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  1. Fixing the Wheel is actually the core of Eothas's plan. It's a test for the kith- they're meant to find a solution to the Wheel's destruction, and in the process they'll grow beyond the need for the gods. It also gives them an opportunity to stop powering the gods leaving them out of the new Wheel, if the kith don't want to continue serving them after learning the truth about their creation. This makes no sense at all. If 'gods' and reincarnation were created by Engwithans, who created souls and everything else?
  2. The problem with numbers is they can be misleading: https://www.gamingonlinux.com/articles/how-steam-computes-linux-sales.4675/ Game is still buggy, so my question is: was backing it at kickstarter worthwhile? I bet not for everyone.
  3. Same here, but it appeared on two characters who didn't have this weapon equipped. They also have this in their active status effect. It seems problems with active effects are endless here.. http://zapodaj.net/25d6146a9f601.jpg.html
  4. It affects nothing. The hirelings get paid normally every 5 in-game days. It's just a minor UI bug. Good to know. Thanks.
  5. I do not understand how "Currently unpaid" actually affects the game in any way except to be a bit confusing at first. They turn hostile, aren't they? Furthermore, I've experienced another bug with hirelings. When stronghold was under attack and I chose manual fight my Ogre hireling from quest was.. duplicated (!!!) and he (they) was doing nothing. Sadly, I don't have this save game anymore. I didn't check 1.06, yet.
  6. With this being unfixed game is hardly playable: http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/72596-hirelings-currently-unpaid/
  7. Still no fix for hirelings being unpaid? No cipher ability nerf? http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/79180-cipher-beam-spells-are-completely-over-the-top/?do=findComment&comment=1691029
  8. Let's nerf what should be nerfed.. Furthermore, it's not about things that are good, but OVERPOWERED, so you make no sense.
  9. You're missing an obvious point: how is the monk supposed to hit a fighter with his bare hands? Fighter wears heavy armor and shield. Bare hands vs shield or armor = broken hands, bare hands vs sword = no hands at all. Such class like a monk shouldn't have place here, but it's just my opinion.
  10. It's incredible how arrogant you are. You don't need to be able to write code to observe how **** an engine performs, especially when you have other engines to compare it to. I have already explained IN DETAIL, go read it. I am not arrogant, I just have a low tolerence for people who make statements without having any knowledge about software development. I am done with you, come back when you have a clue. Edit: I finally found out how to ignore this kid. You're missing one obvious point: Obsidian devs aren't noobs who don't know how to optimize a game. They have many good games on their account already. For example Fallout: New Vegas ran better than "fall_oblivion_out 3" on my old PC.
  11. Same here. With current bugs the game is unplayable for me.
  12. PoE works fine, even maxed out on my gaming laptop, perhaps your computer is the issue? Until you are able to see the code, you are just blowing smoke. Unity has MANY successful games, it has for many years, how about you post some reliable counter? My PC is fine. I can run FarCry 3 on highest details. My frame drops aren't graphic related. Game slows down for a moment after entering new location or loading a save game. It's cache issue I think. You didn't answer my question.
  13. Wrong, the fastest games were writtten in Assembly language and eventually C, then C++. C# and Java are higher level languages, but they are perfectly capable of producing very fast games, it all depends on the skill and knowledge of the developer! And regarding DirectX, it is as fast as possible to write to a graphics card without creating your own device drivers! Do you know how DirectX functions under the hood? I do! Which ones were written in assembly language? I hope you're not talking about pre 95' engines? I'm dying to see fast engine made by c# or java (or any other application). It doesn't only depend of the skills and knowledge, but garbage collector, JIT and other language related factors. A perfect c/c++ game engine will be much better (and faster) than perfect c#/java engine. The later have larger memory footprint and memory allocation is much faster in C/C++. nVidia claims Linux can achieve 300% more performance in OpenGL than Windows with dx. They were probably thinking about upcoming Vulcan (the new OpenGL, but not exactly). It will give much more power to developers. It will be even possible to control graphic card directly from the engine level;.
  14. Exactly right, and with deadlines being what they are today, developers do not write as much custom engine code as they used to. Hell, back when I started developing (8 bit computers) we packed a big punch into games by using assembly language, people do not use asm today, they rely on high level languages like C/C++/Java/C# and high level SDK's such as DirectX to access the hardware for them. C and C++ are middle level languages, so comparing them to bloat like c# and java is a huge mistake. The 'fastest' game engines were made in C++. When comes to directx I wouldn't call it fast. It's just popular.
