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  1. Kreia all the way. She's not a lovely person, more like a major bith if you know what I mean, but she's a hell of a character. I love a smart, proud, powerful old woman who turns people around her little finger. And she's more knowledgeable and educational than any Master has ever been shown to be, except maybe Arca Jeth. Onderon gets the cake, I think. What with the civil war, the Dxun moon and everything, and I really liked how it was made pivotal to the Republic. Via Katarr, Nihilus enters Republic space undetected, with the Jedi and the Miralukas not being a factor, then he allies himself with the Onderon Separatists, aiding them in breaking away from the Republic so that Onderon would become a staging ground for the Sith. In a startling turn of events, the Peragus Mining Facility is destroyed, restoration efforts throughout the Outer Rim are doomed, and secessionist movements get out of hand. Ithorian efforts get chocked by the Republic blockade and Czerka starts gaining the upper hand in contract negotiations. Republic spies such as Xaart struggle to get information to the senators who staked their careers in the rebuilding of Telos. Boy, were it not for the Exile, the Republic would've had no chance to survive.
  2. If Zayne Carrick is Darth Nihilus, that means little Mission Vao knew him. She even had a crush on him! What are they trying to pull? You think this is going to die fast or maybe there's a sequel there, featuring Mission and Darth Nihilus reborn?
  3. Just rename *.wav to *.mp3 and you'll be fine Right now my cell's ringtone is Dxun's battle track.
  4. "Is that why Atris was siphoning power to the Telos Academy?"
  5. Now the question is how does that click into place? Revan left the Hawk on Malachor, could T3 fly it through mass shadows? Could Kreia? Did T3 wait for Kreia or just happened to pass by when she was cast out? How exactly did T3 find the Exile?
  6. The Sith Lords is about Kreia, and the Exile. Kreia was Revan's first master, the one the Jedi Council held responsible for his fall, and that of many others. She was exiled and joined Revan in the Mandalorian Wars, until she was lost trace of and thought to be a casualty. She spent years in Trayus Academy under the Sith alias Darth Traya, learning the ancient mysteries of the Sith, and studying the echo in the Force that the Exile created on Malachor V as she severed her connection to the Force. Kreia sought to understand how one could turn away from such power, give up the Force and still live, and she did. Eventually she was betrayed by her apprentices, stripped of her power, and cast out. "No Jedi ever made the choice you did. To sever ties so completely, so utterly, that it leaves a wound in the Force." "There is no truth in the Force. But there is truth in you, Exile. And that is why I chose you."
  7. No, I'm only saying that that doesn't matter, one who would harm Nihilus must fly beneath the radar, Kreia alone could do that, because the Force had been stripped from her, and she knew how to mask her presence. Yes, but that was not enough as I recall
  8. My point was that the stronger one is in the Force, the less can they hope to hide from him, his reach in the Force is such that even a stray thought may draw him. Kreia herself could touch minds throughout the galaxy, remember Atris and the betrayal of the Handmaiden pledging herself to the Exile?
  9. Cheat and get it, that's the only way. You may use a savegame editor to give yourself the item, or more simply use the cheat code giveitem w_ls_x01
  10. Yeah, but no trick of Revan's would fool Nihilus, not because he's smarter than Revan, but because he would feel it. Kreia could do it because the Force had been stripped from her. Like Master Vrook says, there are techniques in the Force that hide one's presence and thoughts, but such techniques alone would not be enough to cloak one such as Kreia, or Revan. I don't think Revan would have fared well against big black.
  11. She says this when you join the Disciple
  12. It can be fun but most of the times it's boring, I mostly stay in the light, but yes I've done it, a number of times. In TSL it's different though, not as fun as KotOR, I mean it made sense in KotOR to be Darth Revan, conquer the galaxy, in TSL it's just stupid, to wreak havoc on the galaxy in such a way, and for what
  13. But she's a cat, she must be a hell of a french kisser, among other things
  14. Everything, really, I've played the games too many times, but if I have to name some
  15. Well sure, Sion is no match for Nihilus, but I prefer sleeps-with-vibroblades. Nihilus was foolish to take the path he did, suicidal, maybe he figured it was worth early death, to hold power of that magnitude, the ultimate power in the galaxy
  16. Well there's lots of funny moments in TSL, let's see
  17. Atton is more handsome but that's a good impersonation, I guess.
  18. Soldier-consulars are strong, and among the Exile's apprentices Disciple is an unmatched lightsaber fighter, he's got Superior focus II, but you can't see it in the ability panel, .
  19. If you're playing for the first times, I'd say just treat them as you will, and don't change your attitude towards them, eventually you'll gain or lose enough influence to train them in the ways of the Force, them being evil, good or neutral. If you're evil, act good when you've got good guys along (Bao-Dur, Handmaiden, Disciple, T3) and never kill people in front of them. If you're good, you have to be equally careful but you can train Dark Jedi if you've got low influence with them. You can lose influence with Handmaiden and still not be able to train her if you have much higher influence with Visas. There's plenty of occasions for influence shifts, you must recognize the pattern in your companions' reactions and act upon it. "They echo you, either fighting or surrendering to their feelings, their loyalty, their duty. Your mere presence serves as an example to them - of something to uphold, or something to fight against
  20. My thoughts exactly. I like Malachor, but the SF is just better, it had a clear plan to it, Master Vandar and Admiral Dodonna take on the Sith fleet as you dock with the station, stop Bastila, and kill your way to Malak. After that, the Sith are routed and the Star Forge destroyed, on Malachor there's too little going on and it ends in a "to be continued" fashion that nobody's ever liked. If you ask me, they should have focused on the Ravager and the battle of Telos, with Carth and the Republic, the Mandalorians and everything, that is the SF of TSL, Malachor is just a private business between master and apprentice, something to settle before journeying to the unknown regions.
  21. "What are you doing?" "Just working on the ship
  22. Right, sometimes I think he must be sick of making this stuff and that's why things turn to crap, it could be far worse though, we'd probably have rancor Jedi with lightsabers and everything if it wasn't for Lucas and LucasArts.
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