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Positions at studios for non-developers?

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Hi all! 

I'm curious to know if there are positions at game studios for people who aren't developers/designers. 

For example, I got my degree in organizational communication, but video games and story telling is a passion of mine. I'd love to be involved in the industry (especially somehow involved in a creative aspect), but it seems the positions all require technical developer and design experience. I mean, I'd love to learn those things too, but going to school for something else isn't in the wheelhouse at the moment. 

Are there other jobs out there that would fit with what I'm thinking? 

Thank you! 

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Game testing? Being a game tester, could work especially with that degree in organizational communication. You could use that degree, to explain how you can clearly communicate thoughts/feelings/findings in a game. 

I'm not sure. Maybe the degree in organizational communication could get you a place as a social media manager, you could even be a customer service/contact person (emails/phone) for a game company?  

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Generic office jobs exist almost everywhere. There's PR / advertisement stuff, accounting, lawyers, QA, HR, etc.

Of course if you actually want to do game design stuff, applying to these positions seems kinda the wrong approach.

Other than that, you don't have to "go to school" for game dev stuff at all. You can get into it with making mods as well... you just have to show your skills (which you have to do anyways, even if you went to some fancy game dev study group). Results to show are more important than degrees, imo.

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