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  1. And this is apparently not the only game stopping bug .... I am so disappointed in this developer
  2. Seriously? Such a quest stopping bug and there is not fix? What a bunch of lousy fixer.
  3. Dude it has been 4 months and the issues is still not fixed? For me anton disappeared the first time I reach the city. Seriously get this sorted dudes.
  4. Same Problem here, his sprite is simply not loading. I have even opened a ticket earlier with a screenshot.
  5. Seriously .. why did you buy it through that S%^thole of a launcher? Even the Microsoft store is better than that piece of junk. But still, rather sad to hear such problem. My bug was with the non loading of the sprite for Anton .... guess they didn't debug enough. Strangely these problem started for me only on the supernova mode, not when I played hard mode.
  6. When I arrive at Roseway and proceed to meet Anton, I found that his sprite is not loading, even though the quest marker is present. I am playing on supernova .. on my first run, on hard, it ran without any problem.
  7. For me, Anton is missing from the start, can't even start the quest. Quest marker is there, but Anton is missing.
  8. ... except that at that level, your level 1 spell (since it doesn't scale at that level) is NOT going to save your bacon at all, no matter how many times you cast it.
  9. I just wonder if in the next patch, it will be possible for Obsidian to include a sorting function in the stash so that we can sort and group similar items together (as in sequentially in a row), so that we can compare them easily. Currently there is no way to organize the stash in an easy manner and it is really a big mess. The second item on my wish list is to tweak the vendor system so that I can actually choose where the items I buy end up in. If I choose a player, the item should go to the player. If I choose stash, the item should go to stash. Currently .. once again .. it is a mess and it goes to the 1st player.
  10. Well, as someone who has been playing this game for a few weeks, I must say that the leveling system and the relative lack of progress is the ONE aspect that I dislike the most. It does not give the player the sense of achievements that I would seek in such a roleplaying game. The measly number of skills and abilities when you reached the pinnacle of 12 level and the inability to adjust and improves the stats of the characters during the leveling process makes it even worse. You might argue that level 12 is not the pinnacle, but in this game, it definitely is .. and especially so when it pits you against an immortal boss that threatens the world.
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