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  1. I cant defeat alpine dragon, my party is lvl 11 and i think i have to kill him to progress.. cant seem to enter the last area of map. Just crafted some paralyz scrolls to try, but i think its the ghosts that mainly kill me, they stun my priest until hes dead then its over .
  2. I came back to continue my second playthrough( i use 2 player made characters, rest are companions ) after i bought white march. I have not really notice a difference but then i run 2 shield guys. Picked up the monk in white march over my bard and its been doing great. Maybe some of you expect 1 tank to hold 5-6 enemies solo? Confuse is kinda great spell too. The new dragon 1 shot my guy allmost though. Think i will try him later. Doesn't have anything to do with the tanks really.
  3. Haha, dont think you are suppost o be able to do that... should need to kill him twice and fight statues.. Well if you want to beat him normally.. use the rings that remove negative effects and some of the heal scrolls.. And focus the statue hes not in.
  4. Im making a death godlike(elf) that is a priest of Wael. Its some rp but want and effective char atleast. I need stats to make me do : deceptive and clever answers for my God (I play with not showing the dialoge options i cant use hidden, feels it ruins the game otherwise) Was thinking 14 (might) 10 10 16 (perception) 16(int) 12 This is after all bonuses. I feel this could be bit gimped want some help here.
  5. This is a showstopper. You basically can not win against them since they will do raw damage to you until you die and it will hit all party members. Should not be to hard to fix so they have a duration on the spell
  6. started on hard but died to some bears that i later read I shouldnt fight at lvl 2 but im happy with normal mode. Sure its starting to get easier the higher my characters get but boss fights are stil interesting and i dont like reloading 4 times to win a fight.
  7. Well i dont even use a wizard, my druid is the nuker, my barbarian does most damage even with an offtank build. The most important thing to do when going into a bigger encounter is to use the cleric. Cast the lvl 1 spell that boost DR and later on the one that reduce enemy acc and boost your own(lvl 4 spell). Use his encounter Heal/burn enemies with him early-(get the tallents that burn enemies and boost your accuracy). Pretty basic but do that and the rest doesnt matter that much.
  8. I also wonder about the damage type tallents like : scion of flame boost my spells and wild strike on my druid by 20% if they do burning? Really hope so since i picked the tallent.. guess should taken electricity for the storm but had allready put wildstrike burn long time ago.
  9. your not suppost to blow all your spells and cooldowns on every encounter. If you have to you should lower the difficulty setting.
  10. I feel the same.. takes to long for them to make an impact.. but il keep mine, just not 2 like i had at some point.. passive bonuses are nice to have less micro.
  11. Wow so many complaints, I made a extra chanter to go with my barbarian only to find the companion chanter to be better built lol. Well to my defence i had no idea the chants were so short ranged the shoot the big gun and then run in with 2handed sword just feels better for a chanter then what i had in mind. Actually feel i got the party i want allready with just the characters Iv found, il mody likrly change the cleric for a druid later buy its good. Barbarian fighter chanter mage cleric ranger. If il try later on hard il run paladins monks clerics ets.
  12. Well it depends what you want to do, I kinda dont like your build..running cloth in the front line feels bad.. unless you plan to have 2 other tanks which you might. I made mine more of a 2handed frontliner with 2handed spec wearing heavy armor, 18 str 16 con 15 int, works really well. Skills, 2handed spec and greater frenzy so faar. Plan to use morning star but only have found a fine greatsword yet..
  13. Are you playing on hard? I changed to normal, did the same on dragon age, sure the normal fights are abit easy but the boss fights feels more right. Im gonna enjoy this playthrough not reload and pause every second. I can try harder later when i know more about the game and mechanics ofc i never finished dragon age, because i got bored not sure if it was because it was to easy.. hope I dont make same misstake.
  14. Great thanks! was afraid i had done something terribly wrong allready lol!
  15. Well i got into a cave and got "owned" by 2 bears in 3 seconds lol Figure maybe i should have found a companion before? I skipped that dungeon and went to next map.. First one i found was a mage, then i got to the tavern and able to make one more, but i had head there was a fighter you could find, did i miss him?
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