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  1. There are spoilers here dso read at your own risk. I'm having a problem with completing the iron flail quest. I'm at the part that you either have to kill the commander or get him to side with you. Afterwords you are supposed to free the prisoners with the key you get. I've used the key and the prisoners show up but there is no conversation started with them. I've clicked on all of them. I've even cheated and put the raving delegate in the party with me so i could use the talk to party member command. I've tried killing the commander then using the key, I've gotten him to side with
  2. Well I suppose that he did have A correct solution, kill everyone in the village and there won't be anyone left to have hallow born Babies.
  3. I started on normal play through with all 6 characters and beat the game. Thought it was too easy as it turned more and more into a tank and spank so I started a new one on normal solo. Seems to be the perfect difficulty for me.
  4. Mine is similar to Mads. I went might dex and int. Took took con to 3 for Max in one of the 3ish just mentioned and left per and the other alone. My weapons are a small shield and hatchet, for the deflection. I'm only at lvl 4 but I'm enjoying the much more difficult ruin this time. Also this time is solo. I haven't taken the summoned weapons because I thought that would lower deflection. The only thing I REALLY don't like about this build is that my health goes to red after about 2 fights and I'm not one who likes to rest so I try to conserve my spells. At this rate I don't hav
  5. I put con down to 3 and shoved the rest of the points in dex. My build is a solo Wiz with focus in might, dex and int. The only problem I normally have soloing is that even with 6 athletics my health always gets so low. I don't like to rest often in games so I try to ration out my spells and only use them when I need them but here I find myself using them just because I'll have to rest to restore my health.
  6. The stores generally are a disappointment. The only thing they're good for is to get rid of some junk loot quickly. But overall I've got no problem with the stronghold design. Especially after patch 1.05, which no longer requires you to sit out 4 map transitions in and out of Brighthollow to get a decent rest. Even if patch 1.05 did nothing else it would have been worth it just for that change!
  7. I'd love to share mine but I accidentally overwrote it almost immediately when i started a new game. 70 hours... Gone lol
  8. It depends on who you talk to. Might want to make a poll of it. I personally didn't mind grieving mothers. It was a different sort and you had to actually read the text on parts of it but there wasn't any fighting... That I remember. I think the best one was durance but that's just because I got to make him feel terrible which made me feel GREAT!
  9. The same guy also voiced Aloth, which I found pretty incredible since they sound nothing alike Wow, in my opinion that shows some nice talent to be able to voice two characters that sounds nothing alike. did he also voice Aloths alter ego?
  10. Yeah, I think eder's voice actor did really well with him. They were all good imo but his was definitely the best.
  11. The Raedrick quest. Once I heard that his wife was a good woman and then found that he murdered her, his life ended. It will end everytime I make it to that point to. If I ever figure out how to find the undead version of him, I will kill him then to...again. If you're talking about companion quest then is say Durance. It felt SOOOOOOOOOOOO rewarding completely crushing his self inflated ego. I had an evil smile on my face the entire time.
  12. I agree with the event AI. I've watched now than a few mobs literally run around one of my characters in a circle chasing after another character all the while getting shot at from my 4 ranged. Good times had by..... Not him I'll tell ya that.
  13. Remind me NOT to have you make me any food.... And as far as finding and making food I would this that wizard or cipher would work best. The wizard could kill and cook the food all in one shot with fireball and the cipher could control the mind of the animal making the animal season itself and cook itself!
  14. It's a shot of the screen he's playing on. Doesn't really matter either way.
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