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  1. Umm, I solo killed the bear with a not very heavily optimized druid without using any potions or other consumables, so I wouldn't really consider that barbarian build "super powerful". @Korgull Well I killed it with a naked wizard using a dagger and no spells. Sorry i don't have the video though @stilletobravo I'm in the camp that believes video evidence is better. I do like numbers for theory building but I always like to see video for proof of concept whenever possible (it's very very easy these days to get video). Plus I missed a few times and did low damage on most hits s
  2. I wonder what character builds are now trash.
  3. @Lasci I wish people would post video proof instead of talking out their ass sometimes. It's easy to just type crap. That bear is tough to kill because it does 30-50+ damage per hit and is A (one of many) good benchmark for a build in the early game. It's 2015 not 2005. Video evidence of your theories or they are just text.
  4. I found the same thing with my testing. I was all about dual wielding daggers, but 2h was the way to go in the end. I've not gotten to good magic weapons though so maybe dual wield will pull ahead with the right magic buffs.
  5. I use two benchmarks when I'm testing builds in the early game. The first is fighting the 3 bandits holding the dwarf hostage. The second is killing the bear. So far, only one melee-only (non-caster) build has succeeded in doing both. I'm testing caster builds now to see what race/class/stat/talent combos are good. This is the melee-only build that worked for me. with video proof If you find any builds that work let me know. I'm testing the Druid bear-form now. Only way to escape from fights are the talents that let you run faster or equipment that increases your defense w
  6. I did that and it's great but the current bugs killed my caster so I had to stop testing (parasitic staff bug) Parasitic Staff with Mirage and Defense is very, very nice. Run melee with leech spells and it's op.... well, until your spells stop.
  7.     Paladins can't do damage though. They die when you have a group attacking you. Example: Fight the 3 bandits holding the dwarf hostage at the beginning of the game.
  8. I've tested the warrior early game and the barbarian is better. No warrior build I've tested could accomplish killing the bear on normal difficulty. I've noticed a lot of people talking about builds but have seen little actual video proof of other pure-melee builds doing this. I don't think you could solo the game with this build (or a fighter) but it's the best melee build I've played in early game. I'm planning on taking some lore skills to use defense spell scrolls. Should be pretty OP. Apparently the Druid class transformed into a bear is pretty good but I'm only now testing ca
  9. I was watching that one thread of the guy playing Druid in bear form... I'll try that next :D Btw, do you guys have any videos of you killing it by yourself on the hardest difficulty? I would appreciate being able to see your tactics. (Ideally you would show your character sheet to show your build)
  10. I said in the video desc that this is on normal difficulty. I've not played any of the caster builds yet. I'm just starting to test those now. It sounds like the caster builds are very good at burst damage then. So far, this is the only melee build I've found that can solo the bear (at this stage of the game).
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