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  1. To get access to all console commands you need a fantastic mod (that offers a lot more on it's own) called: IE Mod at: http://www.nexusmods.com/pillarsofeternity/mods/1/? Here is a list of all console commands: http://rien-ici.com/iemod/console Regarding how to access the "console", you need the correct "key" (it's the one above TAB key). Worst case scenario is just that you enable the language bar and press key-combination to switch from your native keyboard layout to US standard (then you can use key above TAB), or you figure out placement for your region that is the same. Sidenote example, on a Swedish (Nordic) keyboard users have to press the Ö-key to open the console, so keep pressing your "native language" keys and one of them should theoretically work.
  2. Open console and write: rest Another useful console command is: ManageParty If commands does not work you have to first write: iroll20s Rest and party management should have been made more flexible, and semi-cheating with those two console commands from time to time is nothing to feel bad about.
  3. Yes, a mod that does all of this automatically would be great. A dialogue just before leaving the cave based on player statistics about feeling something bad outside would be perfect and really hammer in the roleplay reasons why Heodan and Calisca "might wait behind", then some changes in the Calisca's sister conversation and small things like that. And yes, its fully possible (without voice acting) to make both companions react on events and such. Really hoping a modder will do something! Would love to see a living Heodan's story unfold and how Calisca help's her sister and such... lots potential here! Oh, Heodan is a "Rogue" companion, and sadly he is killed with Calisca (fighter companion) outside the cave Cilant Lîs. The main problem with this is the fact that Heodan is the only "pre-made" Rogue companion the players are given unless they make their own Rogue protagonist or one "generic" one at the inn. If you follow my step-by-step instructions at 1st post you wont need a mod to achieve success in keeping Heodan or Calisca or both (depending on how you solved things back in camp of course) alive outside the cave.
  4. Not if you (or anyone else) follow my step-by-step instructions, then both Heodan and Calisca can live, period! Truth be known, depending on how a player "finish" the first caravan map things can change too i.e. you can kill all in camp (including Heodan and Calisca), you can also depending on dialogue and your character statistic limitations end up with a dead Heodan or Calisca, so it all boils down to how the "player" want to have things play out really. I get it that you are not happy with my Heodan and Calisca "avoid death" circumvention but my goal here was simply to open up "one more" path where Heodan and Calisca still can be alive after a scripted death event. From a RP-viewpoint, if the protagonist character feels something bad lies ahead then she/he will ask them both to "wait" inside the cave, and I can't see any problems with that really. Some players of course do not approve, while others for sure will use my step-by-step instructions to open this "extra option" of solving things
  5. Heodan and Calisca actually have "dialouge" if you talk with them that sortof is relevant always even if it wont evolve like the other companions. But the great thing with this "trick" is that we now can have the "orginal" Heodan and Calisca, and the feeling from a RP-point is priceless. Except that you know they actually died and that you only managed to save them via ... I dunno, peggy sue shenanigans? No, technically they "never" died, if you do this trick. Simply put, they "waited" in the cave while you go out alone. The thing is, the "death script" really kills them if they follow with you out, so it's impossible to console add them again since when they do "join" they directly "die" (you hear a scream). However, for some characters depending on luck you can manually console move back to first caravan map and if lucky that way see Heodan and Calisca there, but sadly you can only force console add "Heodan" but it bugs a lot and it's not recommended since game crash when zoning with him that way. Moral of the story is that both Heodan and Calisca have a fantastic backstory, and RP-wise there is just a few RP-bumps in the road to keep them alive, but well worth to live with (at least in my book).
  6. Heodan and Calisca actually have "dialouge" if you talk with them that sortof is relevant always even if it wont evolve like the other companions. But the great thing with this "trick" is that we now can have the "orginal" Heodan and Calisca, and the feeling from a RP-point is priceless.
  7. Yeah, it feels a bit strange at that point, but still... Calisca is alive for the rest of your story so it's a win anyways.
  8. For Heodan and Calisca to cheat death at "scripted event" you sadly have to start a new game as I never got any other trick to work reliably. 1. Make a new character and play as normal, but just before exiting the cave "Cilant Lîs" save the game. (skip step 2 if you have IE Mod already installed) 2. Quit game and download IE Mod from Nexus: http://www.nexusmods.com/pillarsofeternity/mods/1/? (by itself this mod is fantastic, but it opens up more console commands that might be needed for this to work) 3. Open the console and enter "ManageParty", now dismiss Heodan and Calisca and press accept. (if "ManageParty" does not work, you must first enter "iroll20s" first) 4. With Heodan and Calisca dismissed you can now leave the cave "Cilant Lîs" and activate the event outside, and once it's played out leave zone (also called "Cilant Lîs"). 5. When in "Valewood" you can use the "ManageParty" console command and recruit Heodan and Calisca again who just have cheated one of the more unfair scripted game death's ever. VERY IMPORTANT! Avoid to have Heodan and Calisca in your party if/when you zone to "Cilant Lîs" map because their "death script" generally will crash the game when you later "zone out" from that map. Otherwise everything works fine (so far) for me with them both in my group.
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