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  1. I think the difficulties with hard being too easy are partly due to xp issues, but not so easily addressable. Without level scaling you can decrease the xp available but that will only cause issues elsewhere. Level scaling would fix it but I don't know how easy that is at this juncture.
  2. A) Yea, if you are a high level wizard and your spells are too weak, it will feel broken. B) Wizards casting time is already long, adding more and most of the fights will already be over by the time you cast your first spell. There is still no valid arguments against including an option to turn off resting limitations. It is a singleplayer game, it changes nothing for other people who still want to use the current system. That's fine, but in the same vein it should be in a menu that has options for Monks using their abilities without needing wounds, and Chanters be able to use thei
  3. Pauses in the voiced conversation would drive me up the wall. Since my reading speed is well above average I'd end up reading half the dialogue, then it would randomly start speaking throwing me out. Then I'd start over, get halfway again before it randomly started speaking again and I'd lose the thread again. It works for subtitles because I can just glance down for 1/10 of a second to read the line then resume watching, but a weird half-measure there would be a real problem.
  4. Ugh, he really should have had courage in his convictions there. Since Oblivion level scaling has become a dirty word. No-one understands it, they don't get it's been used to great effect in loads of games, but they vehemently oppose it because it was used badly that one time.
  5. This man has it. As it goes the pros and cons go like this. Pros. Can get closer to enemies without being seen, Don't run the danger of running into traps. Spot hidden objects. Cons None/looks a bit silly That's not a decision. In the IE games it was worse because the con was "is boring" Ultimately I don't mind overly, as flaws go it's pretty minor. I don't think there really is an interesting decision to be made here, unless harsh time limits are applied being absolutely meticulous is really the only option, no matter how you try and balance it. You need something i
  6. Wow, this is speedy for GoG. Now I can start a real game of PoE.
  7. I went with GoG, but the downside of no patches is pretty severe.
  8. I dont think it was so bugged, bugs saving games in the same place you get a companion, randon bugs where files are damaged that usually start happening when you already have 30 hours in the game ... thats not something you can test in the beta. sometimes happens, the same way that sometimes games stop working when you have 200 saved games. thats not easy to test before release. The game was not bugged at all, there was nothing that made you lose your file or that made you unable to finish the game (even that damage files bug could be solved by yourself in less than 30 seconds if you googl
  9. But you're not resting "too much", as the game lets you rest THAT much. The fact of the matter is the game mechanics allow you to rest after every single fight if you so choose. The game does not offer any plot or mechanic based penalty for doing this, and instead simply makes it inconvenient for the player, not THE PARTY, which is how it should be instead. Walking back to town is no different whatsoever from having one big ol' loading screen instead. Oh, except that the loading screen prompts you to click an area transition icon a few times, such depth and strategy, wow. The only way in w
  10. Looking forward to Pillars of Eternity being finished.

  11. The "adventures where you choose a path" segments were great, I really loved them. The variable speeds is also a wonderful convenience feature. I'd normally use haste scrolls for this purpose but this is much better.
  12. Given how big that first patch was, how soon it arrived and how broken the game was (if they had done any testing at all, or even idly booted it up they'd know about the bugs with saving and equipping items) my theory is the release game was an early development build from a few months back that they put out, hoping that this patch we just had would be day 1. It being an early build it had reference to alpha assets which were removed in what was intended as a release candidate.
  13. I'm not sure I get the camping system, seems like something that is a nice idea in principal but falls down in practice. It's been well noted that supplies are limited by player patience which is clunky at best. Secondly it's really weird that resting supplies are limited by difficulty. I get that it's a lever you can pull to make battles harder, but the balancing of wizards is going to be all over the place. Are they balanced for hard and twice as powerful as they should be in normal, or balanced for normal and hopelessly underpowered in hard? Or is the combat system only intended to
  14. But the games still largely functioned for most people. If a bug will break a huge part of the game for nearly every player that's different to a few abilities not working as intended.
  15. Again, there's a difference between "bug-free" and "no crippling bugs linked to simply using absolutely core functions". If saving and equipping don't work the game isn't fit for release. Period. Why was this version even made available?
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