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  1. Yup, I have the same problem. I can only [LIE] to the prince. Which I don't want to... Any ETA when these things are usually fixed? Should I just leave the quest open for now and wait for a patch before finishing?
  2. Hello, My game randomly crashes when switching area's or entering area's. The error asked me to send these to the developers so here you go. See attachment. I zipped all 4 maps that were created into one. Hope it helps fix the crashes. Pillars of Eternity II Game Crashes.zip
  3. Ofcourse im not editing anything, else I wouldnt even be on the forum asking about this. No im talking about pure legit play, but you guys are right. Barbarian gains more endurance each level then fighters, so that probably explains it. Forgot about that one. Thanks, i got my explanation. Seems to make sense now
  4. Patch 1.0.3 I really wonder if the bugs are gone in regards to stacking stats? Is it normal for my level 5 barbarian to have 1036 HP with constitution 10? Reason I wonder why it is strange is because Eder has less then my main, while more constitution etc: I am not good with math and what you need to calculate etc? But unless main char has special modifiers, common sense would say something is wrong here? Think there is still a bug in game that doesnt fix HP? Or maybe HP didnt get properly fixed when loading in saves that were from 1.0.2 into 1.0.3?
  5. Patch most likely coming tomorrow: http://www.pcgamer.com/pillars-of-eternity-patch-out-soon-possibly-tomorrow/
  6. " Bears and Cats can now be equipped with hats. This is most likely not a joke... but might be a joke" I wonder if someone made that joke internally on april fool's day, and the one who had to post it wasn't sure whether to include it or not. hahahaha!! Because I think the developer is referring to this screenshot, which was posted on April Fools day: Either way, the joke is good and if its actually in the game awesome at the same time
  7. I had no issues going past the 13th floor. I believe it requires that you've already got to the point in the story where you understand Engwithan. You need to go past the silent ghost in the small room with two traps to another ghost that will tell you the password to the door. Then you go swear the oath to the door and waltz right through. Got down to the 15th floor and then was one shot by the Master Below and the combat log didn't even tell me what it was that killed me indeed, what you mentioned in more detail was also what I read about that 13th floor stuff. I am not that far in the story so I can't explain that well. I think you nailed it and it aint a bug.
  8. Hello, Looks like most bugs are being fixed in 1.0.3 https://forums.obsidian.net/blog/7/entry-179-patch-notes-103/ I did not find a bug solution on the Endless Path 13th floor. But, I also don't know if it is a bug or not. Another Important note is that the 'Tax' issue in the player keep is not particularly addressed in the notes. We have to see. Anyways I am happy with the patch, it looks like the major issues are all addressed. There are probably some smaller bugs here and there but atleast with the buglist they released it seems all the big ones are smashed.
  9. Perfect, this fixes all the issues mentioned in https://forums.obsidian.net/blog/7/entry-179-patch-notes-103/ However, I do not find any update on the problem people have been discussing (unclear if its a bug or not?) regarding the 13th level of Endless Path's. There seems to be some door that doesn't open. And people suspect it is because of a bug and other people think it might be related to a certain choice when you kill a certain person (No spoilers) in Caed Nua. Other people reported a moment on 13th floor where you talk to the ghost or something and they should open something. But nothing opens. Also on that note I read that you need to do something first until the ghosts open it. anyways unclear is whether there are bugs on 13th floor or not.
  10. Oh no, I mean that I suffered the perma stat increase bug. Not neccesarily fighting bugs. I want to experience the 'hard' difficulty in this game. I like taking punishment, it feels good when you clear the content. So the stat bug ruins that. But I might be able to continue the storyline in some form or shape avoiding combat for now and save it for the the next patch release where my game should be fixed again. But talking about fighting bug there is one I encountered. When you get mindcontrolled and you let Eder Knock-Down you, I was stuck on the ground and never left combat had to reload a previous save to continue again.
  11. I wonder if these kind of stories put a smile on the developers face when they read it. Funny how you went through such lengths to get them to live. I thought to myself as well when they died. "WTF? I just went through so much trouble keeping them alive. And now they just drop dead". Haha, but I prefer the companions more. Interesting bunch of people and they interact with you on various quests and ocassions.
  12. Hey guys, I have a question, which I hope you can answer for me. I have basically finished all the quests in Act1 including the sidequests. Only thing I didnt do yet is actually kill the king. I am waiting for the current bugs to be fixed before actually killing something again in the game. Now to my question, when I look on the map it really is pointing towards defiance, the big city. Can I play in there and so some (main)quests without them involving any particular fights? I really wanna continue playing my current save but dont want to ruin my gameplay experience. If not, I will just make a new character and experiment a bit with that one till its fixed, as there is nothing new for me in act1 anyway.
