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  1. General forum does not allow spoilers, so I'm writing this here instead. I hope that's not a problem. I'm not gonna share the positives, because there is so much good about this game that writing all that would end up in a gigantic wall of text. However there is two big points of critique I want to share in hopes that it reaches the ears of the devs for the future in hopes of improvement. Warning: SPOILERS 1) The ship and crew part. The crew and the ship was really cool. One of my favorite aspects of Mass Effect and Kotor. However I felt this part was heavily underused and lacke
  2. Picture Download has been dead at 69% for several hours atm. Internet works fine so I don't think it is my internet. I have plenty of space on G: where I store my games so that's not the issue either. Maybe the text as the bottom is an error code? I bought the game on Epic Store (PC, Digital). Can't think of anything that can be the cause.
  3. I went death godlike. Wasnt referred to in conversation a SINGLE time.
  4. If true, then Adra would actually have a striking similarity to materia from FF7. As it would basically be crystalized life essence.
  5. Yep, recruited him normally. It was actually kinda creepy to see him alive again lol. Already messaged a dev about it
  6. They are indeed awesome and its good they got implemented. Unfortunately they will remain... boring, situational and underwhelming until the devs fixes the broken fact that reload times are not affected by action speed / dex.
  7. I had a hillarious thing sort of like this happen to me. In the skaen temple I sacrificed Hiverias. He was sucked into the blood pool and dissolved as he was coughing blood and dying. In the next chapter I met him on the road again lol. Eager to talk about his life. As if the blood pool never happened
  8. The Damage Types themselves doesn't matter much, really. Whenever possible, I think weapons should have niches beyond the damage type itself, anyway. On the note of large clubs, I really want sledge-type hammers. Good ol' Diablo 2-style mauls that you swing overhead into your opponents, crushing their skulls. Two-Handed Crush weapons, Slow speed, +Crit.Dmg like Battle Axes or simply +Dmg á la Sabres. Probably the best explanation so far. +25% Barbarian Rage duration? And 50% if dual-wielding clubs ^^ If you are also a priest who worships Skaen dual-wielding 2xclubs - then y
  9. What if you're not having fun and are trying to figure out why? Did you have fun on your first playthrough Sensuki? I'm asking because on the DA:I forum - some guy complained (created a huge wall of text) that the game sucked, but admitted to having played 200+ hours. You don't play a game for 200 hours and say it sucks I just took you for a theorycrafter, I may be wrong but did it go like this? 1: Played through the game, had fun. 2: Theorycrafted your brains out on mechanics 3: Play the game again with knowledge of all exploits and mechanics possible 4: Find it easy,
  10. Hi Its simple really. When you choose to pick up a club - a CLUB!... of all weapons... ; to bludgeon someone to death with. Then you are really, really set on killing them Hence the extra accuracy. I mean you could have chosen a sword, a bow, a mace or any other weapon. But a lousy club? Then you are SERIOUS about killing said person or creature.
  11. My first attempt was actually an "arcane archer"... well sort of... more like a wizard gunslinger Wanted a wizard with gunner talent and high dex using pistol. However - for whatever idiotic and illogical reason there may be - the devs decided not to let dex affect reload speed. It makes absolutely no sense to me why high dex wouldnt affect a character's ability to reload guns faster. So that build was pretty much ruined. Bow-wizard might work fine. But imo... guns.... not so much. Still bitter on the devs for this design choice. So much in fact that I made a vow not to use ranged ch
  12. Did anyone try going back to the very first area where you awakened with high (12+ mechanic skill?). It would be awesome if the devs actually put a secret there that couldnt be revealed until endgame mechanic skill search. Like... who would think of going back there to look?
  13. Remember when people just had fun playing games? And didn't analyze them to death looking for faults? Good times x)
  14. I was born 1984. Started gaming at 7 years old with mario on NES. I have played countless games on all gaming platforms with a primary love for RPGs. RPGs the last 5-7 years has been average at best (few exceptions). I've actually gotten custom to so many average RPGs that I'm used to disappointment by now. That said... I think PoE is a solid 8/10. Beating Dragon age Inquisition which I considered a 7/10. Despite its faults - which has already been pointed out - I enjoyed PoE immensly. To sum up: You judge a game by the sum of its parts. You dont dismantle it and go "HAH! Found a rusty cog!
  15. Great to know. I've been poking around with a melee wizard (the devs seem to certainly want it to happen given the spell choices), this is a nice guide. OP, did the 3-7 CON impede your durability? Any grazes will still do a min of 20% damage vs any DR, I'm wondering how you survived when multiple mobs attacked. 6 con (starting con) for me only lowered endurance by 9%. At lvl10 that amounts to very little HP. Unfortunately constitution is pretty much a dead stat to wizards. Since your health gain is so low - lowering AND increasing con will have minimal actual impact. When
  16. The conjured weapons are actually surprisingly good, and will compete with any other late game weapons. The problem here is actually weapon focuses. You WILL need the +accuracy from weapon focus. However - the parasitic staff and the lance uses different weapon focuses IIR. And if you then take your standard weapon into account, you will need a minimum of 2 talents to use conjured weapons with the accuracy buff. The spirit lance when I tried it was VERY good. Against a group of trolls in the endless paths I tried the lance solo without my party, it does AOE damage and I managed to kil
  17. SO! Just completed the game on hard+expert as a spellsword. The idea was simple: Use wizard buffs to become a strong melee fighter. Just wanted to share some knowledge on what I learned from this. Race Moon godlike, fire godlike and pale elf are imo the best options. Ability points 16+ might 3-7 con 16+ dex dump-8 perception 16+ int 16+ resolve You want to lower per 1x for each 1x increase in resolve, you want to strike even (at worst) on deflection. Keep in mind that a spellsword is IMO best played around high DR, NOT deflection. However this does not mean you want to neglect defl
  18. Thanks for answering Dimitri Out of curiosity. If time was not an issue, what would have been your next godlike choice to add?
  19. Pick your battles. The world is bigger than the Watcher, and bigger than Thaos - this is not the only story, and the Watcher is not its only champion. More than anything, the gods are ideals to live up to - bad ideals, good ideals, but ideals. Sometimes it helps that those ideals can provide direct counsel, but as Engwithan history demonstrates, people constructed and believed in those ideals long before they could talk back. Not in a hundred lifetimes could one person convince them to give those ideals up - but Thaos was never afraid of one or two atheists. He was afraid of scientific and soc
  20. Wow... Sawyer hits it right on the head. My concern for cheating was secondary. I want the trial of iron attempt for myself - and pretty much with the mentality Sawyer explains. However the secondary concern is that trial of iron would not give me bragging rights, as in - if its easy to cheat - you cant brag about it. I guess if people really want to cheat they will manage.
  21. Just curious how it actually works. I mean... if you die your savefile gets deleted - I get that part. But can you load before dying? Or is loading the game disabled overall? I'm just wondering if its easy to circumvent the trial of iron mode or if the mode is properly enforced by the game. Because this achievement is pretty pointless if its easy to "cheat through it".
  22. Since the devs obviously didnt want us to fight the Adra dragon in the conventional way; I finally caved in and chose to fight cheese with cheese. My strategy, if it helps someone else: 1: Talk to the adra dragon and receive her quest 2: Proceed right and kill the mobs from the top right and downwards, facing the wall 3: When you reach the Xaurups, the adra dragon will aggro and slowly walk towards the party 4: Summon some wyrms or something else and send it towards the adra dragon 5: Train the mobs remaining all the way to the treasury 6: The adra dragon should be closing in now 7: send ede
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