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  1. I have one that gives Spears a 1.3 reach that works great. Any way to give Pollaxes the same or more say 1.5? Also give Great Swords, Estocs and Morningstars an increased reach, say 1.15 or 1.2? Thanks
  2. Just noticed that Heodan, voiced by Liam O’Brien, has three daggers. Vax’ildan by Liam in Critical Role has a favorite saying... “Dagger, dagger, dagger.” Coincidence?
  3. You can take the standard Eder finds back to the cipher at Lady Webb’s in Brackenberry to finish his quest also.
  4. Go to www.notra.fr/portrait.php Pick your game, use browse, and point to the file you want. Then crop large and small and a zip will download. Rename files in zip to what you want and enjoy. Careful. Once you start, you will be finding new character portraits all of the time. Best to use the biggest file of the picture you can get to avoid pixelation.
  5. Very small world! What grabbed me was the eyes. Gave me a “thousand yard stare” vibe. After I made it my desktop background I started seeing the little details; the scaring on the right side of the face down to the neck. Gap on the right eyebrow. The stubble with just a touch of grey whiskers, and grey at the temple. Very lived in leather armor you can imagine smells ‘lovely’ not to mention the dreads/braids. You can say the portrait just up and slapped me the right way. As I expected, with the rogue abilities Gren dominates my fights (finishing the Temple in Gilded Vale’) I did have to bump up the xp gain to 33% more to gain levels to keep it challenging. Taking on the spirits in the temple at 3rd level on PoTD is not fun. Just got him to 4th level! No ai setting except defensive. Basically play him as a rogue with a pistol, fill up focus, then start using my cipher powers until expended and if the fight needs to go longer start over. Super fun. The two color portraits of Locke look great too, especially the one from the back where she’s pulling off the wrappings.
  6. Came across a portrait at https://kirileonard.com/illustrating-dnd-characters/ Loved the picture of Gren Llast, then read the story she had created for him. Gren Llast, Human Fighter Gren is a no-nonsense, vicious retired pirate captain, with no love for anyone (including himself). He has suffered a great trauma and has lost his way. Decided to run through Pillars of Eternity on PoTD as him. Instead of Fighter, I chose to be a Rogue/Cipher. How? Created as a Meadow Human Cipher from the Deadfire Archipelago. To match his Raider background I consoled in the abilities Sneak Attack, Crippling Strike, Dirty Fighting and the unobtainable talent Close Shooter; giving him the abilities and talents of a 3rd Level Rogue. Consoled Athletics, Survival and Mechanics as well. Equipped with Leather Armor, a pistol, and a Sabre. Using IeMod with 25% increased XP. Will run through the the Camp and Ciant Lis as a straight rogue, using my cipher powers only after Thanos starts the Machine (The Machine unlocks my Cipher Abilities) and after talking with the Dwarf Animancer on the hanging tree (she explains what is happening and about my new abilities as a cipher.)
  7. https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/78795-i-explored-all-character-backgrounds-so-you-dont-have-to/ Try this, at least for the beginning.
  8. Love the Nite-Runner armor, but the graphics are horrible. Anybody know how to change the graphics to something else?
  9. Darn you Voices of Nerat, was having a fun time with a custom sound set vulgar Wild Orlan Chanter, and you have to post this! Now I have to make another sound set to match this and play a Darcozzi Paladini right away. First World Problems.
  10. THIS BUILD IS SO AWESOME! Added into an existing save about act2/level 7 and wow! Using Ritezzi's Thorn and Sura's Supper Plate and it destroys everything in its path. After this run through on hard I will be doing a PotD run with it.
  11. Are you sure you are using the correct date? I thought the random drop wiki was messed up, until I realized that I was using the chronological date since the game started (first number from the calendar tool-tip) and not the day of the month at the bottom.
  12. Disregard. If you travel to Magrans Fork before talking to the hanged Dwarf and recruiting Edar, Durance is not there. Thought I had stumbled on to a neat quirk.
  13. More Feedback on this. My first two tries I had the lockup as I went directly to the soul after getting the task. After talking with the father in the Salty Marsh and then going to the Soul the button worked as intended.
  14. Repeated twice. Game locks up when going to derrin's soul (option one of text after clicking the soul animation.) Game shows an experience reward, no other text and an end dialouge button on bottom that is non clickable. Have to endtask out of game. patch 2.0693? Steam.
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