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  1. Honestly, the recommended stats in the character creation are pretty inaccurate. As far as it goes, there are 2 damage attributes (dex and might), 2 defense attributes (perception and resolve), 1 mediocre defense attribute (Constitution) and 1 utility/offense attribute (intellect). Damage attributes are good for any character you want to deal damage, might is more important for casters (Wizard/Druid/Priest), dexterity is more important for weapon users (Rogue, Barbarian, Ranger), but both are very useful for both types. Might's healing bonus is okay, and is sometimes more valuable than con
  2. Stats are the only context that matters... The stats you see tell very little as they're predominantly based on what your character could do compared to what the rest of your characters could do. Now, it might be possible to approximate a dps number by calcing damage dealt versus time in combat (for your character it's approximately .37 dps, that's per game second by the way, not sure how much each game second equals in real time) but even that has particular limitations, as whether you were playing on PotD or a lower difficulty would result in different numbers, and there's probably other po
  3. I'm not sure where you're getting your numbers, but they're not accurate. A 20% reload buff and a 20% atk speed buff does not equate to a 40% damage buff. First, the attack speed buff presumably only either decreases recovery time or action time, and is likely additive with dexterity's modification to the same. Secondly, both the attack speed and the reload time are only affecting 1/3rd of the process. it's closer to around a 14% dps increase, not including if its additive with dexterity, (it's around a 21% damage buff, if the attack speed buff in total results in 20% greater atk speed without
  4. Stats only matter in context, and anything remotely optimized will look amazing compared to the very poorly optimized standard companions. The problem with ranged rogue is in comparison with other optimized characters, such as melee rogue and nuker wizard/druid.
  5. Honestly the main thing that animal companions need right now is better accuracy and 3 in athletics. It's pretty dumb that all animal companions have 0 in athletics so they get minor fatigue really fast (I used IE mod to give 3 athletics to my ranger's wolf and make its stats more in line with the wolf in the bestiary, while maintaining the 65 overall stats animal companions are supposed to have). The fact that at base their accuracy is like 20 lower than the ranger's is problematic for using them to deal damage however, and I'd like to see that buffed.
  6. Yeah I took this in my first playthrough because I didn't notice the short range. It was basically completely worthless. With such a short range the character who your swapping with has to be extremely close already and any enemy you try and swap with needs to practically be meleeing you already as well. If it had 6-10 m range it might be decent.
  7. even if your lack of progression is not infinite the results and the impact on the player are not the same. the player treats dying as a hurdle, in fact dying is the basic way to enforce difficulty. backtracking is, again, just tedium, it is not a measure of the game. and to the extent you make the tedium necessary as "punishment" its a bad design. it should also be pointed out that lots of these tedious mechanics have been removed from games over the last 10 years, and that lots of people have pointed out that the rest mechanic in poe is basically just obnoxious tedium. your argumen
  8. Unless you are literally unable to progress in the game at all due to dying the results are the same. Given the chance of that, for most people the difference between dying and backtracking is negligible except that, if anything, backtracking may waste less of your time since if you had forgotten to save in a large area you could lose a fair amount of progress. Your exasperation is irrelevant when you have not proved your point. If anything you have exasperated me because your points almost all boil down to effectively: no you're wrong, I'm right. Without making any progress at explaining
  9. Dying and backtracking both temporarily halt progression. They functionally have the same goal. You died, now if you don't want that to happen again do better, either leave and get more experience or try better tactics. You had to leave in the middle of the dungeon because you used up your resources, now if you don't want that to happen again do better, either get more experience or manage your resources better. The functional effect is the same, you're being told that you are doing something wrong. The game is not designed around the idea that you should have to go back to town in the middle
  10. I see no such clear design. I see a lazy haphazard unlimited resource that enforces tedium, not some subtle brilliance. running back is still not equivalent to dying, the main mechanic in the game is defeating the game, dying hinders that goal, running back doesn't. you're still wrong. parties that are inferior at "going longer w/o resting" are not worse than parties that aren't. they are in most ways equivalent, just one takes slightly longer due to load screens and other tedium. your whole house in built on incorrect, lazy and wrong assumptions about huge numbers of aspects of the game.
