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Bugs and Suggestions -so far-

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So far, really enjoyed the game. Really wish there was more to the story right now, as I like where it's going, but I guess we'll have to wait. 

Here's the bugs and suggestions I've found so far (Playing on Xbox One X, hosting a multiplayer game)


  • Grass planks (and other items) occasionally falling through the ground and gone forever
  • If armor is created when you have a full inventory, it uses your materials but doesn't give you the armor. 
  • As with most base builders, the walls sometimes really struggle to snap correctly as they should, or they will be blocked for now visible reason.
  • This damn wolf spider that for some reason spawned outside our base and constantly circles us, killing us as soon as we leave and attacking our base. Only get him to disappear by quitting out. Talked to a friend and he said it happened to him multiple times, destroying his whole base every time. 
  • When you go to continue your multiplayer game, it doesn't allow you to change the difficulty. I started a game in Mild, but when I go to continue the game, in the lobby it says it's set to Medium, but it doesn't let me change it. I don't know whether it's actually changing to medium or if just shows it there. 
  • Playing with a friend (I was hosting) and my friend got disconnected twice. The second time, he came back and his player had reset (lost all his stuff) so we had to reload an older save file. 
  • Repair tool doesn't seem to be working. Tried to fix some grass plank walls and it won't do anything. 
  • The Clover Poncho has the description of the Clover Shin Guards
  • The decoration Slime Mold Sconce stops lighting up after coming back to the game another day. (If this is how it's designed, I think it should definitely be changed, as it's a base decoration, replacing it every day would be silly) 
  • Is quartzite supposed to respawn? Only found it once, but noticed that it didn't respawn after going to check another day. I'm concerned that if it doesn't respawn, and so far, I've only found it once, means that it is fairly limited in the world. It's required for repairing a lot of the important tools, which makes it concerning that it will run out quick. 
  • When playing in multiplayer, we have found two SCA:B's laying around, however, only the person who picks it up gets the item and the SCA:B theme. Not a big deal, but it seems to mean that we can't both get it, since it disappears. 
  • Josh Brener's name is spelled wrong on this page (they spelled it Brenner, rather than Brener) https://grounded.obsidian.net/news/grounded/get-ready-to-meet-the-cast-of-grounded
  • When the sun is rising, it doesn't do so gradually, it just suddenly appears and you're blasted with light. Seems to happen every morning. 
  • items being put into storage sometimes don't load properly, or sometimes even seem to disappear if the box is full and you put push the button to move a whole stack. 


  • Change armor so that it doesn't take up inventory space when you are wearing it. 
  • The Spider Chunks icon image definitely looks like spider testicles, which is kind of funny, not sure if that was intentional. I noticed the Acid Sack (I think it's called?) has the same icon, making it hard to distinguish at a glance. 
  • Make a way to move a whole stack between inventory and storage with one button, rather than having to drag and drop. 
  • Recycling walls and such seems to be too easy sometime. I've accidentally deleted things (then lost some of the needed materials) we needed just by accidentally tapping B one too many times while working on stuff. Maybe make recycling require a longer B press. 
  • Let us play more of the storyline :)
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