  15. You don't need to be a developer to know what framerate you're seeing from a game, or how much system/GPU memory it is taking. And there are several examples of Unity games showing significantly higher memory utilisation and poorer performance compared to those using "native" engines, such as Legends of Aethereus or Dreamfall Chapters. Based on Unity output logs I've received following a crash, Legends of Aethereus had 240MB allocated yet ended up using 2GB. Dreamfall Chapters reported 800-900MB allocated when it took up 2.8GB. Not (yet) seen Pillars use more than 1.6GB, but this is a spectacular amount of memory compared to what Temple of Elemental Evil or Divine Divinity/Beyond Divinity needed for their graphics. Nice try but wrong, looking at frame rates does not tell you anything about the engine because you do not see the code in a profiler to see where the bottle necks are. There are ways to control your memory footprint and other things if you know what you are doing, people do it all the time on mobile devices. Have you developed any native engines? I have, many times over the past 30 years as a developer. Could you point us to a PC game which is using the Unity engine and works well? PoE sucks, Wasteland 2 sucks. It seems there are no problems with Unreal, Quake, Crytek or Serious Engine. Do you really think developers can mess Unity so much it works like that? I'm not saying you're mistaken, but maybe there's something wrong with this engine? Maybe it's harder to make optimized game with it?
  16. This. Furthermore, PoE system is much better than AD&D which was really boring and shallow. BG2 was too much simplified and linear. Maybe if there were no Fallout and Fallout 2 I would like it. Fallout 2 is still unbeatable king of cRPG.
  17. Stop kidding. Divinity: Original Sin is in 3D and its characters have more polygons than PoE. D: OS is running wonderful on high details on my box. PoE slows down from time to time in some locations. i7 3770k 3.5GHz, Geforce 660 GTX Titanium 2GB, 16GB RAM. PoE looks worse than Temple of Elemental Evil (and ToEE had beautiful trees in 3D), but runs much worse. It's messed up Unity engine which is terribly slow. It's also the case in Wasteland 2. He's talking about Unity engine in specific. It handles 3d models horribly. Divinity: Original Sin has nothing to do with it, since Larian used their own in-house engine. I got it. However, it shows Divinity engine is far better than Unity. They're porting it to Linux, so hopefully it will become a cRPG engine of choice in the future.
  18. Stop kidding. Divinity: Original Sin is in 3D and its characters have more polygons than PoE. D: OS is running wonderful on high details on my box. PoE slows down from time to time in some locations. i7 3770k 3.5GHz, Geforce 660 GTX Titanium 2GB, 16GB RAM. PoE looks worse than Temple of Elemental Evil (and ToEE had beautiful trees in 3D), but runs much worse. It's messed up Unity engine which is terribly slow. It's also the case in Wasteland 2.
  19. If certain abilities/talents/skills/classes trivialize the game, the nerfs are more than acceptable. It's funny how you claim that PoE is not a "freaking MMO" and then proceed to complain about "builds." Well yeah, it's an rpg, so if a spell is too powerful, it's up to you to decide if YOU want to use it, or not. Not somedy else. And yes, again, it's an rpg, you build the character you want, the way you want it. Builds or templates or whatever arn't born fromm MMOs dude. You're playing it alone, you don't care about what other think, it's you and you alone. Why nerf some ? Because it's too powerfull ? Don't use this spell/talent/ability then, you're not competiting against anyone here. Or maybe because you don't need to use other spells because there's this one who work better ? Up to you, once again. You want to use those ? then use them, but don't make it on others because you think it's acceptable or needed, once more, this is a solo game; builds are made through various means and aiming to various goals, each personal, and not because of the sake of "balance" or "having the best you can get", like Mmos do. It's their game and their IP. They decide how powerful they want skills, abilities and spells to be so it fits their vision of how they want their game to be. If you don't like it, look for future modding opportunities that will let you cast spells that one-shot the entire screen. Did you read anything about what I said ? Seems not since you didn't understand what I was saying, and I won't explain it again, so use your brain and learn to understand when someone say anything, before talking back ... Disapointing man. Thanks for the patch, hope I'll be able to play 2h straight without having to stop again this time. He did, but your logic fails in every possible way. Nerfing is not bad in SP games, it's good. SP games should be very well balanced.
  20. You've got to be kidding. Balance is SP games is VERY important. If you don't agree then stop playing.
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