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  1. Check your C character tab, some items may not add deflection as you would expect due to stacking issue. The talents should add it properly, but some item that you think is adding +X may be ignored. Everything checks out and nothing is suppressed. There shouldn't be anything that would ignore 3 Shield Deflection Bonus unless it's the shield itself, which, as I explained, would ignore all 6 since the shield has a bonus of 8.
  2. How is total deflection from shields determined? As I understand it, bonus to Deflection stack with bonus to Shield Deflection. I have a fighter with Ilfan Byrngar's Solace (Exceptional Medium Shield, 12 Shield Deflection + 8 Bonus Shield Deflection) and as expected, it provides a total of 20 additional Deflection for my Fighter even with another item giving bonus to non-shield Deflection. So what is the point of Weapon & Shield Style? It says it adds 6 to Shield Deflection, and instead only adds 3. If this is a stacking issue, it should not add anything since my Shield already provides 12 Shield Deflection and 8 Bonus Shield Deflection. If it is not a stacking issue, then shouldn't I receive the full 6 points to Deflection?
  3. I'm assuming both although the range is small. Best way to check is to look at stats before and after activating it. On the surface, this skill seems far less useful than shield stance. I regret getting it and saving over the file. I guess I'll have to dump Eder once his quests are fulfilled for a custom hireling.
  4. Well, no one here seems to have anything to add. I went ahead and made a pistol rogue and the reload time is VERY long (almosts twice as slow as a war bow). THe damage output however (assuming good accuracy) is outstanding and with high crits (vicious fighting) and damage bonuses for the rogue, I can one-shot a lot of moderately difficult enemies. Gunner talent and other bonuses should help down the road.
  5. Any concrete explanantion of the third options outcomes? Are the items worth it or is the Security bonus better?
  6. I'm currently building a ranged rogue (not an optimal build for rogue or ranged hero I know) and can't decide on weapon specialization class due to confusion regarding different ranged weapons. As I understand it, bows are generally higher interrupt and lower damage compared to firearms (although firearms can pierce Arcane Veil), but what about attack speed and potential upgrades/enchantments? From the Wiki, there seem to be much better unique bows than unique pistols or blunderbusses. Are there any quantitative values for attack speed for each class of projectile weapon? I know firearms have reload time, but just how much slower is it?
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