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  1. Why are people so awfully touchy about romance? Romance has nothing to do with sexual pleasure or stuff. Romance is a part of passion that revolves souly around emotional attachement and bounds. It is the higher state of a friendship relation and not a prolounge on lust. Romance in reality can also be born out of conflict. That is not just a fiction one wants to hold up. So claiming that having a romance evolve out of this sort of mess being impossible or unrealistic is just utter BS, in my opinion. Just to give you a very extreme example, my great grandma and great grandpa of my mother's side have both met during the holocaust and fled through World War 2 germany on foot towards the french borders. They hid in the mountains, married in secret and had 3 kids before a french officer mistook them for Nazis and shoot my great grandpa. He realized his mistake and offered them shelter, but my great grandma refused in anger and nearly shot that man, too. After she died, this officers grandson came to us and to their graves to apologize once more for his grandfather's doing. During her live, my grandma was always with spite and anger of the french military and she never remarried or looked for companionship elsewhere. She used to tell stories about her husband to both my grandma, my mother and her siblings. She always burst into tears, but in the end she smiled before she died and said: "Finally I can stop hating that man." This is what romance is. Compassion for another, even in the worst of times and through the most hardest circumstances. Romance is a big part in most creative Roleplay Games as it is in movies and reality. It's part of the human soul's nature and having a game about souls that never tried to tackle this issue through the main protagonist and his/her companions just makes it fall a bit flat. It gives the game more immersion and also more means for the player to care about certain NPC's and companions. No one asks for a marriage or any of that >_>; I on one hand would welcome an expansion or addon for Pillars of Eternity that gives me romance options. It was awfully awkward playing a female elf and having both Eder and Aloth show such compassion to me without them leading to an honest romance plot. It would be nice to have that part of the soul restored and not just left for certain NPC's. How can a world like that exist in which romance and love are tossed aside like an old rag? I think it would've given this world just that little cherry on top of the cake.
  2. Funny... Did they watch RoahmMythril on YouTube or one of his Streams? Durgan is a variation of Dragon we used on his channel for ages, since he was always yelling "Durgan!" when he played with friends. They started calling him a Durgan and it sticked with that. That's the only way I know about it. Don't know if anyone else came up with that idea xD
  3. Hm.. Still didn't find anything that would fit my character x_X And I am pretty bad at digital drawings and such T_T Let's see if I can differ it better. I am searching for a Godlike picture. Elf based, long white hair (like fire or Smoke Veils) and grey skin with scars covering the right cheek. Death-Godlike, male and instead of horns he has wings (thin and dark). (I'm trying to replicate my Novel Order in Pillars of Eternity, but their leader is becoming a small problem for me...)
  4. I would like to see more varieties of Godlikes for each of the 4 kinds and 3 heads that are provided to us. Maybe one with Wings on the head? :D
  5. The funny thing is that I recall Sacred and Sacred 2 having such limmericks and weird Tombstone carvings as well, but nobody complaint about those at all. I recall to have seen at least 10 or 20 writings that go from sexual jokes forward to pointing out children abuse. But nobody cared and found it funny. They just hate one this game because they can. Because Obsidian is that open to the fans and reachable. Same goes for EA. If EA done something wrong or disappoint, everyone is pouncing at them like hungry crocodiles, but if Nintendo does something wrong or disappoints nobody cares. Sometimes it feels like people only try to spread hate among those they can reach to break them. Don't let it get to you Obsidian Crew. If they don't like it than just simple let them not play it. It does not mean you should bent and bow before their opinions. The masses out there love PoE for the gameplay and exploration, the nostalgia and tactical purposes.
  6. Yes, I understand that. It is weird how people are going through the roof, because of little things like that. If one would look at old nursery rhymes, they would find out that they have far more violence and ill will in it than this. Yet no one complaints about that, since it is part of history and culture. They should realize that this game was based on fiction and of medieval/Renaissance times which had poems and poetry like that. Many great literature we teach our kids at school have such themes in it as well. Macbeth, Hamlet, Doctor Jackle and Mr. Hide. We teach them about World War 2 and the cruelty that went on about it, but we keep blocking off games that just speak about such things while kids can easily get access to any of it on the internet. If any of those may read this comment, I hope they start rethinking. This is the era of evolution and changes. Every era changes and no one can stop that from happening. Instead of outlawing every piece you do not wish to see, just because you're afraid of changes, you should start accepting it and live on. All you're doing is spreading more hate where there has to be none.
  7. Tier 1: Aloth, Edér and Sagani. Those three are already regulars on my Team. Aloth I liked since I met him. His weirdness at the beginning was just wonderful. Him being mage is a bonus, since I love Mages in RPG over everything. Next point he got when his plot started to be revealed to me. It reminded me of the Mage that I had created in one of my Fantasy Novels, however mine had a bit more of amnesia. Edér was really likeable due to his character writing. He connected the concerns of religions of this game, a chevalious soul and peasant humor really well. His background story since I have siblings, too, and I adore my older siblings as well. I tried placing myself in his shoes often and that drew me deeper into the game as well. Sagani is simply just like my mother. Tries to be nice, educated and formal in the presence of children, but also loves to swear a lot. Even my father said she reminds him of her xD Tier 2: Grieving Mother and Hiraivis Grieving Mother is a rather interesting concept, much like Cole. I liked Cole a lot in DAI, but Grieving Mother does not piek my interest that much. Hiraivis is just way too funny. Much like Grobnar and Kelghar in NWN2. I really like his complex personality and quirky/jolly nature. He's always good for some unexpected witty one-liners xD Tier 3: Pallegina and Kana Kana ruined it for me during battle actions. I like his persona, but whenever the battle started and he had to speak this darn line, it got so on my nerves that right after I got Hiraivis, he was out of the team. Pallegina I do not mind having around, but I really don't like her persona. She's too...Paladin... I blame Cassavir for that. He ruined my view on Paladin Class Characters forever... Tier 4: What was his name? Durance? The moment I saw him... I actually didn't take him along for long. Right after I got the chance to exchange him, he was out. He's far too weird for my taste O_O I like weird characters, but this one was just lunatic! Where is Batman? Take him to Arkham Asylum! Give me Riddler, Joker, hell the Scarecrow! But not that!!
  8. I like those Godlike portraits a lot Wish I could draw digital Art that well, but I am more the pen/pencil drawer. Traditional just fits me better... If anyone might help me with this one? I would love for this picture to be more in the style of the actual NWN/PoE Portrait style. The Hair was supposed to be more like a white inferno. x_X Does anyone know someone I could ask to make a Portrait fitting for the game out of this one?
  9. Wizards/Mages are always kept in the back of the line, right behind the archer ranks. Aloth will have it hard at first, since you're only two people, but you can get Edér to join in the same village, who's a decent Frontline Warrior. He should pull the interests of the enemies away from Aloth more. People already gave very good recomendations here. Still, I like having Aloth with me rather than that weird Monk or Kana. Kana is somewhat annoying over the cause of playtime xD
  10. I wish people would stop using one word to describe another that has absolutely nothing to do with it anyway.

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