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  1. I have been enjoying the game a lot but i hit a soft lock on one of the main quests. The quest is called "Radio Free Monarch", the step i'm on is "Speak with Nyoka at Stellar Bay". The issue that I'm having is that I talked to her and went through her dialogue and she told me to get her some Caffenoid. So I got all the way through the dialogue and i told her i'd get it for her but the quest step didn't change and even figuring out where the caffenoid was and stealing it didn't progress the quest either. I also only have one option now when i speak with her. "Actually - nevermind. I'll catch you later. (Leave Conversation) Is there any way someone could help me out or possibly fix this issue. I am enjoying this game so much and would hate for people to not like it because of a game breaking bug like this. Thanks in advance. Edit 1: I think i figured out the problem. When you go through Nyokas dialogue, at the end you get two options. One is to agree with her request and get the Caffenoid. The other is to say that you'll consider it. Both options make you leave the conversation immediately after choosing the option. If you choose the second option where you say you'll consider it, the quest doesn't progress obviously because you didn't agree to help her. But when you try to talk with her again there is no dialogue option to say that you've changed you're mind and have decided to help her. So in order to fix this they would just need to add an option that lets you agree to help her after you choose the "I'll consider it" option the first time you talk to her. So if anyone from the dev team sees this please fix this. Thanks in advance, again.
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