  11. If you're running back because of your wizard that is failure (and I consider the wizard's early game quite poorly balanced, so problems with resting early mostly have to do with the fact that wizard starts off with a small pool of per encounter spells and a just as small pool of per day spells, as they grow in levels, their number of per day spells increase rapidly, to the point where by around level 7/8 they have so many spells it's exceedingly rare to need even most of them). If you don't put 3 in athletics and have to keep running back because of fatigue that is also failure (that's the ga
  12. What does failure do except cause you to reload and run back to try a fight again? The rest system just institutes a soft, rather than hard, failure system, where failure is when you choose to run back early, rather than being forced to enter load screens and run back (possibly with the added tedium of losing additional progress if you failed to make a recent save game). In increasing difficulty, instead of resting more often, I would make use of better tactics, better utilization of my abilities. If I'm forced to rest more often than there are camping resources when playing 100% optimally, th
  13. The game is not balanced (and should not be balanced for) around solo. The camping resource system IS LIMITED. It is limited in the same fashion that inventory in the IE games is limited. It is limited in that you can only carry so many resources at one time. You can subvert the limitation, but the price is backtracking, wasting time returning to town at a non-optimal time. Tedium is one of the primary ways you pay for any mistake in gameplay. Repeating a hard encounter multiple times can get tedious, if you're poor at the game but attempting higher difficulties, even relatively simple encount
  14. The reward is not returning for camping supplies. if you have to return for camping supplies that is the game telling you you are not playing optimally. No, if harder difficulty can be solved by resting more, that's problematic since it removes the actual difficulty achieved by having an attrition based resource system. If you decide to backtrack to get more camping supplies so you can rest whenever your casters run out of spells, and opt to throw as many of your casters per rest abilities per encounter as possible. And perhaps for good measure, don't adequately manage your squishies to preven
  15. you still labor under the idea camping is a limited resource, it is not. you also labor under the idea that going "longer" w/o camping is somehow "optimal" that is also false. I will confess that if you continue to believe things that are simply not true then your argument is much stronger. Exactly how is it false? I have yet to have to return to town because I needed camping supplies. Either your argument is it's not limited because it's already effectively free, in which case the solution would be to make it more scarce, or you believe it's impossible to optimally utilize resources such
  16. Ideally the spells become encounter because they're no longer valuable enough to warrant conservation. As is the spells that become encounter are probably a bit too powerful, but this may be an issue with the early game of the wizard. Further, it does not remove the consideration of conservation of valuable spells any more than the existence of the wizard's arcane assault does. Frankly, even without per encounter spells at 9 and 11 Wizards and Druids are already fairly overpowered by those levels as the amount of resources they have by that point is fairly enormous. This is a balancing problem
  17. Costing them time = having to run back. How much time you waste is entirely dependent on how well you play. Playing on PotD, if anything I felt the resting system was too lenient, and I could easily get away with nova-ing in fights where it wasn't necessary and I would either find more camping supplies or finish the questlines in an area and need to return to town anyways. There are occasions where access to camping supplies feels strictly less consistent than it perhaps should be but thats to be expected. In order to have strategic resources, limited resting is a requirement, otherwise the ga
  18. Camping Supplies are an abstraction which serve to fulfill an important role, that of insuring per rest is a meaningful mechanic and that classes can be allowed the option of going nova at the cost of relying on a smaller portion of resources in later encounters. People who complain that it's easy to circumvent through busy work ignore the point, virtually any mechanic that intends to punish players for poor play, and thus reward good play, punishes players through time. From game overs to repair on death mechanics to the limited resting mechanic in PoE. almost all of these systems are fundame
  19. Dumping constitution and perception is a better choice than resolve, not only because getting interrupted will cut into your dps, but because resolve gives will save, which becomes very important in the mid-late game as monsters with charm, dominate and confuse abound. Constitution is strictly worthless on Rogues, and mostly terrible on any other class, slightly less so on classes with naturally high endurance but still relatively low value. Perception gives interrupt, which, while not strictly worthless, does run contrary to proper usage of crowd control, as you want the targets your melee en
  20. +5 deflection from Hatchet, but still doesn't explain the stats, unless what he's saying is unbuffed is including something like the Paladin shield, maybe fighter aura too.
  21. There's no reason to not max dexterity here, if you're going down to 5 int, might as well take it all the way and go to 3 int and 19 dex. Personally I think you should also just drop con to 3 and spread the rest to Per and Resolve for more conversation options, interrupts (i guess they're better than nothing) and will save. 18/3/20/16/3/18
  22. My surivavability point isn't that Barb makes a good tank (or even off tank for that matter) but compared to my Rogue who died very rapidly if I wasn't microing properly vs single targets barbarian could last a significant time, especially with the Savage Defiance talent. Otherwise I agree with you on the whole.
  23. Cipher is 20% base with a 20% increase from a talent. Compare that to 50% base, + any damage talent rogue gets, not to mention Cipher baseline 5 less accuracy, and Cipher is hardly impressive as a weapon user. Ranged cipher is better than ranged rogue, only because Cipher is a caster first and a weapon user second. Further, it's not only 50% as deep wounds, and +20% crit to hit, which gets very substantive with the amount of +crit damage buffs that can be acquired (a total of around +90% damage on crit is not hard to get, annihilation weapon, Doemenal bonus, crit helm/gloves, and dungeon d
  24. Cipher is 20% base with a 20% increase from a talent. Compare that to 50% base, + any damage talent rogue gets, not to mention Cipher baseline 5 less accuracy, and Cipher is hardly impressive as a weapon user. Ranged cipher is better than ranged rogue, only because Cipher is a caster first and a weapon user second. Further, it's not only 50% as deep wounds, and +20% crit to hit, which gets very substantive with the amount of +crit damage buffs that can be acquired (a total of around +90% damage on crit is not hard to get, annihilation weapon, Doemenal bonus, crit helm/gloves, and dungeon d
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