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  1. Alright I found Anton in Lost Hope in Groundbreaker saying that he is a changed man etc. etc.. But he acts like I have given him the research already and ran away with some outlaws. Perhaps a couple of persuasion checks earlier during the quest I threw caused him to jump to this state. Just leaving it for future reference. The quest The Doom That Came to Roseway is still open on my log. Possibly I will give this research to Gladys in that case and hope this will resolve both things for this run. Edit: Giving the research to Gladys placed both quests to Completed section. Though it is still kind of immersion breaking considering where Anton winded up and claiming he split the profits from selling the research with the outlaw.
  2. At the end of The Doom That Came to Roseway I was supposed to report to Anton Crane but the NPC has vanished completely. The quest icon appears at Comms building labelled as Anton but there is no sight of the character. I have completed everything to the letter even the optional objectives. (i.e killing outlaw woman, sedating raptidons etc.) Any workaround for this issue or should I wait for a patch?
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