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  1. Thanks dude! There used to be a seperate button right? Or am i just losing my marbels....
  2. I lost it, it is supossed to be an option right? Cant find it in the option screen. Can someone help me out? Tnx!
  3. They are still rolling out patches but i think the game is in a good state. I just started playing a few weeks ago after leaving it alone for the same reasons as you mention on launch. As the other posters are saying there are still some bugs (have not noticed them myself) but some bugs are new, so more patches doesn't mean less bugs because they are also adding stuff. On the whole I would say the game is pretty stable (no game-breaking bugs).
  4. 2 hours? Then your only half-way trough the character creation process! Nah just kidding.... In 2 hours of play you can find out if you like it. I just cant imagine disliking this game enough to refund and then liking Tyranny enough to buy it....
  5. I think a big change (build-wise) is that perception no longer gives a deflection but a accuracy bonus. Its also wise to make your tanks NOT only dependent on high deflection. Also the use of skills like athletics and especially survival is different. Survival seems great because of the bonuses it provides on resting. The small heal athletics gives is nice in the beginning but less useful later on.
  6. Great, good information, then sword and board is a no-no for my mage but fine for my priest. Which is nice since de priest has a lot of "aura" spells. Hell he's almost a paladin in the Baldurs Gate sence . So does Blast work with single target spells as well or just with on hit procs from weapons? some other questions: Do i have to save up crafting materials for later on or are there different materials for late game? In other words can I just slam +accuracy on a random sword I’m using or is better to wait for a decent item? Does amplified thrust make a attack roll when it hits or does it always hit (since you cast it on an aly) Does the athletics skill still boost your health (long term).
  7. Thanks for the replies, and what!? no theory-crafting!? that’s half the fun . I like theory crafting on my break at work or something. Sure I would rather play but that’s not an option at work . But you are right; I am playing on hard and its pretty easy so far (I have played crpg’s before). But still some questions I have don’t get solved just by just trying. for example: It seems like there's no real downside to going sword and board style for casters (e.g Durance). Maybe that’s just the early game because he isn’t casting all the time and the other abilities i can choose on early lvl up seem lackluster. Testing all those abilities would take a lot of time and just by reading the description they seem not that good compared to the defense buff a sword and board style gives. Am I right here? Or do I misunderstand some abilities. This is something where maybe general knowledge of stats and skills would come in handy. I find it hard to find the useful abilities which maybe makes me overrate static bonuses and status-effects. Also: Giving Durance (e.g) armor seems like a good idea to me he doesn’t cast as much (yet?) and he’s melee attacks aren’t superb so no real downside right? Is it a good idea to give everyone armor? Accuracy (e.g) seems like a real important stat. But I find it hard to find out how a big of difference a buff makes because the math depends so much on the enemy’s defenses. I think this depends a lot on how good spells/stats/buffs scale in general but since POE works a lot with numbers instead of percentages it’s hard to see. .
  8. Hi all, I just started playing POE again after leaving it on the shelf soon after release (the character stat bug screwed my game up). I bought the expansions and oh my a lot has changed mechanic's wise. I stil like it a lot but i'm having trouble finding guides on game-mechanics and stuff that are up to date. So my question is: where can i find them? For information on builds this forum seems to be reasonably up to date but since most people have played this game for a long time, guides tend to be rather compact and are missing some of the basics. And because i like to use the guides more to understand te game rather then blindly follow them that doesn't really work for me. Some basic guides on the internet are obviously out of date (for example they explain perception in the old way) and some i just don't know if the are up date to patch 3.04.... So my question: 1) where can i find up to date (basic) guides for the latest patch? 2) and if i find a guide for the white march (II) is that up to dat enough or are there lots of changes? Thanks!
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