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  1. i found micromanaging rogue quite fun ! in a mater of role play, i've found playing a priest a bit annoying, being stuck acting accordindly to my god's commitments... guess should be the same with druid and paladin...
  2. was an easy fight for me, on normal mode. no buff like food or potions were needed. maxed lvl 12 party : fighter tank eder tankish melee dps pc priest aloth hiravias rogue sent the two wariors tanking one statue each simultaneously, unleashed hell on thaos: blinding strike from rogue drood's sunlance did hit for 200 aloth sent paralyzing spell pc priest cleansing flame and he died, without casting a single spell pc priest went between the two tanks with a consecrated ground then paralyzing one statue, sunlance , rogue from behind, aloth chain lightning , and i
  3. yes , on the same kind of ideas, foes with some intelligence should try to run away when obviously about to die, and try to go for help when possible... could be fun in humanoid populated dungeons.
  4. exactly. to me one of the main differences is that PoE rules and mechanics are not as good as AD&D was in BG. but it took years to AD&D to reach that level. hopefully , with time, PoE rules will match it. and anyway, PoE is already a good game. and it will improve.
  5. for me nothing works... petrify is inefective 8 out of 10 times , kitting is impossible because any consequent damage , by spell or weapon make the tank lose the aggro , straight tanking is impossible... i manage to kill all the adds, i did bring her down to 50%... but it only happened twice in 4 hours straight of trying. the dragon slayer debuff is... ermm... a waste of time while casting it, i see no change at all. i have plenty of potions, scrolls... my party if full lvl 12 , 2 fighters, priest, rogue, druid, wizard. i guess this fight is only a matter of luck , mainly
  6. i must be different ^^ had to run side quests to reach level cap before final boss....
  7. just finished my first playthrough, here is my 2 cents : (sorry for my poor english) i loved the game. played it on normal mode , as i didnt want to play min/maxing games, but more rpg style, doing what i could with items i found, going where i fell like when i fell like, ect... i didnt play in a completionist fashion. i ended up using mostly the following party : a hired warrior as tank Eder as melee dps my pc priest Durance Aloth a hired rogue i didn't play at all with other companions outside of completing their quests for a few of them, except Sangani whom i used
  8. PoE was announced as a baldur like , it's exactly what it is. im enjoying every minute playing it.
  9. always keep in mind how a simple hobbit , with only good will and faith, killed the lord of darkness.
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