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  1. I think you're right. I think it was causing some issues. I personally really liked the look of it though, so I'd love the option to create a "railing" that looks just like that in order to create the castle look.
  2. Before the latest patch, walls used to stick up a little bit above the floor, giving it the look of some castle ramparts. Since the patch, the walls now end at the level of the floor pieces. While I think that is helpful in many cases, I really liked the way the walls stuck out above the floor, making it look like castle walls. I think it would be awesome to allow some way to still be able to do this, and thus make your base continue to look like a castle. When we built our base, that's what we were going for and we thought it looked awesome. We posted buckets with bows and arrows
  3. Hi all! I'm curious to know if there are positions at game studios for people who aren't developers/designers. For example, I got my degree in organizational communication, but video games and story telling is a passion of mine. I'd love to be involved in the industry (especially somehow involved in a creative aspect), but it seems the positions all require technical developer and design experience. I mean, I'd love to learn those things too, but going to school for something else isn't in the wheelhouse at the moment. Are there other jobs out there that would fit with what I
  4. So far, really enjoyed the game. Really wish there was more to the story right now, as I like where it's going, but I guess we'll have to wait. Here's the bugs and suggestions I've found so far (Playing on Xbox One X, hosting a multiplayer game) Bugs: Grass planks (and other items) occasionally falling through the ground and gone forever If armor is created when you have a full inventory, it uses your materials but doesn't give you the armor. As with most base builders, the walls sometimes really struggle to snap correctly as they should, or they will be blocked f
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