will remove it after 30 days without a download) Because this bug has been introduced by patch 1.06 (along with Arcane Assault failing when cast from stealth), and because it is dire enough, I would say that it looks like a candidate for a hotfix. Any chance for a hotfix to happen ? I don't know the cost of getting a patch through.
  13. Is a game that took 3 years to make worth a $45 price tag ? That's the wrong question to ask. It's already hard enough an endeavour not to tear down prices. Now it may not be of your taste, just like those $45 trousers you did not buy some time ago. If it was me I would trade my pants for a copy of this game without thinking.
  14. You have a bug that can make items completely disappear if you took them off a dead compagnon but suuuure, it's not a problem at all! But it's a known issue indeed, at least in this forum, not sure whether or not it has been added in Obsidian's bug database.
  15. Hi, I was surprised to find this out when I tested Wizard spells. The question is, were Blights intended to have the recovery time of a wand, or 0 recovery time ? Steps to reproduce: - Load the provided save - Notice how this character is naked with 10 points in all stats - Move by one meter north to see the bear hidden by the fog of war - Cast Slicken to engage combat and gain time - Cast Kakaloth's Minor Blights - Cast Arcane Veil for survivability - Attack the bear - See how there is no recovery time most of the time: this character throws one blight per second - Reload the save - Equip the magic amulet inside this character's inventory: It gives +2 Dexterity - Repeat the attack sequence described above - See how recovery time is triggered pretty reliably - Notice that it is not *always* triggered - Reload the save - Feel free to test with any combination of armor, items and weapons in the inventory - Only the +2 Dex item should have an impact on bug occurrence Notes: The group of bandits outside the cave uses -2 dexterity moves. You can go and check that, with 8 Dexterity, the character gets proper recovery time as well. (i.e. The bug is affected the same way whether you raise or lower Dexterity from the base 10) I didn't test with other stats being raised above or below 10, only Dex, because it is the stat that affects attack speed. (i.e. Can other stats trigger the bug ?) It doesn't affect Citzal's Spirit Lance nor Concelhaut Parasitic Staff. These are melee. (i.e. Are there other ranged summoned weapons that could be affected in the game ?) The bug occurs on 1.05 as well. (i.e. It's not a regression from the beta) I don't think I encountered this bug with a 19 Dex character. (i.e. Does it occur less frequently as a character gets further and further from 10 Dex ?) The save can be found here. (The host will delete it after 30 days without a download)
  16. Ok, that's perfectly understandable I might give spells a try with Cheat Engine but I'm unlikely to find the time in the coming months.
  17. Thanks Peddroelm, you've got some pretty thorough testing going on here, mostly focused on weapons and skills. What's the name of the program you use ? I couldn't quite get the name in your video. (It seems that Cheat Engine has breakpoints and scripts though, so it may be possible to use it instead) Anyway, do you intend to dig spells ? In particular: - Studying casting times and recovery differences - Comparing things like Minoletta's spells that hit multiple times vs single hitters such as Fan of Flames, taking casting speed and DR into account - Determining which +20% elemental damage talent is most beneficial based on elemental spells available - Comparing damage of summoned weapons vs spell casting - Deciding whether +15% damage talent for 2-handed weapons is interesting - ... For instance, it seems that people on the forums favor Scion of Flame (+20% Burn damage) and the +20% Corrode damage talent, but after going over the 6 levels of spells, it looks like +20% Freeze is more useful for wizards, especially after Fan of Flames was nerfed.
  18. @cRichards: It seems that the bug where items disappear is not completely fixed or there is a separate, unfixed bug that also makes items disappear in 1.05. You can check out this thread for more information Unless it is the non-retroactive effect of the fix that these guys are experiencing. @Baladas: How about adding this bug to the list ? Bartimaeus gives a pretty good description of the bug, useful for developers.
  19. Thanks for the feedback, you pinpointed the bug quite precisely. That should be helpful to developers if they aren't already aware of this one For a moment I thought he dug a tunnel real quick to grab my butt from below, but I think your version makes more sense.
  20. Hi, I found a bug when trying to kick some bear ass in the Bear Cave with a 3 Con level 2 Wizard. Had a tough time. I ended up using slicken on him so I could explore the cave when he was down. It worked twice; slicken made him fall right after he reached me in melee and engaged me. I was able to flee until he got up and chased me again. The third time however, after he fell and I flew, he hit me from his position (out of the screen) right after he got up. He didn't have to reach melee range, so I basically died alone from a melee attack 30 meters away (with some protective cave wall on top). He couldn't have become invisible or some similar bug, the slicken timing suggests that I received the hit as soon as he was allowed to make an action again, i.e. after prone wore off.
  21. It's both a fun and a fourth wall breaker though, if it occurs in important battles
  22. This one is pretty dire in my book. Does it occur in important fights that should otherwise be memorable ? Man, I'm not going to wait 1.06 to resume play, I waited almost one month and a half already :/
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