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  1. You can't say that barbarian is a solid class. The class is so fragile at the start it is not even worth his AoE damage I hope it will change as I get gear otherwise I will cheat and reroll. (Playing barbarian on path of the damned second play-though)
  2. Well you can only get to level 12 and then your capped in level so the amount of points you get plus your starting bonus, item bonus and sometimes food. But there is no real need to push it over the limit. You wont need over 10 lore for conversations or scrolls unless you suspect that they are making an expansion and you want to keep going and want to use the save for that game I mean why would I have 14 lore and be able to use 7th level scrolls when there are non... yet
  3. I would say you are abusing game mechanics right there Yea but I just picked an old save just for this video and killed him with seals On my "real" story I killed him with Paladin ( my self) Durance, Aloth, Edér, G.Mother and Sagani after I got the scale breaker skill as I said in my post, had some summons, food, scrolls and potions to help as well.
  4. I made a video how to slay a dragon like a boss. Note that she wipes out my party because I was lazy and did not stand far away. Like Fun3z said you can use the seals to slay her. Also you can go to the dragon slayer to get the scale breaker skill, this is what I did and eventually I killed her without any abuse of the game mechanism https://youtu.be/WmS_t2SSL00
  5. If that is the way you want to play the game go for it! It is your character, if you think that he would do something like that, he should. You said he (you) got tired of them and found that to be the best solution, it is a role playing game dude I actually don't think you can kill npc's that effect the main story
  6. Did you do this on easy? I have done all quests and tasks and got the best equipment you can have with enchants just for this encounter. I am maxed out, I got the scale breaker skill from the dragon slayer, I use scrolls and all debuffs I can think of but still my fighter goes down not because of lack of endurance but the health it self goes down..
  7. I could not talk to the spirit before I tried to open the door. Did you try that?
  8. Yes I had problems with this too. I was stuck in this cave for some time and even rolled back and played from a save way back because I assumed I messed up or that it bugged. Seems that you can't get his soul if you are nice and who needs power when you are nice
  9. The same happens for me when I enter Brighthollow to rest (the second floor). The screen goes black and I can only see the mousepointer
  10. I had almost the same "bug" I did not approve of Enso's (spelling) research and everyone turned hostile for me, now I can't talk to the npc Nans and the quest is failed =( Wish there was a friends spell
  11. Yea it is good to fight them in a narrow space like all fights numbers are against you. I did it on level 5 on hard and I ran down to a doorway and let Eder do the tanking it was a very long fight and in were down to Eder and one npc
  12. I killed everything and I was sneaking around in every room looking for a hidden vault. I suspect what the npc had in mind was any loot you got during the attack you can keep
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