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  1. Who says we are trying to let him live? Murdering the whole caravan on TCS for the lulz! :-D -- To Lasci - figurine isn't a valid tactic anymore since they jacked up the price, which was ridicilous tbh. TCS is hard enough as it is. Also to OP. That Madhmar bridge Xaurip Skirmisher isn't too bad - I lost a lot of toons to Xaurip Priests one shotting me for 80 burn damage - that's the worst. You can actaully outrun the xaurip with a chanter, if you take the movement speed chant, which is a tactic I use. I got to lvl5 without using potions/traps, just running around with the chant
  2. Two hatchets stack with eachother, so that's a nice tactic to get some additional damage early game. They're still weak weapons though, don't expect to do much damage.
  3. Check your C character tab, some items may not add deflection as you would expect due to stacking issue. The talents should add it properly, but some item that you think is adding +X may be ignored.
  4. Does anyone know how to solve the witness and vessel riddle? I placed 2 party members one on each of the activated signs, but I don't know what I'm supposed to be holding when I approach the urn.
  5. "Hey look at me, I abused an exploit. I could spam infinite seals. Or hey my character has 300 bugstacked DR, I beat the game easily. Please make it harder." - Neither of those grant you the right to speak on balance for the rest of us. You can report the exploit, but that would be about it since you got no experience in actually playing the game on PotD but rather on how to exploit your way through it without actually dealing with the content in a reasonable way.
  6. Chanter is not going to fare well enough as a main tank. You want a fighter. They get epic class-only defence boosts that you will need for the endgame content.
  7. My best guess would be that DR gets applied to the total DoT damage, and then the remaining damage is dealt over time, because a 30dmg DoT that works over let's say 15 seconds still does damage to enemies with 10 DR.
  8. There's nothing wrong with partaking in a discussion, but when you're throwing words around like "they shouldn't do .. X" and "balance" you're doing a bit more than that. You're taking a side, and without actual experience on what it's like for people who play PotD solo, you're making balance suggestions to the community and the devs. Changes you would most probably not suggest if you had actually tried the gamemode you're talking about.
  9. Not added, I got the same amu before the patch. 250? What inn and what permasummon? Have you even tried the game on solo PotD?
  10. No, it is because I am soloing, the titan at right side won't see my character after fight start, so after I killed boss and the other titan, the fight is over, it should open a dialogue right now but there is a left enemy, and this is how the bug produced. So I try to petrify three of them and killed them in a single fight, the dialogue pops out normally, still they should fix this. That's what I meant. Thaos has to be the last to die. You could split all 3, kill both titans first and then kill Thaos last then it would be alright. How long does petrify last? And can you reuse the
  11. Reckless Assault doesn't cancel. I started it out of battle and now it's permanently there in my PotD Tripple Crown play. It even went to -16 deflection and +16 accuracy when I switched from woods into town, then went back to -8/+8 when I entered the inn.
  12. As LastSoloer said. Try to playthrough the actual game, then you got much more ideas for builds, as you'll get to experience most of the classes in a variety of situations. No situation is the same.
  13. I would assume it's because you were powergaming. The normal bossfight you cant kill Thaos before you kill both Titans. Thaos transfers his essence into one of them first. Thaos has to die last. That's when the fight ends, afaik. That's how my bossfight went.
  14. It says in your guide that you're stuck at the final boss. Are you still stuck or did you manage to kill him? So I assume you evaded most fights? Or did you actually fight quite a bit? Also what summon did you use after the one you get in the first village?
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