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  1. no, once you enter an area for the first time the items become set.
  2. if you want something different you have to go to a saved game before you've entered that area.
  3. your force points regenerate after each vision.
  4. how can that be when weed isn't addictive
  5. katarr was probably destroyed shortly before kotor 2 starts.
  6. if you're character is male than you should get her automatically after leaving the telos academy. after you look at the recording of your trial, the handmaiden should come in and say that those are atris's records.
  7. Nihilus, he had the best looking mask and he wiped out most of the jedi order on his own.
  8. i usually tend to use one silver and one bronze, but my vote went to silver.
  9. ive probably played for a good 12 or 13 hours straight.
  10. i fail to understand how anyone could have trouble on malachor v. the greater storm beast was easy, all the sith in the academy were easy, sion was easy, in fact the only part i had a little trouble on was against kreia's three lightsabers.
  11. the default color of the lightsaber bao-dur builds you, is whatever color crystal you have in your inventory.
  12. but those crystals were added content, because they were added to the game after the orignal version was released. if the pc version had been released at the same time as the xbox version than those crystals would not have been part of the game. they were added to the game, which is why they are only available through xbox live on the xbox version.
  13. other- to choose who you want in your party from a wide variety of characters you meet in your travels
  14. if you've ever role played using the d20 system than it would be a lot easier to understand. basically everything you do comes down to the roll of a 20 sided die plus your ability modifier
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