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  1. I love how you guys put so much thought into your characters.
  2. So yesterday I started a new game and noticed that my pre order items (space pig and ring) aren't showing up in my characters inventory. When I load my older save they are in my inventory like they should be. But for whatever reason they wont appear for the new save file. This is the first time that I have started the game up since the new patch. And was wondering if anyone else has run into this problem? or am I just really stupid and missing something obvious? Its not really a big deal but I do miss my space pig...
  3. I use Razer cortex it shows the current fps in the top corner of the screen.
  4. At least him not reacting isn't as bad as pallegina not even noticing
  5. @luzarius straight male gamer's didn't come first in skyrim every body that was a marriage option was bisexual. Not to mention you not liking how a female looks has nothing to do with gay's or feminist's.
  6. That was part of my point, tho. I do the same thing. Durance had 4 Athletics during almost my entire game. It didn't help. I'm guessing his low Dex was the main issue in those scripted panel events, OR you have to his athletics extremely high. I make my companions endure extreme workout montages before they are allowed to hang with the cool kids. I think right now he has 6 in athletics.
  7. Lol first thing I do when I get new companions is level their athletics.
  8. I just wished more people reacted to my race it doesn't even have to be racist. I just got Pallegina and had a conversation about godlike and she talked as if I wasn't one. I just really hate it when you are playing a game with multiple races/backgrounds and the npc's act like you picked the generic human option.
  9. I like some of them others not so much. I just ignore them when I see them now. But whose "The Vulture" And whats wrong with him?
  10. No he'd be an idiot for killing him self over something like that not a victim.
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