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    gaming, creating RPG's, writing Fantasy Stories/Novels and FanFictions, drawing, playing with my dog and kittens, being helpful and supportive, criticize and evaluade games and movies on fair standards, singing, playing violin and piano, creating animations, modding

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About Me

"To understand me can be easy... If you manage to understand the nature of my very being...

Think of a world without darkness... What would it be?

A world free from starry skies... A world without shadows...

It would be a place were no lie exists and no harm would spread...

A world of peace? Is that what you image in your fragile little mind?"


"Let me describe it right for you. You do not seem to grasp your errors.

A world without darkness... It is a place were knowledge and experience has no value.

Kings could be fools, Knights could be killing whoever they want and earn praises for false judgement.

A world without darkness... This place has no shadows to shield you from the scourching heat of the sun.

You will find no shelter from the eyes of others... No way and nowhere to hide...

This world without darkness will be a place without fear, but also without caution.

Everyone will be free to be brave, but also free to be foolish. And no one will blame them for they do not question.

They only trust..."


"Yes... This world of light is such a marvel, isn't it?

No liars, no fear, no death... Yes, you heard right. No death.

This world I describe will be an endless torment. A place that will last forever, but never stop.

Never improve... It will be such a wondrous paradise..."


"Now do you understand what I am?"


~Lord Sereg Ûr, God of Darkness - "Ages of Agony" Book II - Chapter 25 - "You shall witness"~

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