  13. Finally, someone who is saying what I wanted to say but just didnt bother with. For me personally, its really infuriating though childish it may sound but that people come in here boasting that they played 80 hours already and did not encounter bugs. Honestly, if it was that easy to avoid the perma stat bugs that you can get in a multitude of ways I would be playing Pillars of Eternity right now instead of waiting for the patch. But you can get it by simply reloading a previous save at certain locations, even sometimes when not in certain locations (like perfect example of HP stacking on your main character). Equipment re-equipping, forgetting to turn of Eder's 'Defender' skill when loading previous savegame, +2 intelligence bug on various items for Aloth etc etc, though this is a bit more obvious if you look at his stats and notice 43 intelligence or something and 283% Area of Effect bonus on hard difficulty xD... How the hell can you NOT get hit by these gamebugs? I find it hard to believe and assume that the one who writes that he didnt ecounter bugs is simply unaware his stats have indeed been increased without noticing. Maybe just tiny amounts so at first look all looks oke, but its not. On the other hand, people do with the lottery
  14. It is part of a series of bugs that all relate to one thing, Stats increasing permanently.
  15. He has a point though. You can say whatever you want its your opinion but some people really value their first playthrough. And since most players who just play the game don't notice the stat increase bug, they just keep wondering hmm this game is pretty easy. Just like the OP, now he is near the end until realizing it, and it ruined his experience. So yeh...
  16. I rather just wait for the official fix. As I don't like to support cheatengine. As much good as it might do in this particular case, that engine ruined many other games I liked too.
  17. Thanks Jorge, Is it possible to get a quick update if the stat duplicating bug works on current savegames? Or is it inevitable to restart? Not that I mind restarting (that much). But it is something that I was wondering for a while, since I would love to continue playing on the current save, but can also understand it might not be possible.
  18. Also share that opinion, they however do seem to communicate but I find it strange I have to read on pcgamer.com that they are currently working on patch 1.0.3 and that they are working on releasing it in the week of march 30, while there is no mention of this on their official site or forum. Would have loved some CM to make a buglist together with the community and keep well written/documented bug reports coming and share a bit more information what they are and aren't able to fix in time for v1.0.3 They have been communicating alot better in the past, but since release its been different. Info about 1.03 actually is on this forum: http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/71830-pillars-of-eternity-support-faq/ And a lot of confirm fixes were posted by dev on reddit including retroactive fix for Double Click and Raedric Keep bug: http://www.reddit.com/r/projecteternity/comments/30iccp/hi_all_pillars_dev_here_for_technial_support_and/.compact Yes, your right regarding it being on the forum, I did read about it but kind of forgot. But I was more looking for the second link you posted on the official forums. Confirm fixes, I thank you for the link I guess I will start reading Reddit from now on too
  19. You must be one of the lucky few then who are not hit in some form by perma stat bugs then, or you didn't notice. Or any of the numerous bugs being posted, and I don't talk about the minor bugs but the big bugs that basically ruin the game for people trying to play the game as it is intended. Anyways I am greatful that they made the game and I definitely do not hate them, but the game has been released with too many bugs where I think.. hmm, maybe they rushed the release a bit too soon. Now its released they need to work overtime to try and keep up and fix the bugs people reporting. A better beta program of the actual release version could probably have helped catch many of the bugs people report right now.
  20. Also share that opinion, they however do seem to communicate but I find it strange I have to read on pcgamer.com that they are currently working on patch 1.0.3 and that they are working on releasing it in the week of march 30, while there is no mention of this on their official site or forum. Would have loved some CM to make a buglist together with the community and keep well written/documented bug reports coming and share a bit more information what they are and aren't able to fix in time for v1.0.3 They have been communicating alot better in the past, but since release its been different.
  21. Another well explained bug (involving the Horn item): http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/72492-bug-cipher-focus-gain-permanently-disabled-by-drinking-horn-of-moderation/ Cipher focus gain permanently disabled by Drinking Horn of Moderation Good read, definitely worth picking up if any dev is reading the post. If you read more, it also explains why some other skills are acting up weird. it seems in the end all related. I think the whole Saving system is bugged as hell and should be completely revamped. All I know is that after reading many bugs, alot of them stem down to either loading previous saves. Or related to perma increase stats by equipping/de-equipping -certain- items. Excluding the 'double-click on items' bug which is an issue on its own as well. Another thing I would share extra attention to are all the Raedric Keep issues that people are reporting: http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/74116-raedric-keep-issue-also-occuring-later-in-the-game/ More Kana Caed Rua bugs keep piling up, one other example and well documented bug can be found here: http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/74107-bug-kana-rua-roster-change-bug/ Also special attention to the many bugs regarding the Player Keep, like black screens when you want to sleep in the brighthollow inn in combination with dropping kane from party etc. And, more reported strange bugs in regard to the player keep.
  22. Hello, sounds like something that could be added to the list of bug fixes. Your post doesn't tell much on where to start for the developers. Try reading this post and edit your post with the necessary information for developers: http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/72439-must-read-how-to-report-an-issue/ If you can't add all the required info, I think the more important ones are the Output Log & savegame so at the very least the devs can load the savegame and check what is wrong if you can't explain it very well. A screenshot and/or video helps too
  23. Very nice find and credits to the original poster. This however doesn't fix the issues as not ALL stats (like accuracy) is fixed to normal. I might be nitpicking, but I want to game to be completely as its supposed to be. Another thing I noticed are comments like these, which I think that even if you apply this fix, you play 5 more minutes and you have it again. Also there is a bug where the players HP increases permanently at random intervals, probably related to loading previous saves but it happens at locations other then where you picked up companions too. Example what he said. If I go further, the 'Defender' bug on Eder is still there, so that will add over time too. Even if you avoid all the bugs its more a very tedious job rather then actually focusing on the game and enjoying it. I hope it helps some people, but I will wait for the bugs to be fixed, and I hope they will do so in 1.0.3
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